15 Popular Festivals and Fairs in Uttarakhand

Fairs and festivals in Uttarakhand remain an interesting way of life, the publics of the state likewise celebrate for minor and large achievement, always disbursing respect to nature's richness and fostering the link of unreserved love among each other.

Here is the list of Popular Festival in Uttarakhand

1. Nanda Devi Mela

The agricultural abundance was an additional motive for people to celebrate. This is one of the most important festivals in Kumaon region of the state Uttarakhand. This festival is intended to pay acknowledgment to the Goddess Nanda Devi.

Nanda Devi and it signifies the pecuniary and traditional richness of the region. Nanda Devi Fair is planned annually to adore the Divinity of Kumaon.

Tourist attractions:

  • Almora is the place where the chief fair is apprehended.
  • This fair is planned either 5 days or 7 days in Almora, Baleshwar, Bhowali, Chamoli, Dandidhara, Ranikhet, Kichha, Nainital, Kot. Mussoorie, Nauti.
  • The Fair is scheduled in the month of September annually.

2. Purnagiri Mela

The Purnagiri Mela is a holy festival. Mela is organized annually in Chaitra Navratri of two months. This fair is planned by the temple of Shri Purnagiri which is established on the Annapurna Peak. It's heaven to relish the Mela with the shiny sight of the ranges.

Tourist attractions:

  • Purnagiri Mela is planned by Shri Purnagiri Temple.
  • The Mela is planned annually in Chaitra Navratri over the period of two months. 

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3. Bikhauti Mela

It is celebrated in a town of Dwarahat in the Almora District. Bikhauti is an annual fair that is held every year in the month of Vaisakh in the month of April/May. This is one of the utmost significant ceremonies that are connected to this fair is 'Oda Bhetna' .

Tourist attractions:

  • People celebrate with folk music, songs, and dance.
  • The Vimandeshwar Temple visited by the person which is 8 km away from Dwarahat.
  • Jalebi is both eaten and exchanged during this fair. 

4. Phool Dei Festival 

This festival is known as the crop festival. The festival is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra of the Shaka calendar. It is the festival of flowers and the coming of springtime.

Tourist attractions:

  • A dessert prepared from jaggery is the important dish of this scared festival.
  • This festival showcases the internal connection between the communities who all are living in the hills.
  • Young girls of the villages/towns pluck the first flowers of the season and sprinkle these flowers on the verge of own and other houses of their village/town.
  • Folk singers welcome the spring with their music. 

5. Kumaoni Holi

This traditional festival of colours is celebrated to welcome spring and to value good over evil. The Kumaoni Holi as the vibrant festival celebrates the joy of togetherness, culture, and colours that add more meaning and happiness.

Tourist attractions: 

  • The promising festival of Holi is the most anticipated one in the Kumaon region and is celebrated from the outset of Basant Panchami.
  • The festival is a fusion of colours, spirituality and music commemorated at a wide extent for two months.
  • Music is the heart of the festival in which the locals are very specific about the ragas
  • The food includes Gujia, fried potatoes namely Aloo Gutuk served with jamboo. 

6. Kumaoni Hindu Folk Festival 

It is celebrated in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand in a year marking the commencement of a new season. This traditional festival is celebrated all through both the Navratris, Chaitra Navratri in the month of Chaitra in March/April and also in the month Ashwini.e in the month of September/October and in Shravanie at the end of july.

Tourist attractions: 

  • On the first day of the festival the female bung up soil in the wicker basket and plant seven kinds of seeds in them.
  • On this day mud sculptures are made of Gauri, Maheshwar, and Ganesha for respect.
  • Individuals laid the blades of recently cut Harela's on their heads besides lead it to their friends and relatives. 

7. Ganga Dusshera or Dasar Festival

Ganga Dusshera or Dasar Festival is planned during the month of May/June. The festival is apprehended for ten days. On this day as per Hindu mythology the sacred River Ganga falls away from paradise to earth. An Aarti held on the takes place on the bank of the Ganga River.

Tourist attractions: 

  • Ganga Dussehra is held for ten days in the month of May/June.
  • During the festival devotees take a swim in the sacred water of the river to rinse out their ambiance also all their immoralities.
  • In the evening Aarti takes place along with earthen lamps are put to float on the river and reverential melodies are sung by the devotees.

