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Bandipur, Nepal

Bandipur, a small hilltop town perched at an altitude of 1,030 mts high surrounded by green landscapes and the mountainous region offers a great treat of joy in nature’s lap. Besides, the ancient culture of the town untarnished with modern times is the major attraction of this place to get popular in Nepal. The Newari architecture and culture can be seen in the town’s numerous temples, sacred caves, festivals, and fairs. Overall in Nepal, Bandipur is the best destination to witness the Newari people culture and humanity.

Apart from tourist attractions and its culture, Bandipur is ideal for adventurous activities too. The town located on the seat of Mahabharat range of the Himalayas and encircled with the mountain ranges provides the best trekking and hiking trails. So here tourists can dwell in adventure also.

History of Bandipur Nepal

In back days, Bandipur was a mountainous village channel of trade. From Bhaktapur, a large number of Newar traders settled here and started trading. In 1768, after Prithvi Narayan Shan conquered this place and named as Magar village. From the day, Bandipur became a crucial trade center featuring extraordinary buildings, rich environment, neoclassical facades, and simply everything lavish and opulent. During the times, the rich culture of Newari doubled with the constructions of innumerable temples, buildings, shrines, sacred caves, and more a lot.

Bandipur Nepal
Bandipur Nepal Sunrise View

Moreover, in the times of Rana, the village got more popular receiving traders from Tibet and British India. But in 1970 the spell of trading in Bandipur was weakened due to the Prithvi Highway connecting major cities. Finally, the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway connected Bandipur. After getting easy access to the city many towns neglected their own culture and traditions but Bandipur accustomed to its own culture strongly. That’s why it was differed from other towns and became a popular tourist attraction for culture in Nepal.

Tourist Attractions in Bandipur

Bandipur’s cultural and historical touristic attractions grabs the attention of more number of tourists. In Nepal, it is one of the best tourist places to visit.

1.Siddha Cave

sidhha cave
Sidhha Cave Bandipur

Siddha Cave is Nepal’s largest cave measuring 50mts high and 437mts deep. For adventure thrillers, hiking to this cave is the best-preferred thing to do. Inside the cave, you can see a Shiva Linga, Lord Ganesh face structure, and a swimming pool. And the colonies of the bat with creepy sounds and the slippery path will make you tremble.

2.Khadga Devi Temple

Khadga Devi Temple is a prominent historic temple for the Shrestha of the Newar community. For the community, this temple is a mother temple. In this temple, a sword of the 16th century king, Mukunda Sen was preserved. They believe that the sword was directly gifted to the King by Lord Shiva. From the temple, you can capture the fantastic sights of Bandipur village and mountain landscapes.

3.Thani Mai Temple

Thanimai Temple
Thanimai Temple Bandipur

Thani Mai Temple is a famous religious spot of Bandipur on a hilltop of Gurungche Hill. Apart from the religious spot, this place is also a best viewpoint for sunrise and sunset views. Hike to this hilltop by early morning gives spectacular views of the sunrise and 3600 degrees view of Bandipur. If your lucky you can spot the breathtaking views of the Himalayas stretching mountains.

4.Padma Library

Under the reign of Rana, this small library was built. It is very close to Bandipur Bazaar and Bindabasini temple. In this library, you can find some English Literature books, administrations of Rana, and historical sources of the village. Here you can witness mind-blowing architectural styles of the 18th century. Especially, exquisite architectural works of carved beams and windows are the stunning attractions. Compared to books the architectural styles of the library are the striking attractions to see.

5.Silkworm Farm

Silk Farm Bandipur
Silk Farm Bandipur

Silkworm Farm in Bandipur is a unique and interesting place to visit. Here you can know in detail how silk will be processed from the birth of silkworm turning into silk. At the farm, you can come across many orchards of mulberry plants which were used to feed the silkworm. During August to December and March to May warms will be reared indoors. If you want to see rearing process better visit in during these times or you can visit anytime.


Once this area was known for trading and parade ground for Gorkha soldiers. But at present, a serene place for the enthralling views of surrounding mountain ranges. From this viewpoint, you can see Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machhapuchhare, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang ranges. In Bandipur, visiting this viewpoint is a must-do thing to capture the scenic wonders.

7.Bindabasini Temple

Located in the Northern part of Bandipur Bazaar, Bindabasini temple is an old and important religious spot. This temple was dedicated to Goddess Durga. The main attraction of the temple is its walls adorned with mythic scriptures and beautiful architectural styles. In this temple complex, you can also find Padma Library. Visit the temple to have a clear view of Bandipur olden days with its architectural styles.

8.Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi temple is another important religious and sacred site to visit in Bandipur. The architectural styles of the temple in Pagoda style represent medieval period architecture. The unique artworks and intricate designs of the temple portraying the figures of legendary animals and Bhimsen attracts everyone. Actually, the first and ancient statue was got stolen but it was replaced with another glorious statue.

Things to do in Bandipur

Bandipur dotted with numerous mountain ranges, viewpoints, and greenery valleys offer many things to do. From trekking to hiking and many more can be enjoyed in Bandipur with great zeal and joy.

Walk tours in Bandipur

In Bandipur, the first and must-do thing is walks to the famous viewpoints of Bandipur. Different viewpoints of Bandipur attracts tourists with mesmerizing views of the Himalayan ranges and panoramic views of Bandipur from high altitudes. To grab like this fascinating views you have to walk towards Thani Mai Temple viewpoint, Martyrs Memorial Park, and Tundikhel. At these destinations, you will bow to nature’s intense greenery and tranquility.

Adventurous World of Bandipur

For adventure thrillers, Bandipur satisfies with a number of activities to do. Just start your adventure life in Bandipur with hiking to Siddha Cave. From Bimalnagar through Prithvi Highway you can hike to Siddha caves which were the most popular and interesting site to visit in Bandipur. Also, at nearby cliff points you can take part in rock climbing.

Trekking through Ramkot is an interesting thing to experience the innocent local villagers and the enthralling views of Himalayan ranges, Annapurna circuit, and Dhaulagiri. Here you can take mountain biking rides also.

Best Time to visit Bandipur

Ideal time to explore this small village is from January to April and from October to December. During this period, atmosphere favors the tourists with pleasing atmosphere and makes tour comfortable and enjoyable. At these months, a little bit showers also make you feel chill.

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How To Reach Bandipur Nepal

Bandipur is well-connected to Pokhara and Kathmandu cities. The highway of Kathmandu-Pokhara connects Bandipur to local and foreign tourists. To reach Bandipur take a bus to Dumre city. It lies between Pokhara and Kathmandu highway. From Dumre you can straightly visit Bandipur.

From Pokhara, you can avail buses in Prithvi Chowk to Dumre and from Kathmandu, you can avail buses in Kantipath to Dumre. Better try to take regular buses they are convenient and a little bit priceless. However, after reaching Dumre you can choose regular buses or taxis to reach Bandipur.

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  • Flight time from Mumbai to Kathmandu – 3 hours
  • Flight time from Kolkata to Kathmandu – one hour
  • Flight time from Pune to Kathmandu – 5 hours
  • Flight time from Chennai to Kathmandu – 5 hours
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