Gokyo Lakes, Nepal

Gokyo Lakes, perched in the Sagarmatha National Park and close to the Everest Base Camp is a wonderful site to enjoy a pleasant and adventurous atmosphere. These lakes are the highest freshwater lakes in the world at an altitude of 4,700mts to 5,000mts above the sea level. Gokyo lakes comprise six lakes among them, Thonak Lake is the largest one. The specialty of these lakes is they contain greater oxygen levels even at higher altitudes. From Ngozumpa glacier the lakes get fresh water and also it is the Himalayas largest glacier.

Trekking to these serene and pristine lakes really a wonderful experience to go through many interesting and captivating attractions. In the way, Dudh Kosi, Namche Bazaar, and Gokyo Ri are the fantastic places of the whole trek with stunning attractions. If you are interested to visit Gokyo Lakes then below trek guide will make you know how to enjoy the trek.

Gokyo Lakes Significance

Apart from its adventurous treks and tourism, Gokyo Lakes is known for its spiritual side too. Religiously, for Hindus and Buddhists, these lakes are very sacred and important religious site. During the Janai Purnima festival in August, this place throng with devotees for the holy baths in the lakes. People worship this place as the residing place of Nag Devata (Snake God). A Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu is the major attraction of the site.

Tourist Attractions in Gokyo Lakes

In trekking to Gokyo Lakes, at higher altitudes also many touristic attractions entertain trekkers with their awe-inspiring views and attractions. Here some of the prior sites are mentioned please go through them:

1. Dudh Koshi

Dudh Koshi is a famous river in the Himalayan ranges at higher altitudes. Seven rivers confluence makes the flow of Dudh Koshi river. From this river, you can capture the enthralling views of Kumbhu Himal. Kayaking in the waters of Dudh Koshi is an interesting thing to do.

2. Namche Bazaar>

It is a spectacular place for trekkers as a shopping destination. This town is the best tourist place for the beautiful sights of the surrounding mountains and numerous shops. For trekkers, every item will available to purchase. From here you can spot the views of Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and other ranges.

4. Sagarmatha National Park

In Solukhumbu district, Sagarmatha National Park is a must-visit place. The national park comprises 1,148 sq kms area and elevates between 2,845mts to 8,848mts. The National Park is home to 118 bird species and many endangered animals. Here you can witness snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, and others.

5. Cho La Pass

It is the hardest part of the whole trek and lies at an elevation of 5,420mts. Through this pass, different villages will come across in your trekking to Gokyo Lakes. Dzongla, Gokyo valley, Machherma, and Thangnak are the famous villages surrounded the Pass.

6. Gokyo Village

This small village nestled in the Himalayas is the highest settlement area in the world at an altitude of 4,750mts. Gokyo is the name for its rich cultures and traditions. This village is populated with mostly Hindus and Buddhists. Here only you can spot the six Gokyo lakes.

7. Gokyo Ri

After covering the six lakes, visiting Gokyo Ri is must and should. Because Gokyo Ri is the highest peak at an altitude of 5,357mts. From here you can hold the magnificent views of the mountain ranges which are 8,000mts high plus. The dominant peaks can see from here are Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu. Especially, to capture the closest views of Mount Everest Gokyo Ri is the best destination.

8. Khumjung Village

When you trek down, this village will come in the way. This village is very popular with Himalayan cultures and traditions. At this village, you can touch in with Tibetan culture mostly. Some historic places in this village are worth to see.

How to Trek through Gokyo Lakes

The only thing we can do in and around Gokyo Lakes is trekking or hiking. Trekking to the Gokyo Lakes is the enjoyable and adventurous thing to do here. Now we go through how trekking will lead to Gokyo Lakes.

Crossing through some of the highest peaks of the Himalayan Ranges with leaps and downs make your trekking journey to Gokyo Lakes most exciting. There are different trek routes for Gokyo Lakes so you can choose the best of them. Most probably from Phakding, trekking to Gokyo Lakes will start. From the point, trekkers pass through different valleys and villages. The main destinations that will across in trekking are Dudhi Koshi, Khumbhu Valley, Namche Bazaar, Machhermo, and Dole.

Simply, the trek routes from Namche Bazaar to Dole and Machhermo villages and next to Gokyo villages. There you can behold the awe-inspiring views of the six lakes of Gokyo. Then, if you are interested you can take holy baths in the lakes. After, you can hike to Gokyo Ri range to eyewitness the imposing ranges of the Himalayas in closer encounters.

