Walk the Land of Krishna

Vrindavan lies nearly 150 km from Delhi that can be reached going through the Yamuna Expressway to Mathura by car. It is easy to commute in a private vehicle and that is what makes Vrindavan the most sought after from Delhi. The most revered of all gods is Krishna, particularly in the Northern part of India. It’s in the vicinities of Vrindavan, in the North India; Lord Krishna is remembered most, ritualistically. Zooming through the Yamuna Expressway heading towards Vrindavan, it’s easily accessible from Delhi. The famous breakfast, which one can have, is aloo-kachodi typically representing the Braj region. For those who enter into the heart of Vrindavan must note that out of total 150 km, it is the last 15 km that become treacherous in wake of festivals organized out there in the middle. Bankey Bihari Temple  Indeed, it is the Vrindavan-Mathura that resonates as Krishna’s legendary playground. It is believed that some 5000 years back, the epochal Dvapara Yuga took place. The courtship with Radha, flirtations with the gopis, lifting of the mighty Govardhan hill, all went here. It is magnificent to note that the Krishna Janmasthan temple is synonymous to a triumph. Talking to the resident priest, Krishna Chandra Goswami, we find that he renders enough archaeological documents and cartographic ‘evidence’ in order to claim that this structure is the real birth place of Lord Krishna. vindavan sarovar