10 Best Adventure Sports In Uttarakhand

‘Life is just a great adventure. Therefore, only through adventure sports, you can make your dreams come true, because it is well known that waking up in a strange and mysterious land is adventure or really alive.

Adventure Sports In Uttarakhand

Only by climbing to the top of the mountain or jumping into the abyss can you meet thousands of pearls under the sea and conquer yourself. Especially if you don’t like adventure sports in Devbhoomi or Uttarakhand paradise in India, you will leave a huge gap in the happy life or the memory diary.

As the people know Uttarakhand is a holy land ,crossed by the Himalayas so one can enjoy lots of amazing adventurous sports in Uttarakhand but 10 adventurous sports are truly miraculous.

Popular Adventurous Sports in Uttarakhand

1. Trekking

It is a wildely loved adventure sports in Uttarakhand. If we don’t climb up the Bunder Puunch, Gangotri, Pindery, Muilam Glaciers etc. You will loose your dreams, the most winsome, immaculate views of this mysterious Himalayan land.

Best Destinations for Trekking in Uttarakhand

A) Valley Of Flowers

After the excitement of packing your travel bags and dresses when you set out for trekking in valley of flowers in Uttarakhand, you get lost in the mesmeric world. After climbing through the steep paths, rugged terrains, narrow passages when you reach at (14,400 ft) the top of the Valley flower within a short span.

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B) Har Ki Dun

This summer trek beckons the Summer Trekkers to explore the elegancy of sprawling wild orchids, Rhododendrons forest and altitude of 11, 675 ft. Silent alluring wide Beauty of 47 km. path of trekking.

C) Pindari Glaciers

Hey Trekkers, professionals, beginners, old or young don’t go forward please look at the back this mesmerizing elegancy of the Pinderi Glacier (3660 m) in the District Bageshwar of Uttarakhand, between the snow capped Nanda Devi (7,816m) and Nanda Kot peaks, meeting point with Alkananda River at Karnaprayag, spellbinding lushgreen forest flora fauna captivates the nature lovers in the seasons of Summer and the Early Winters.

D) Lal Tibba

Daunting elevation of 7500 ft. The highest point of Mussories explore snow clad Himalayas, telescopic views of Kedarnath, Badunpunch and Badrinath.

E) Roop Kund

This is a mysterious lake. According to historians the skeletons of the human, horses are lying here from the Paleothilic age. A trekker can enjoy rock-shrewn glaciers, snow-clad peaks, conifer forest, lush grass land.

F) Brahmatal

In the month of December and February, the nature lovers or trekkers hears the call of this alluring place. This is an opposite paradise to Rupkhand. From here you can enjoy the cool views of prominent seven thousand series. Trisul, Nanda ghunti Chowkhambha, Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi, Ghoda all diverge the spectrum here.

G) Gomukh Tapovan

Elevation of 4,400 m. Majestic orchards of Chirbassa, Bhojwoabasa, Bleats of Blue Mountain Goats enhance the beauty of this trail. Moreover this is the best high altitude lush grassland in India.

H) Kalindi Khal

It starts from Gangotri and ends at Badrinath. The travelers, trekkers can enjoy the miraculous blinking view of the Vasuki Tal, Arwa Tal, and Nanda Devi. They can enjoy the knee deep snow (half of the Garhwal region) from Bhagirathi to Alakananda river valley, Bhagirathi peaks, Chandra parvat, Satopanth.

I) Kedar Tal

It explores the amazing beauty of Bhirgupanth, Thalay Sagar corals, Himalayan Black bears and blue Sheep.

J) Kuari Pass

This is the easiest Trek. As Lord Carzon completed task so it is known as Carzon trail also since 1905. The trekkers can enjoy the breath taking views of the Himalayan peaks of Kedarnath, Chaukhambha, Kamet, Nanda Devi , Conifer forest, Birch and Bamboo.

K) Bali Pass

Seasonal challenging Trek. The magnificent views of Govind Wild Life Sanctuary, flora, fauna, Rivers of Siyan Gad , Tons, Conifer woodlands, Magical lakes of Ruinmara Tal with Banderponch, Kalanag, Swargorohini peaks.

