Top Four Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is not just a place for adventure activities. It is a beautiful place located in the middle of two mountain ranges, Himalayas and Karakoram. It is a place of natural beauty. Here are a few hotspots that you ought to visit in Leh Ladakh.

1. Nubra Valley

If you are in Leh Ladakh for adventure activities, you ought to take a ride in the Khardung La Pass which is the highest mountain pass in the world that can be covered with a motorbike. This pass is the only gateway for Nubra Valley. It is a cold desert in such a high altitude. You can find many interesting plantation, camels and other local animals, Siachien Glacier, Sindu Valley and many others. There are a lot of peaceful hamlets where you can stay for a day or two and enjoy the place around. If you are lucky, you can enjoy camel rides here.

It is very far from the capital of Leh Ladakh. It is about 150 km and would take about three to four hours for travel. But, this valley is worth the time and effort taken. Diskit Monastery, camel rides, Baigdandu village and Hunder Village are some of the attractions here. If you are a nature lover and photographer, you would love this place.

Nubra Valley

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2. Lamayuru Monastery

There are a lot of monasteries in Leh Ladakh. Should one travel about 100 km away from Leh to visit Lamayuru monastery? Do you want to enjoy a cliché monastery with monks in orange robes, quaint rituals and others? If yes, then you need to travel to Lamayuru. This is the oldest and largest surviving monasteries of the city. There are beautiful caves near the monasteries which were once inhabited by saints. The best time to visit this monastery is during the Annual masked dance festival. This festival occurs during the second and fifth month of Tibetan calendar. The best time to visit this monastery is between May and middle of September. This is the time when you can witness the dance festival and the climate would also be pleasant. After November, the routes to this monastery would be closed till summer due to snowfall.

This monastery was built in 11th century and has total of five buildings in it. You can stay in the monastery where you would be provided some basic accommodations. If you are looking for medium range hotels or luxury hotels, then you need to head back to Leh which is about 120 km away from here... If you have time, you can visit many nearby monasteries like Wanla.

This place attracts a lot of tourists who love beautiful landscapes and sightseeing. There are a lot of caves to explore and thus, if you are looking for some adventure time, this monastery would be a good choice.

lamayuru monastery ladakh

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3. Pangong Lake

This is the world’s highest lake. It is about 14 thousand feet above the sea level. The water would be crystal clear and you would be able to see various coloured bed like yellow, green, blue and so on. This Pangong lake is about 160 km away from Leh. Do not worry about the travel. The travel is worth its view. The topology would be very breathtaking and mesmerizing. You cannot resist taking pictures. This lake is just for viewing. Boating facilities are not available here. The best time to visit is between June and September.

The lake has saline water and freezes during winter. You can find many birds as this lake stands as their breeding ground. Ducks, cranes, sea gulls and many other birds can be found here. If you are a wildlife lover you can find marmots and some local animals here. The best time to visit this lake is during sunset or sunrise. If you are looking for accommodation, Spangmik is the only place with some decent rooms which is about 30 km away from Pangong Lake. In Lukung, there are only basic accommodations like camping in eco huts. If you are ready to enjoy camping, you can choose to stay near the shores of this lake. Pack as much food as possible with you as you might not be able to find good eateries out here. If you are lucky, you can pay locals for some good homemade foods which are delicious and of good quality.

Pangong Lak

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4. Shanti Stupa

On the hill of Chanspa in Leh, the Shanti Stupa is the most beautiful monument that you can see the northern extreme areas of the country. This stupa was established by 14th Dalai Lama. It is a peaceful Buddhist stupa made out of white marbles. The stupa is an attraction by itself and the areas around this monument are scenic. You would find amazing landscapes with breathtaking backdrops.

This stupa has many relics, photographs of Dalai Lama, golden Buddha images and many others. There are many reliefs that show the birth of Buddha, Buddha meditating and many others. This was built for commemorating 2500 years of Buddhism. This is the top tourist magnet in Leh. The panoramic view of the city, peaceful meditation hall and the view of stupa at night with lights are some of the top elements that you ought to enjoy here. You can either climb 500 steps to reach this Stupa or use the road.

Shanti stupa leh ladakh

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Adventure activity is an important element of Leh Ladakh. But, this city has a lot of more to it. There are a lot of scenic places, monasteries, natural wonders and other elements that make it a family destination and a paradise for nature lover and photographers. Leh Ladakh is one of the top five picturesque places in Himalayas and you ought to visit it.

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