20 Best Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

When we heard the word Andaman, the first thing strikes in our mind is its pristine and turquoise beaches. Throughout India, where ever you go maybe you can’t find beaches like Andaman with a serene and soothing atmosphere.

The Island tucked up with lush green rain, forests and bewitching beaches creates a dreamland for nature enthusiasts to enjoy a memorable trip without any worries and stress in the lap of nature.

Andaman’s pleasant beaches, exciting adventurous water sports, marine life under the waters, beautiful cottage stays close to beaches, and many things make you visit Andaman at least once in your life.

After visiting Andaman, you will get confused about which beach I have to visit? Yes, it happens, because Andaman is home to a countless number of beaches, some maybe crowdy and some may be pleasant.

That's why here are the 20 Best Beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to make your favorite list of beaches to explore in Andaman.

1.Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, located on the south coast of Havelock Island is a well-known beach to visit in Andaman. For its beauty and pleasantness, it was ranked as the “Best Beach of India” and “7th Best beach of the World” by Time Magazine.

The turquoise blue waters, soft white sands, the lush green vegetation along the seashore, and everything spotted at the beach takes you to a serene world to enjoy the time in peace and by the way ,this beach is also less crowded.

Water Sports : Snorkeling, Swimming, Game fishing, and Scuba diving.

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2. Corbyn’s Beach

Very close to Port Blair, Corbyn’s beach is located. The beach lined up with coconut plantation, stalls, restaurants and a good seating arrangement etc. attracts a large number of tourists and locals.

Enjoying the calm waters of Corbyn’s beach strolling along the seashore and the views excite everyone. Here, shopping is a pretty thing to do and clothing and some accessories are the best things to buy.

The must-do thing to do here is boat riding to Snake Island which is a very exciting one.

Water Sports : Scuba diving, Sunbathing, Boating, Surfing and Skiing.

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3. Kala Pathar Beach

If you want to visit the beach with utmost calmness and unspoiled beauty means, Kala Pathar beach is the one to visit located on Havelock Island. The beach seemed to be very calm with pleasant waters and surrounded by dense forests. This beach was less hit by tourists that’s why it looks beautiful and mesmerizing.

Due to less crowd, Kala Pathar was mostly visited by couples and families to enjoy the soothing and lovely environment of Kala Pathar. But here nothing will be available like beach shacks, resorts, and restaurants. Even it is small but it’s a cute and lovely beach to pay a visit.

Water Sports : Nothing special just like sunbathing and swimming.

4. Elephant Beach

On Havelock Island, Elephant beach is one of the best white sand shorelines overloaded with stunning views. The cyan blue waters, pure white sand, coral reef, and the surrounding imagery attracts visitors heart.

You can reach the beach through a boat ride, in the way magnificent views will make you stunned. At the beach also, boat rides will be available so you can round up the beauty of Elephant beach. If you want you can take a boat ride to Radhanagar beach means, from here within 1 hour you can reach.

Water Sports : Snorkeling, Swimming, Scuba diving, Marine life attractions, and kayaking.

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5. Sandbar Beach

Sandbar beach is a wonder, which connects two islands Ross and Smith in Andaman. The pure white sands stretched along shorelines of two islands and the lush greenery forests gift fantastic scenic views.

Compare to all beaches, Sandbar is a unique one to explore located between two islands. But, try to visit the beach when it has gentle waves to enjoy water sports and alluring looks at the beach.

Water Sports : Snorkeling and Swimming

6. Chidiya tapu Beach

Popularly knowns as “Nightfall Point” or “Flying Creature Island”, Chidiyatapu beach is a splendid and one of the must-visit beaches in Andaman. What’s the specialty of the beach is its endemic species birds that’s why it is called Chidiyatapu.

During dawn and dusk, you can spot these beautiful birds and the views of hills at the beach are another marvelous scenario to feel the essence of nature. For a pleasant and relaxing day spent, Chidiyatapu beach is a worthy one to pick.

Water Sports : Nothing special, just for casual walks the beach is famous.

7. Wandoor Beach

In Andaman, Wandoor beach is a fantastic beach, where many things here attract you a lot. This beach was located at Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park, which is an interesting place to witness varied coral reefs and marine fauna. Nearly 15 islands encompass at this beach and offer beautiful and long stretched shoreline.

So, you can go for long walks enjoying nature in a pleasant mood. Another interesting thing is very close to the beach two islands are located namely Alexandra and Red Skin Islands. If you’re an adventure thriller, you can take boat rides to the islands.

Water Sports : For Snorkeling, this beach is very famous and Glass-bottom boating and Scuba divingalso available.

8. Lalaji Bay Beach

In Long Island, Lalaji Bay Beach is a must-visit beach for its charming beauty and relaxing atmosphere. Especially, the journey to the beach through the Dhungi boat ride is an exciting ride to pass through mangrove creeks and pleasant waters.

The beach with crystal clear white sands, eco-huts, and surrounded with thick forests takes us away from our daily life and gifts your valuable time of pleasantness and relaxing day at the beach. Also for trekkers and nature lovers, tropical forests and beautiful birds here entertains a lot.