L) Dodi Tal

This magical lake is situated 32 km. from Uttarkashi. One chronical skin desease can be cured magically by taking bath in this lake. One can enjoy watching, thousands immaculate species of birds here.

M) Dayara Bugyal

Elevated as 34080m in Haridwar. Fragrant forests, Lush green meadows, Innocent Lambs are the attractions.

N) Chopta

Chopta Chandrashila is called Mini Switzerland of India.The peak is home to Pungnath. There is the highest Shiva temple in the world lies here. Captivating hill station in Kedarnath. Amazing Wild Life Sanctuary is also here.

O) Guano

The photographers are mostly attracted here and the views of Birds really amazing.

P) Audin’s Col Trek

Starts from the endless Glaciers Moraines row cliffs. The trekkers enjoy most thrilling adventure.

Q) Nag Tibba

According to the local legends the Snakes are the local deity. This mountain is called the Mountain of the Serpent. The nature lovers can enjoy the magnificent views of Sunrise, Sun setting with the multiple Gangotri, Bandan Punch Peak and Kedarnath.

R) Panch Kedar Trek

Starting from Kalpeshwara, crossing through the amazing 5 Shrines of the lord Shiva leads to Rudranath ends to Kedarnath (3555km.), Through Tunganath the highest Shiva temple in the World as well.

S) Khatling

This Glacier explore the impeccable beaty of the river Bhilagana valley, snowclad mountains, meadows.

T) Satapanth Trek

One can enjoy the most alluring views of the Himalayan Peaks like Neel Kanth, Swargarohini, Baladcu Badrinath etc. And most signified, miraculous view is that the water of this lake reflects the view of the Chaukhambha peak .

And many more magnificent places are there for Trekking in Uttarakhand. Nanda Devi Santuary, Panchgulla, Rupin pass etc.

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2. Paragliding

Most of the human beings have this keen desire to fly like a bird freely anywhere at any time. And one guy will be able to fly like an Eagle through this adventurous sport, Paragliding.

In Uttarakhand so many organizatons arrange this adventurous sports for the travelers, trekkers. They provide the necessary kits with an expert trainer for this thrilling sport. Mukteshwar and Ranikhet, these two places are perfect and amazing for paragliding.

People can soar high up the sky as an Eagle and enjoy the magnificent views of the lofty mountain peaks, rivers, glaciers, wild lives, ,brown or lush green meadows etc. on this sacred land of the Himalaya.

  • Besti time to visit for Paragliding : May To September

3. Skiing

The white snow covered wide places don’t give satisfaction to the eyes only but give the amazing thrilling sensations. So at the present days Skiing is gaining popularity as the most thrilling adventure sport in Uttarakhand. There are so many perfect paradises in Uttarakhand.

The various organizations have come forward with the skillful trainers, necessary equipment for skiing to enthrall the trekkers at the peak point most and at the affordable price also. So the winter knocks and the trekkers set out for taking the mirth of Skiing at Auli, Kedarkantha, Betulidhar, Dayara Dagyal, Mundali, Khaliya Top, Joshi Math, Munsyari, Rishikesh etc. in Uttarakhand.

  • Besti time to visit for Skiing : End December To March

4. Ziplining

This is the most thrilling popular sport of adventure, following most of the travelers or trekkers from abroad. A trekker can watch the magnificent views through this action by flying at 140- to 160 km./hr speed. Nainital, Rishikesh and Mussoorie are the perfect places for this sport.

So at this contemporary era Ziplining can drive away the fear of climbing or sloping within a blinking of an eye and enthralls the enthusiast with the views of the woodlands, water falls, streams, etc.

  • Best time to visit for Ziplining : Around the year

5. Water Rafting

If Co-Rafter thinks in one accord with you, or the perfect, skillful instructors with proper well-equipped kits are there , a participant can enjoy the water rafting most with soaring high up one’s aspiration. The sporting unions has divided this recreational sports activity into different stages according to the velocity of the flowing water.

