Best Time to Visit Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a wonderful place and it is worth visiting this place at least once in your lifetime. The months of March and April and the time between the mid-September and mid-October are the best times to visit this place. You can enjoy paragliding and trekking in the state of Uttarakhand during summer and during winters this place is perfect for rafting and also wildlife spotting.

You would be able to see wildlife in the Jim Corbett National park as well. There are certain parts of the state of Uttarakhand that also experience snowfall during the winters.

Though you can visit this place throughout the year, however, it is not recommended to visit this place during the peak monsoon season between the months of July and August. But during the monsoon season, you will get to see the picture-perfect valley of flowers.

If you want to know more about the various seasons in the state of Uttaranchal then you can certainly go through the points mentioned below:

Uttarakhand in Summer

The summer season in the state of Uttarakhand starts from the month of April and continues till the month of June. During this time, the temperature varies somewhere between 20 degrees and 40 degrees. There are some destinations of this state that are located in the lowland region and the temperature in this region remains quite high.

The summer season in this state is certainly better than the rest of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Most of the towns as well as the cities in Uttarakhand are covered with hills and so the evenings in this particular state is quite comfortable. In most of the places, the temperature drops down significantly.


The temperature varies between 20 degree and forty degree centigrade


Some of the destinations of this particular state are located in the Terai region and the temperature here remains quite high. This season in this state is much better as compared to the other states.

Most of the towns and cities here are covered by hills and so the evenings are soothing and the temperature during this time drops to a great extent. If you visit Uttarakhand during this season then you will certainly be able to experience the break taking beauty of this place. The chill of the winter is no longer there.

The beautiful flowers are blooming through during this time and this is the most appropriate time to celebrate. As you walk through the hills, the sun feels quite comfortable.

You can stop for sometime and enjoy the natural beauty that has been served to you on a platter. This is the ideal place to spend some romantic time with your loved ones.

Why should you visit this place during the Summer Season?

The summer season is not only comfortable but it also hosts some of the most beautiful festivals that include Bhitauli festival, the Kumbh mela, the devidhura fair, janopunya and bat savitri. Moreover, you can also enjoy some adventure sports here that include paragliding, trekking, bungee jumping, white water rafting, rappelling, cliff jumping and also many others.

During this time, the new seeds start getting planted and the entire region and this place expect to have a good harvest during this time. During the Bhaituli festival the women of the house plant seeds. This is also a time when the bond between the brother and the sister is celebrated to a great extent. During this time the brother honors the sister with beautiful gifts. Then during the month of May, the region starts preparing for the yatra to the chaar dham.

Tips to travel to Uttarakhand during the Summer Season

If you are travelling in Uttarakhand during the summers then you will have to follow some of the tips that are mentioned below:

  • Make sure that you carry a pair of sunglasses : Carrying sunglasses during the summer season is important. It protects you eyes and it also makes you look good in the photographs.
  • Handkerchief : In the heat tissues tend to crumble and therefore they do not work so well. Therefore carrying a handkerchief will certainly benefit you. It will help you in wiping off the extra sweat from the forehead.
  • A cap or a hat : A cap will protect both the head and the face from too much of sweat and will also help in preventing the heat stroke.
  • Sunscreen : It is very important for you to use something that will help in protecting the skin from the sunstroke.
  • Hand Fan : This can actually help to rescue you if you are either in train or bus or simply waiting for either of the two.

Uttarakhand in Monsoon

The state of Uttaranchal experiences the monsoon season between the months of July and September. If compared to the other two seasons, this time is not considered to be the ideal time to visit this state.

During this season there is very heavy rainfall and the temperature varies somewhere between 15 degree centigrade and 25 degree centigrade. Fewer people visit this place during these months, however, the yatra of the Chota Dham that begins in the summer season continues during this season till the months of October. There are a number of tourists even during this season.


The temperature during the monsoon season varies 15 and 25 degree centigrade.


In Uttarakhand, when it rains the sky tends to open up . This way the land is turned into a very beautiful kaleidoscope of a number of colors but moving around during this time can be quite inconvenient. This is all the more true for people who are not very fond of rains.

The monsoon season starts in late June and it picks up great speed during the month of July. After that, for the next three months there is very heavy rain. Therefore the chances of roadblocks and landslides are also increased to a great extent.

The rainy season starts at the end of the month of June but by July it picks up great speed. In the next three months till September, the Himalayan region is drenched with very heavy rain.

Why should you visit this place during the Monsoon Season?

The weather during this time is perfect for all the people who are interested to visit this place but have a fixed budget. During this time the festival of Bhaituli almost comes to an end and is referred to as Harela. This event tries to commemorating the marriage between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Tips to travel this place in the monsoons

  • If you are planning to visit this place during the monsoon season then do carry a raincoat, an umbrella and also tough walking shoes.

Uttarakhand in Winter

The winter season in the state of Uttaranchal is long. It starts in the month of October and ends in the month of March. During these months the weather is quite chilly and the average temperature is somewhere about 5 degree centigrade. There are some destinations like Auli that are located at a high altitude and the temperature here goes down to as low as 0 degree centigrade.

If you are interested in a cultural tour then the early winter months between October and November is most perfect. On the other hand the temperatures between the months of December and February most of the places are covered with snow.


The temperature during this time varies between 15 degrees to 3 degrees.


This is the best time to visit Uttarakhand and this is the time when you can cosy up with your partner. You can visit this place at any time between November and February.

You can also visit this place with your family during the winter season. This is a highly spiritual place and you can certainly enjoy this place.

Why should you visit this place during the Winter Season?

If you visit this place in the winter, in the second week of January, then you will certainly be able to enjoy makar Sankranti here. This is a festival that celebrates the change of the various seasons.

People prepare khichdi and til ka ladoo during this festival. They worship the Sun God at the time of Sunrise. It is during this time that you get to see the Uttarayani fair also. You get to check out this fair in places like Ranibagh, Bageshwar and also Hanseswari.  There is a very large gathering here during this festival and you will get to see people taking a good dip into the river saruya.

Basant Panchami is also celebrated during the winter and this marks the advent of the spring season. During this time the people welcome the beautiful sun. There are colorful kites in the sky and local people sing and dance dressed in yellow.

Tips to visit this place during the winter

  • The winters are extremely chilling and so it is important for you to carry a lot of woolen garments when you visit this place. Also carry the right walking gear so that you do not have problems walking in the chilling winter.

Uttaranchal is a wonderful place and if you are planning to visit this place, then make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. This will help you to truly enjoy this place.

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