Why you should visit India during Durga Puja?

Durga Puja is an important festival that is celebrated in India, especially West Bengal. This is a festival that happens for nine days. According to mythology, three goddesses joined together to become Durga to kill a demon. In 2022, Durga Puja starts on 1st of October and ends on 5th October 2022 . The last five days of this festival is the most colorful times of West Bengal.

Witnessing Sculpture Masterpieces

A lot of Durga sculptures would be made every year for celebration. On a auspicious day, usually a week before the beginning of the festival, the eyes of the sculptures would be drawn. It is considered that this marks the process of welcoming her to earth. There would not be much of celebration on this day, but, you can find a lot of sculptures and other masterpieces. You can visit Kumartuli, a famous place in Kolkata to watch how sculptures are made.

Durga Sculpture, Kolkata

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6th Day of Festival – Traditional Dances and Other Celebrations

On the sixth day, the sculptures would be bought to respective homes with dance, music and a lot of grand celebration. You ought to see this culture of Kolkata. If you are at town for this festival, do not miss the array of Durga Puja sweets which are the signature dishes of this locality.

7th Day of Festival – Dancing, Singing and Other Rituals

A small banana plant is taken to a river and bathed there. It is decorated and taken back to the Durga sculpture. There would be a lot of ritual prayers during this ceremony. You can find hundreds of people dancing their traditional dance and singing. Many plays and other fairs would be conducted during this celebration.

Durga Pooja Celebration, Kolkata

Last Day of Festival – Grand Celebration at Babu Ghat

Babu Ghat is a place near Eden Garden. It is a Ghat in which hundreds of people bring the sculpture and immerse it in the water. The whole crowd would be singing, dancing and celebrating. Even tourists are allowed to join in the dancing.

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Top Places to Visit During Durga Puja

1. Kolkata

This city would go frenzy during this celebration. About 2,000 sculptures would be erected and celebrations would be conducted. You can have endless fun and tasty food all throughout the night. Every street would be decorated in a grand manner and this is the best time to visit Kolkata.

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2. Durgapur

It is a little away from Kolkata. This city hosts a lot of cultural shows, dances, mythological plays and other celebrations. You can find large fairs and exhibitions during important days near Durga temples.

Durga Pooja

3. Howrah

Traditional dance shows and other celebrations would be conducted here. You ought to visit the Howrah bridge during night. Also join any eating pandal during the last day of the festival to have a wonderful meal time.

4. Birbhum

The celebration in the cities would be very commercial. If you want to enjoy the traditional celebration with folk culture, dances and other activities, Birbhum is the right place. The festival is celebrated with agricultural touch in this district.

5. Bankura

This district portrays many paintings and other heritage styled celebrations. After all, Bankura is a tourism destination by itself and during Durga Puja, its beauty would be tripled. Enjoy dance, music and other forms of celebrations here. Do not forget to visit the exhibition where the locals display their masterpieces made with bamboo.

You ought to visit West Bengal during Durga Puja to enjoy pandal, special festival meals, mesmerizing fireworks and lightings, and, the culture that makes the place a paradise with celebration. If you miss this festival, you are missing something big in the tourism book of India.

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