  • Grade 1 — Easiest, less challenge ,mostly around the plain.
  • Grade 2 — For the novice rafter, main river passes through rocky patches, moderate challenge.
  • Grade 3 — Stressful rapids in the rivers, waves bounce with high speed.
  • Grade 4 — The river descends into improbable curves, unexpected turns for professional rafters only.
  • Grade 5 — Mighty river, battling with current and high challenge.
  • Grade 6 — Unnavigable.

Best Destinations for Water Rafting in Uttarakhand

1. Rishikesh River Ganga — Originated from Gaumukh, passes through Devaprayag and reaches to Rishikesh. For grade 1 to 5.

  • Best season — October to March.

2. Ton river — It is in Netwar village , confluence with Rupin and Shupin rivers. Popular for white water rafting for grade 3.

  • Best season — October and November.

3. Ranikhet River Kosi — It is in Almorah . For grade 1 and 2.

  • Best season — March to May.

4. Kumaon River Kali — It flows from the Nepal border into Kumaon, meets Jori River. Increasing high level of water provide challenge to the professional rafters.

  • Best time — October to March.

5. Pithoragarh River Kali in Kumaon — This river is in little Kashmir or Pithoragarh, Kumaon. For 3 grade.

  • Best time — June, September and December.

There are so many tributaries of the Rivers Saryu, Yamuna, Ram Ganga in the different districts of Uttarakhand, best destinations for water rafting.

6. Camping

The people living in the big cities surrounding hoarseful sounds of machines, transports , for keeping off the stressful busy schedules ,want peace calmness, and for enticing the winsome nature like this adventure, Camping. And the best destinations for Camping are in Uttarakhand. The land of Himalayan stretches is the magnificent place for Camping.

1. Shivpuri — Camps are settled on the white sand beach , Ganga river on one side and the tributaries on the other side.

  • Best time— December to February

2. Nainital —This popular heaven like hill station of India is situated on the foot hill of the outer Himalaya. It is the best Camping station for its winsome natural views and the climate.

  • Best time— April to June

3. Corbett —The best place for the wild lovers. The travelers can enjoy various activities ,staying in the camps according to their budget.

  • Best time— April to June

7. Tethered Hot Air Ballooning

This most thrilling sport is becoming poular in India specially in Uttarakhand. Best destination for this recreational activity, Rishikesh. When the balloon is tethered to the ground with the strong ropes.

One can watch paramic view of the Shivalik valley and next 10 to 12 minutes in the air at a hight of 100 to 200 ft. the participants can feel the heart throbbing truth of aspiration.

  • Best Timing : Morning - 6 am to 9 am And Evening- 4 Pm to 6 pm.

Trainer, necessary equipments will be provided by the organizations (who are taking for trip) at the Affordable rate.

8. Bungee Jumping

Most thrill seeking activity. Jumping in the air against the Gravitational pool, feeling the blood rushing towards face and pounding of heart Under the guidance of the skillful trainer .This popular enthusiast loving recreational activity involves free falling from 272ft. hight . from a cantilever platform.

The various tourist organizations provide the necessary equipments, trainer in lieu of affordable price.

  • Best Destination For Bungee Jumping : Rishikesh
  • Best Time to visit for Bungee Jumping : February, May, October And November.

9. Elephant Safaris

Enthralling in Elephant safari through the dense thickest forest, witnessing the stunning wild lives as the elegancy of the beasts in the forest or in Nature only. The enthusiast, nature lovers can smell the true essence of the winsome nature and the wild lives through this activity in Jim Corbett, Machan in Uttarakhand. Skill full guide, luxurious hut or cottage ,will be provided by the organization (taking for trip) at the affordable price.

  • Best Time to Visit for Elephant Safaris :  Around the Year

Suggested tour package : 7 Days - Elephant Safari Tour India

10. Cable Car Riding Or Ropeway Activity

Cable Car Riding or Ropeway recreational sports activity is the most exhilarating sports activity in Uttarakhand. Nature lovers or travelers can entice nature through watching the majestic glimpses of the Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Trishul. Though the way is through steep descend fearing, the picturesque views can drive one’s fear within the blinking of an eye.

  • Best Destination : Nainital
  • Best Time to visit for cable car riding : May to June

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