Must See Tourist Places in Mumbai

Mumbai often thought of as a busy, glamour-struck, economic center of the country is only believed to lure in aspiring film actors. However, it also lures in several hungry travelers looking for some urban adventures. If you think that you know everything there is to know about this amazing city with an eclectic mix of the young, old and everything in between then hold a breath as we trawl the nooks and crannies of Mumbai, to discover some of the city’s iconic places along with a few little known jewels hidden in its under-bellies.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Marine Drive

The 3 km long promenade is iconic to Mumbai and no trip to this city can ever be complete without a walk along it. This area has had its share of featuring in almost all Bollywood movies and is rarely completely empty, as many people come and sit here to bask in the oceanic breeze.

This stretch is called as the Queen’s Necklace as well due to the appearance at night where the lights across the stretch make it seem like the sparkling jewels of a necklace.

You can either sit with friendly locals or munch on some lightly toasted masala peanuts while listening to the waves of the sea, or could sit inside a sea-facing restaurant while munching on beer and pizza and other likes and watching the view of the sea.

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Caving in: Elephanta Caves

You can visit these caves by taking a ferry from the Gateway of India and head out to these beautiful spot of ancient heritage, located right in the middle of the Mumbai harbor. These caves are also deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and date way to the 2nd Century.

This is another famous tourist attraction spot in Mumbai and is visited by tourists, families, couples looking for some quiet spots and archeologists. You can either walk to the caves once in the island, or even take a toy train ride. The locals serve tasty Marathi cuisine at the island that are a must-have after a tiring tour of the caves.

See the Money: Trip to Monetary Museum

Delve in the crinkling history of currency at this unique museum, where all your questions on money can be answered. There are several historical currencies on display along with a lot of information on modern day currency. So this will be an afternoon well-spent at the Monetary Museum in Mumbai.

Cleanse your Spirit with a Holy Doze: Mount Mary’s Church

This magnificent church is located in the upscale suburban area of Bandra and is more than a 100 years old. It is an iconic sea-facing structure which is located near Banstand promenade and was established in the loving memory of Saint Mary who was believed to have healing capabilities.

The best time to visit this place is around September as the feast of Saint Mary takes place around that time of the year. The festival is celebrated as the Bandra Festival and you can find a string of little shops and eateries set up throughout the city.

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Bhau Daji Lad Museum

This museum is an ode to industrial age and was established in 1872 as the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was later renamed in 1975 and had remained dilapidated a building until the recent renovations. The British footsteps of the museum can still be felt as there is a large, imposing statue of Prince Albert in the lobby of the museum. One can find beautiful old monochrome pictures of Mumbai and several silver artifacts from the 19th Century here displayed over 6 galleries inside the building along with 3500 other displays. Exciting lectures and exhibitions takes place in this museum as well.

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Ganapati Bappa: Siddhivinayak Temple

This temple is more than 200 years old and is built with gold and marble. The structure occupies a pivotal position for the city and is home to several mice as well. Devotees from around the world throng this place and there are always long queues outside the temple so, it may take 2 hours just to step inside the temple.

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai

The idol of Lord Ganesha inside the temple is said to be carved out of a single black stone and can grant wishes of those who visit.

Here were just a few of the best places to visit in Mumbai. There are several more hidden jewels and a few other popular spots that are known to all tourists in Mumbai which were not included in this list.

This is a city where the largest amount of dreams are fulfilled and extinguished daily… so come and join the ride of Mumbai!

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