Top Things That First-Time Indian Visitors Should Know

Are you planning to visit the country for the very first time? You need to learn about a few important things before entering the country. Holy Cows in Indian
  • Being patient becomes inevitable. No matter how you plan your itinerary, things would go out of hand. You might find unexpected delays in a lot of things starting from traffic to queue in a sightseeing spot. Be flexible in your plans.
  • Dress in a way that you do not draw too much attention. Male or female; dress such a way that you look conservative.
  • People would identify you as a foreigner and would stare at you or ask you to pose for a picture. Make it a group picture and always have a smile.
  • The spiciness in the Indian foods is not something that everyone can handle. Choose your restaurants wisely and always have medicines in hand.
  • It is better to choose bottled mineral water if you do not want to end up taking trips to a doctor.
  • If you do not know to bargain, it is better to avoid street markets. If you are a foreigner, the price tag would increase thrice.
  • Pollution and traffic are insane in India. Be mentally prepared for it.
  • You might find a small boy asking money or begging for food. Do not encourage them by giving some. As a matter of fact, you are not helping him as whatever he earns would go to some local thug who controls them.
  • Respect their culture and heritage.
  • Festivals are the best time in India. Make sure to visit the place during any national or religious festival.
  • Tip as much as 5% of your bill amount in restaurants.
  • The sanitation in the country has developed a lot in the recent years. But, it is always better to carry a pack of wipes, toilet paper and other sanitary needs with you.
  • Hand sanitizer is a must.
  • Taxis and prepaid tourism vehicles are the best to opt unless you want to experience the local lives. If so, try trains and buses to know how congested the country is.
  • It is illegal for any foreigner to take Indian currency out of the country without proper approval.
  • Take all recommended vaccination based on the time of the year and the region you are planning to visit.
  • India is really hot during summer. If you are planning to visit during summer, start your trip at sunrise and end it as soon as possible. Your western clothing might be unbearable in the temperature of the land. Make sure to stock your bag with some cotton cloths.
  • The last tip is to relax and enjoy. After all, you are planning a vacation. India has a different culture, but the tourism attraction elements are numerous and you can make a wonderful vacation out of it. Make sure to adapt to the environment and be prepared for everything.

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