Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island

Kalapathar Beach is a charming destination famous for white beach sand dotted with black rocks and turquoise water. The beach gets its name from the small Kalapathar Village, closer to it. Some argue that the name came from the black rocks in the beach (Kala – black; Pathar – rock). This is a solitude beach famous among honeymooners.

Things to do in Kalapathar Beach

Beach Picnic : The beach is famous for picnic spots. The area is pleasing and serene. You can find shady regions under tree or closer to the waves for enjoying a quiet picnic.

Sunbathing : Since it is not a very crowded region, sunbathing is a famous activity in this beach.

Sunrise and Sunset : Watching sunrise and sunset from the beach are famous romantic activities to enjoy here.

Photography : Just like any other Andaman beach, Kalapathar Beach is also a picturesque destination. Moreover, this beach is famous for honeymoon photography. If you are visiting this beach, do not forget to bring your camera.

Adventurous activities in Kalapathar Beach

Exploring forest : You can find dense mangrove forest near the beach. You can explore the forest, if you wish to spot unique fauna and flora.

Nearby attractions in Kalapathar Beach

  • Elephant Beach snorkeling, jet-skiing, scuba diving, and others.
  • Radhanagar Beach famous for sunbathing, picnicking, swimming, and others
  • Neil Island – Famous for corals, beaches, and water sports
  • Barren Island - Exploration

Tips for visiting Kalapathar Beach

  • There are no restaurants or cafes on the beach. Thus, plan to pack everything you need before you reach the beach.
  • Dead coral reefs are found commonly in this beach and thus, swimming is not safe here.
  • You can stay as long as you wish in this beach. However, finding suitable transportation after sunset is tricky. So, plan accordingly.

Entry fee in Kalapathar Beach

There is no entry fee for visiting Kalapathar beach. Tourists tend to spend around 2 to 3 hours here.

Best time to visit Kalapathar Beach

October to May is the right time to visit Kalapathar beach. The winter starts in October and ends in February and the summer starts in March and ends in May. Both these seasons have pleasing climate and ideal for a beach vacation. However, summers can be hot and humid. If you cannot handle the tropical heat, stick with the winter season. Monsoon is the worst time to visit the beach. The beach however would look more pleasing during monsoon. The area receives heavy rainfall and thus, all tourist activities will be stopped for safety reasons.

How to reach Kalapathar Beach?

The Kalapathar Beach is located in Havelock Island. You can find boats from several islands to the beach. In the past, seaplanes were available from Port Blair, but it is hard to find service providers for that transportation now. Port Blair has regular government boat service to Havelock Island every day.

You can also choose to hire private boat. Once you reach Havelock Island’s jetty, you can find cabs, autos, rickshaws, shared jeeps, and others to reach the beach. The beach is 10 km away from the jetty. Some tourists love to trek to the beach from the jetty or enjoy cycling. During monsoon, most of the road transportation would be scarce and costly.

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