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Patan and Durbar City Square

One of the 3 royal cities of old Nepal, Patan is also one of the largest cities of present day. Located across Bagmati river near Kathmandu; it’s a place which is the proud owner of once famous Durbar Square. Full of temples, palaces and beautiful squares; it’s a beautiful city to be a part of! (Incidentally Durbar Square the UNESCO World Heritage Site was badly damaged in the recent earthquake of 2015).

Around the Durbar City Square

Although much damaged in the recent earthquake, yet there are structures which still stand tall and can be considered as most beautiful pieces of architecture. Seeing them is a experience of different kind; watching them closely is a life-time memory.

  • Kumbheshwar Temple:

    It’s a pagoda temple with two sections. Each section is five storied with its sunken basin filled every year on the day of Kumbheshwar Mela/fair.

  • Golden Temple:

    Its one of the priceless honour of Nepal. Loaded with gold and silver decorations all around and intricately carved bronze temple; it’s a unique experience. Dating back 1400 years; it’s one of the places which cannot be missed out!

  • Mahaboudha Temple:

    Basically a stone temple filled with terracotta tiles with 1008 Lord Buddha images. It took four generations of a single family to complete this structure.
  • Rudravarna Mahavihar:

    Also known as Uku Bahal; it is one of the oldest temple in Kathmandu city and so the architecture is quite interesting.

All the above temples are located inside the Durbar Square. Patan’s Durbar square was first built in 1734 and was the official residence of Malla rulers. Inside the square one can see lined up large courtyards on one side and temples lined up on the other side. There is also a Museum called

Keshab Narayan Chowk

It is one of the best places to know more about the architecture and designing of Nepal. Its ages old and perfectly represents how things would have been in the olden days. There is a fee to enter the Museum which is on reduced rates for residents of SAARC countries.

Other structures which ought to be seen include Octagonal Krishna Temple (1647), big bell (1737), Shankar Narayan Temple, old temple complex(1566), Bhimsen temple (1680), Vishwanath temple with 2 beautiful elephants and a stone temple of Lord Krishna with most amazing stonework on it.

There is more to Patan than the Durbar Square. Patan is also one of the best places in Nepal to shop. So, get on the streets of Patan to buy some of the most exquisite things. Buy there wooden and metal handicrafts, Thankas or traditional paintings, books on Lord Buddha and Buddhism, local printed Buddha clothes and other Tibetan design T – shirts and souvenirs. Try out some of the best recepies at Jazoo, Café Bliss, Café Swotha, Ratomato Organics BBQ Bistro and Jalan.

Staying in Patan for 2 – 3 days is a good idea. It’s a relaxing day and night are pleasant walks here. Be here and get the best experience of Nepal!

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