Trekking to Gokyo Lakes became very popular as a side trip of the Mount Everest. Many people used to trek Gokyo Lakes if they feel they can’t hike to Mt.Everest. However, trek to Gokyo Lakes is not too easy and not difficult also. But a moderate range of trek.

Where to Stay near Gokyo Lakes

The accommodation types available in the trekking are Teahouses, Lodges, and Camping sites. At different places, you can spot a number of accommodation choices but here important sites accommodation options of Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Machhermo, Gokyo, and Lukla was placed down.

1. Lukla

To start trek to Gokyo Lakes, all trekkers visit this place. From here only you have to prepare for your trekking. Here in this location Yeti Mountain Home Lodge, Himalaya Lodge, Mera Lodge, and Lukla Mountain Hotel are the best choices to pick. The surroundings and environment at these accommodations find best to relax. For camping close to Lukla Mountain Hotel is the best site.

2. Phakding

Most of the treks to Gokyo Lakes starts from here. There is no dearth for teahouses and lodges in this area but the best and cozy accommodation here means Beer Garden Hotel, Buddha Lodge, Lama Lodge and Homestay, Yeti Mountain Home are the best options. For camping, Himalayan Chain Resort offers good environment site.

3. Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar is a key attraction on the whole trek. It is the best place for relaxing and to shop for different things we need for trekking. Here you can find a good number of staying options. The best stay options to choose here are Camp De base, Khumbu Lodge, Zamling Guesthouse, and Panorama Lodge. Very close to Yeti Mountain Home and museum grounds you can have a pleasant site for camping.

4. Machhermo

This village is also the best place to relax with good accommodations. In the middle of the village, Namgyal Lodge is the better choice. Here you can have telephone services also. For camping, numerous sites in the village find best but Lhabarma is one of the best sites.

5. Gokyo

Finally, here you can find the six lakes of Gokyo. The village equips several teahouses and lodges for good accommodation. But don’t expect too much, a basic and comfortable accommodation you can find here and they are Gokyo Resort and Fitzroy Inn. For camping means, close to Gokyo Resort you can have the best sites.

Trekking Tips to Gokyo Lakes

For trekking, a number of things and information must know to the person not to mess with bad situations. So being ready for an adventurous trip some precautions and tips we have to follow. Below some important tips are noted please go through them.

Complete Permits

To start your trek to Gokyo Lakes first you have to take permits of TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) or a ticket to Sagarmatha National Park. As per your interest as solo trekker or group trekker you can get permits.

Opt the best Guide

Better try to find the best guide for your trek. If you are accompanied with experienced guide’s means, you can enjoy your trek with detailed information about Ranges and danger points. They will opt you the easy and best trek option also. The helpful thing with a guide is you can easily find the best accommodation.

Shopping at Namche

At Namche Bazaar you can shop all the necessary and important things needed for trekking. This area is a very crucial point for trekkers to shop whatever they want. Here you can shop warm clothes, toiletries, thick fur blankets, good food, and more.

Altitude Sickness

It is a very important thing to keep in mind. Altitude sickness will badly damage you sometimes if you neglect it. So when you feel vomiting, headache and dizzy means try to get medication. Acetazolamide is the best medication to counter altitude sickness. So keep this tablet with you in trekking. To prevent this situation always hydrate your body with water or other liquids.

Things To Carry

You have to carry suitable shoes, socks, and clothes for hiking, t-shirts, waterproof bags, thick jackets, power banks, headlamps, sunglasses, rain pants, sweaters, hats, toiletries, medical kit, camera, and others. Always try to make your bag weight lightly. So don’t pack unnecessary things.

Best Time to Visit Gokyo Lakes Trek

To enjoy the scenic wonders and panoramic views of the Gokyo Lakes the best time to trek is during summers and winters. From September to December (winters) and March to May (summers) you can enjoy trekking to Gokyo Lakes. If you want to explore crowd free trek means winters are the best time but you have to face harsh cold winds.

How to Reach Gokyo Lakes

By Air : Through airway means you have to take flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. From here you can reach EBC (Everest Base Camp) for trekking to Gokyo Lakes.

By Road : If you can’t afford a plane means you can choose roadway from Kathmandu to Jiri through the bus. But to reach Lukla it takes another seven days from Jiri.

Trekking to pristine and turquoise lakes of Gokyo passing numerous Himalayan ranges, green valleys and villages, and experiencing an adventurous journey make your trek to Gokyo Lakes unforgettable. Overall, trek to Gokyo Lakes is a fine alternative trek to the Mt. Everest.

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