Why India is the Ultimate Destination for Culture Holiday

India is known for many things – its diverse and vibrant cuisine, a long list of languages, traditions overwhelming all walks of life in the country, massive architectural wonders and a roller coaster ride of a terrain. To us it may seem like an overstatement, all we see around ourselves are problems and crowds and pollution and the endless rat-race of trampling others to reach at the top. But to a tourist, India seems like an ultimate destination for a cultural holiday. And why not should it be? When we close our eyes to visualize what is cultural in Indian holidays, we see that every aspect of our lives are somehow close knit to an enriching experience which we seem to take for granted.

Imagine the bold flames of Ganga Aarti in the coasts of the Holy River Ganges in the cities of Varanasi, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The synaesthetic boom of Holi colours in Mathura and Rajasthan. The massive house boats in Dal Lake and in Kerala Backwaters. The imposing mountain ranges that spans the country’s northern part… the bustling wildlife of ecological hotspots and the heritage spots of sacred temples. It is evident that our country is blessed with vibrant colours, energetic souls and a basket full of rich cultures and traditions.

Ganga Aarti Ceremony Varanasi

If cultural treasures excite you then a trip to India will definitely have you mesmerized. Our cultural treasure-troves are jam-packed with bountiful of surprises and you can experience them for your honeymoon trip, a cozy winter vacation or a daring summer trip.

In our tourism sector, the figures and numbers reveal what words cannot even begin to do – the numbers of tourism ventures from international visitors are ever-increasing in our country. And not just in a few parts but in every corner of the nation. The reason behind that being, that we as a whole country have a lot to show for when it comes to culture, spirituality, cuisine, aesthetics and academia.

If the Northern states promise a Bhangra accompanied joy-ride of a rushed vacation, and food that boost your cholesterol levels, then the South promises to teach you to tap to the beats of the dancing eyebrows of Kathakali dancers. You can sit for a reflective English tea in the many hill stations around the country, or take a walk alone amidst the various spice gardens in Kerala.

Kathakali Dance Kerala Cultural

Sit atop a golden sand dune as the sun prepares to drop for the day accompanied by a balmy air and a whole lot of nothingness all around the desert of Jaisalmer. In Rajasthan you get to take a walk among the princely cultures and see royalty personified. In the spiritual destinations you get a chance to ask the most important questions of life and what it all means or soak in the divine energy of the simple people. And in the big cities you get to glimpse an eclectic mix of the young co-habiting with the old, the bygone wearing the costumes of the newborn and confident nod of development accompanied with academics and commerce.

At the end of it all, India stands true to its name by being the ultimate destination for a cultural holiday in the world. Welcome to India!

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