Top Tourist Attractions in Nepal

One of the most studied, most scripted and designed places on earth – Nepal is not just a destination. For those who love to read its one of the most well written places; for those who love to walk it’s the most trekked on places and those who love to see it’s the serene beauty which falls in the your hands.

The highest seat of Buddhist ideologies and it’s a place people seek “Nirvana”. It’s a place where sea of people dip in ideologies and thinking of Buddhist – it’s a place where the Indian and Tibetan ideologies merge in to bring out the best of Buddhist teachings. Holy relics, smell of incense, ritual circles, prayer wheels, self – arousement and setting in of Sun Lord is something what makes the air of this more than just pure!


A peep into the history pages of Nepal gives a more lucid depth to this place. With real life stories of Emperor Ashoka visiting this place to seek the blessings of Buddhist teachings; Mughal invaders breaking up the Ashoka Stupa in search of gold, Swayambhunath spontaneously from water, spinning of wheels by themselves whenever there is some major change to come and much more…..Mobbed by monkeys and filled with fun loving people, Nepal has got a number of places to be in. We list out the TOP TOURISTS PLACES OF NEPAL for you…..