Top 10 Treks in South India

Trekking and trailing on the rugged street of Himalayas in exotic regions of South India can make you experience an eventful trip. The huge variety of Flora and fauna in Himalayas attracts every Indian since ages. Climbing up the rocks and landing in the dense forest can make your journey more enchanting. No doubt in such places, how can we forget to capture the uniqueness of intense forests, which makes it one of the best trekking paradise. The adventurous activities under sunny skies can boost your mind and soul.

For hikers, it is like a fitness activity that can make you more energetic. The challenging treks and trails can even increase your endurance. So along with joy or happiness, the demanding challenges are fruitful for strengthening your muscles and bones. Before beginning trekking, it's better to warm up your body. The gentle breeze and unique landscape can make you more enthusiastic.  

So if you are planning a trip to South India’s range of mountains for the purpose of treeking,  It is important to wear sports shoes that can provide optimum grip while climbing on the slopes. In dense forest do not forget to carry enough amount of eatables or drinking water with you. So guys, get ready to climb up on the cliff and campaign on the rock of Himalayas.

Best Places for Trekking in South India

The more you will read about South Indian trekking places more you will get attracted. The most amazing thing about South Indian trekking places is that here you can enjoy two types of hikes such as day hikes as well as night hikes. There are top 10 trekking places in South India, which are discussed below:

1. Chembra Trek, Kerala

An eye-catching view of this wonderful lakes make us fall in love with this trek. Located in Wayanad, trek is open for almost every part of the year. It is about 2,100 meters above sea level, for this average time required for 3- trekking is approximately 4 hours. Out of all the peaks which one come across on the trek, the best is Chembra Peak. Surrounded with dense forests, and natural beauty is what can attract you to this adventurous trek. The stipulated time required to complete this trek is nearly 3 hours.

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2. Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri Hills are the part of Western Ghats, where you can enjoy the beautiful dense forests and landscapes. It is located in Tamil Nadu, which shares Karnataka and Kerala border. The trekking destinations where you love to visit are Ooty, Coonoor, and Kotagiri, etc.

It is something you want to never miss, if planning for South India trekking tour. High mountains, is the best thing which trekker loves. For fitness enthusiasts, the Nilgiri Mountains are best place for trekking. The fresh breeze and moderate temperature can make your trip interesting. The distance is almost about 2133 Metres, so it will take around 6-7 hours for trekking. Vacationing in Ooty is the most obvious answer, which you can hear from everyone; therefore trekking activities can make it lovable.

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3. Kodachadri, Karnataka

The trekking hills are located in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Kodachadri is counted among the most adventurous trekking trails. For high fitness level as well as exotic experience the peaks are highly in demand. In the list of highest peak Kodachadri, Karnataka lies in the 10th position. If you love trekking, then once experiencing can make it more interesting. In the months of October and February; there is a huge rush of visitors at Kodachadri peak. During, this along with trekking people loves to enjoy the weather of this beautiful place. 

For trekking routes to Kodachadri, Karikatte Gate is quite famous. Trekking heights distance which you can cover in 7-8 hours is almost about 12-14kms. Dense forest and waterfalls such as Ganesha Guha, Belakallu and Theertha Hindlumane are the most enjoyable places which you can view from Kodachadri heights while trekking. If you are planning for tenting and all then have to take permission from the Forest Department.

4. Kudremukh, Karnataka

Located deep in the heart of Western Ghats, is where this wonderful trek of Kudremukh starts. The difficulty of trek is just moderate, as you don’t find it tough to trek. Meadows and forests is what you can see as you take on this wonderful trek of Kudremukh. The best time to visit this trek is during winter season. The highest peak of this trek is located at a height of 6207 feet.

5. Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills is considered as one of the famous destinations in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. Dark forest in all around areas gives a scenic view. It is about 1000-1300 meters high and is surrounded by waterfalls, which will provide peace. Away from the hustle-bustle, Kolli-hills can make your trip memorable. For resting or beverages, there are some beautiful areas for which you have to book in advance. The journey begins from a small village named as Puliyancholai and the final destination which you have to reach is Agaya Gangai waterfalls.

6. Perumal Trek, Tamil Nadu

For beginners, Perumal Trek is an ideal place; in a short interval of time, you can experience the trekking or trailing. If you are going to experience it for the first time then Perumal Trek 4 hour’s journey is quite sufficient for you. Hiking upward with safe techniques can help you in experiencing the best activity of your life.

From Kodaikanal, Perumal Peak is approximately 18kms away. So in the dense forest of Perumal Trek, you can enjoy waterfalls and high peak. Perumal Malai Village is about 11 km from Kodaikanal, so while trekking you can mountainous ride. Overnight camping option is also there for you; therefore as it requires only 4-hours so you can return easily. From here you can also view Nilgiri hills.

7. Meesapulimala, Kerala

Trekking is the most enjoyable activity. With fun, people usually choose it as a fitness booster. Hence Meesapulimala, Kerala is the most attracting place where you can experience the high peaks and slopes. In the Western Ghats, Meesapulimala is listed as second highest peak. So experiencing it once is surely a dream of every trekker. The distance it will take from Munnar is about 24kms.

In 24 km you can experience the natural beauty and moderate climate which will make your trekking more interesting. While this you cover some amazing places out of which one of them is Rhodo Valley. The height is about 2640 meters above from the sea level; it is also known as the best biodiversity hotspot. For trekkers, it is hard to miss it because Meesapulimala, Kerala is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site. For covering one side distance it will take 9 hours. The distance which you need to cover is 15km trek.

8. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

In the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is the most eye-catching destination. It is the most preferable vacation spot, the cozy environment and dense forests can mesmerize you. It is a hill station, where for sightseeing there are waterfalls, forests and coffee plantations. So by making it as a part of your journey, you can experience something which is unforgettable.

Kiliyur Falls, as well as Elephant Tooth Rocks, can add beautiful essence in your adventurous trip. Elephant Tooth Rocks are popular for their two pure white rocks. It is situated at a height of approximately 120 feet. These are connected with some historical chapters; it is believed that Elephant Tooth Rocks is a leftover of a meteorite.

9. Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh

Before beginning trekking to Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh; it is mandate to leave your vehicles at Arai. From town it is about 20 km away, it is like a perfect fairy-tale fascinating story. The long trees and waterfall in all around areas of Nagalapuram Hills will hold your breath. The 40 feet deep natural water pool looks amazing as you move upwards. While trailing you need to cover a distance of 13 km, in which you will go through dense forests and mighty rocks. The time it will take in trekking is almost 1 day complete. The things that make it more beautiful are beautiful species of plants and rocky walls.

10. Paithalmala Trek, Kerala

In the Kannur district, Paithalmala Trek is located in Kodagu forests. From sea level, its height is 1371.6 meters. Capturing hills and mountains or biodiversity are the two most important things which people love to enjoy. With the landscape all around, you can also enjoy peaks and mountains which look amazing.

In the Western Ghats, the crowd of nature lovers or trekkers is increasing day by day. The best time when you can visit Paithalmala Trek is January to March or June to October. Two most popular things about Paithalmala are its Leeches and elephants.

At Western Ghats of South India, all you can experience along with trekking is lush green vegetation, splashing waterfalls, sparkling streams, along with some rear species of wildlife, etc. The dense forests are the actual beauty of South Indian, Deccan Plateau.