8. The International Yoga Festival

The International Yoga Festival is the celebration of the calming and refreshing art of Yoga. The celebration of this Festival is a pleasant occasion planned on the shorelines of River Ganges in the middle of a spiritual atmosphere. The festival strives for the concord of the body, mind and soul. It observes some of the prehistoric techniques and assemblies of the art of yoga and meditation. It noticeable topographies comprise sessions on Pranayama, Hatha Yoga and Yog Nidra.

Tourist attractions: 

  • The tentative dates for 2020 Yoga Festivals is 01st March to 7th March 2020
  • The Festival is a mixture of 70 hours of Yoga along with sacredly appealing Kirtan and dedicating time to mystical gurus.
  • The yoga class starts from 4:00 AM till 9:30 PM.
  • Aethnicoccasion showcasing the dance forms along with traditional music of the region also takes place.
  • Knowledgeable and well trained coaches are there to escort the contestants.

9. Ghee Sankranti

Ghee Sankranti which is also known as Olgia festival is celebrated on the first day of Bhadoi.e. in the month of August. It is basically a festival that signifies the gratefulness of the locals and families in the occupation of farming.

Tourist attractions: 

  • It is celebrated throughout the time the harvests staying well and the milk giving animals are too strong.
  • During this festival gifts are-owners and growers like axes, ghee, vegetable, Binai, metal caliper, datkhocha.

10. Hilljatra

Hill jatra is the traditional festivals celebrated in the district of Kumaon Region. The festival is celebrated mainly by the people related with agricultural in the state.

Tourist attractions: 

  • In this festival worship and the ceremonial sacrifice of goats is complete.
  • Dramatic performances of rustic and farming events are executed.
  • Hymns are sung both traditional as well as new along with the dance.
  • This celebration lastsall over the night.
  • The heart fascination of the Hilljatra festival is the White Clothed deer. 

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11. Kangdali 

The festivals celebrated in the Kumaon region have their own charm and spell over its tourists. This festival falls in the middle of the months of August and October and is celebrated in the Chaundas Valley after every 12 years alongside with the flourishing of the Kangdali plant.

Tourist attractions: 

  • It is celebrated once in 12 years in the Pithoragarh District.
  • The settled plants are taken back as the mars of the war.
  • The village dweller rejoices through relishing to the folk music and acting out exceptional dance. 

12. Kanwar Yatra 

During this yatra millions of followers of Lord Shiva recognized as 'Kanwariya' from all states and towns of India make a trip to Haridwar, Gangotri, and Gaumukh.

Tourist attractions 

  • During this Yatra the followers of Lord Shiva bring the 'Kanwar' on both of their shoulders.
  • This yatra starts from the middle of July and lasts till August.
  • Some followers travel the detachment on foot whereas others on their private vehicle.
  • NGOs offer free services like food, water, tea, or medical help to Kanwarias.

13. Bissu Mela

The Jaunsari tribe planned Bissu Mela in Dehradun. In the week festivity village dweller from all over comes to worship Santoora Devi who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The celebrations comprise wearing multi-coloured traditional clothes and take part in folk music and dance.

Tourist attractions 

  • The Mela is celebrated by the Jaunsari tribe of Chakrata Tehsil to pay gratefulness for a good harvest season.
  • Residents and the people from other places come together and plead to the Santoora Devi.
  • People of the Jaunsari tribe enjoys the folk music and wear vibrant traditional clothes of region concerned. 

14. Magh Mela 

Magh Mela is a furthermost popular fair in Uttarkashi district. The aforementioned is a spiritual and ethnic fair, due to this it becomes a significant tourism festival. It is held in the Magh Month i.e. every year on 14 January and last till 21 January.

Tourist attractions:

  • It starts from the date of Makar Sankranti festival.
  • The idols of Kandar God and other Hindu gods and goddesses are taken to Uttarkashi from different villages in a palanquin.
  • People can enjoy skiing during the fair in Dayara Bugyal. 

15. Maha Kumbh Mela 

The Kumbh Mela is the biggest community assembly and cooperative act of faith, anywhere in the world. The Melapulls tens of millions of hajis over the sequence of about 48 days to immerse at the blessed convergence of the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the spiritual Sarasvati.

Tourist attractions:

  • Thousands of devotees collect to take immersion in the sacred water of Ganga River.
  • This mela lasts for three months.
  • There is spiritual singing and significance of songs pervade even in crowd.
  • Several Sadhus of the diverse Akhara sreach in Kumbh Mela and conferring to the grading, given the chance to bathe.

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