Travel Tips for Visiting Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is a very famous wildlife park and tiger reserve in Bandipur, Karnataka. A lot of people visit this national park every year. Before you plan on visiting this park, here are a few things that you need to know about Bandipur National Park.

  • The park is opened from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening. If you are visiting during summer season, it is better to avoid the afternoon time. The best time to visit is in the early morning so that you can spot a lot of animals here.
  • You can find a lot of monkeys in this park. It is better to keep your windows closed while travelling to avoid any hazardous actions from monkeys. These monkeys just attack you for food. So, keep your distance from them and avoid eating during safari. Bandipur National Park Monkeys Suggested Tour : 16 Days - South India Wildlife Tour
  • Do not feed or even try to feed the animals here. This includes the food you leave on the ground as litter. Monkeys and other animals might use it to track you down for more food.Read More : Where to Go In India to See Tigers
  • The climate is warm almost throughout the year. If you are visiting between October and January, the temperature might drop during evening or early morning. Dress accordingly.
  • Always skip the monsoon season. It rains from June to September. You cannot find a lot of animals during monsoon season and the place would be messy to get around.
  • The park does not permit private vehicle inside the park. Thus, be prepared for shifting to the park’s car with a guard as the driver.
  • If you are choosing bus for safari, it might be cost effective, but it would take about 20 people in one trip and it might be jam packed.
  • You can camp inside the park with permission from the department. There are traveller bungalows inside the park but, check the water facility inside the house before renting it.
  • If you are staying inside the park, keep the windows closed always and dispose food waste properly to avoid monkeys entering your place.
  • Trekking inside the jungle is illegal. You can either choose jeep or car or, choose common transportation like bus. Elephant rides are available for children but, not as a part of safari. Elephant Safari Bandipur National Park
  • Each safari is for 45 minutes. If you are carrying an infant with you, be prepared for its water and food needs.Read More : Beginners’ Indian Travel Guide – Wildlife Safari
  • Thick shoes are important even if you are not planning to get out of the vehicle during safari.
  • Campfires are organized only by the park. You cannot make your own campfires inside the park. It is illegal.
  • Always stick to the guidelines given by your driver. They are not just drivers. They are trained guards who are with you for your safety. You can rarely spot a tiger in this reserve and the park does not guarantee tiger spotting. Yet, it is always better to stick to the guard’s instructions. Bandipur National Park Tiger ReserveRead More : Top 5 Luxury Wildlife Resorts In India

Apart from these, always keep your safety as priority here. The last tip is to relax and enjoy your safari.

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