Water Sports : Scuba diving and Boating. If you are lucky you can spot Dolphins.

9. Aamkunj Beach

Andaman’s well-known eco-friendly beach is there any means, Aamkunj tops the list. The beach everywhere spotted with wooden benches and products strongly conveys the moto of eco-friendly.

But the thing missing here is the beach is not suitable for Scuba diving and Snorkeling ecause of boulders in the sea.

However, the boulders add a special effect to the beach with a rocky surface and due to moss on rocks,the water looks in greenish. A very interesting thing here is you can spot sea turtles in huge numbers.

Water Sports : Swimming when the tides are low.

10. Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur beach is another famous beaches of Andaman, which is ranked as the 3rd best beach in the Andaman Islands. Its white shell sand, coral reefs, marine life, shallow waters, and surrounded by thick green forests everything here turns it into a serene world. For couples, the long stretched shoreline is a good one to enjoy the walks in alone.

From here you can easily reach Neil Island, which is 2 km far away.But when you visit the beach never forget to collect various colorful shells and stones at the beach. They are like memorabilia of Laxmanpur beach.

Water Sports : Swimming and Snorkeling.

11. Bharatpur Beach

In Andaman, if you want to explore a clear sea with crystal clear quality means, Bharatpur beach is one of kind. Its turquoise waters, white sands, rich marine life, and coral reefs made the beach popular to visit.

The shallow waters of the beach is a great attraction, which makes swimming and scuba diving very easy to explore the beautiful marine world under the water.

Simply, the beach looks like a canvas with beautiful looks.

Water Sports : Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, and Glass bottom rides to explore marine life beneath waters.

Suggested Tour : 6 Days - Andaman Tour

12. Vijayanagar Beach

On Havelock Island, Vijayanagar beach is another marvelous beach stuck with natural beauty and soothing atmosphere to relax. Its clear crystal and shallow waters provide a good environment for swimming and surfing.

Coming to natural beauty, the beach encircled with Mahua vegetation and picturesque wonders attracts nature lovers must-visit the beach.

For bird watching, fishing, and trekking Vijayanagar beach is a worthy option to seek and for water sports toothe beach is quite famous.

Water Sports : Snorkeling, Sailing, Surfing, Boating, and Swimming.

13. Baludera Beach

In Andaman, Baludera beach is one of the best-unspoiled beaches with pristine beauty. The beach receives less crowd that’s why it seems to be very pleasant and relaxing. Also, another great thing about the beach is its eco-friendly policy.

Here the eco-friendly huts and tree cottages are the best attractions to visit the beach to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, its curved sand bay and mangrove vegetation double the beauty of Baludera. The must-do thing here is taking elephant ridesat any cost, so never miss this opportunity.

Water Sports : Nothing great, just swimming.

14. Merk Bay Beach

If you want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of beaches in Andaman means, Merk Bay Beach is the right one to pick. Touched with very fewer crowds, the beach looks beautiful and attractive with its lovely scenic wonders. The white sand beach with the contrasting blue waters seems to be fantastic.

In addition to this, a boat ride to the beach is a fascinating thing to witness the beauty of waters riding on them. At this beach, you may get a chance to see Dolphins because Merk Bay is a good dolphin spotting place.

Water Sports : Snorkeling, Scuba diving, and Swimming.

15. Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach, a quite different and unspoiled beach of Andaman allures tourists to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere surrounded by thick forests and clear turquoise waters.

Popular for its golden sands and the lovely environment with less crowd offers a good time to enjoy the scenic beauties of the beach strolling along the shoreline.

For swimming, Sitapur beach is the best one with low tides. The beach overwhelmed with natural beauty makes a great spot for photographers to lock the best clicks in their cams.

Water Sports : Nothing special just for swimming.

16. Kalipur Beach

In Diglipur, Kalipur beach is very popular for its stunning beauty in and around. The beach surrounded by the Saddle peak and the pleasant waters make find tourists enjoy the lovely environment.

A very interesting and important thing to catch here is turtles nesting. This beach is very famous for varied species of turtles like Olive Ridley, Green turtles, Leather Back, Hawk Bill. During winters, you can observe the nesting of the turtles.

Water Sports : For snorkeling, the beach is suitable and good.

17. Avis Island Beach

If you want to escape from crowded beaches means, Avis Island beach is the perfect one to choose seems to be isolated and calm. The beach with creamy and crystal clear waters and filled with coconut vegetation seem to be beautiful and authentic.

For couples, a good place to enjoy the day enjoying the beauty at the beach. The crystal clear waters of the beach area surprising thing even fishes will appear to our naked eye. Such a clear and pure beach it is, but swimming here is not a good one to try. Even the beach is small but its mesmerizing beauty attracts tourists.

Water Sports : Not ideal for water sports.

18. Red Skin Island Beach

Among the 15 beaches of Marine National Park of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Red Skin Island beach is quite popular. The beach with mangrove fields, narrow shoreline, and rich greenerymakes the beach ideal to get relax enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

In addition to this, the adjacent beach Jolly Buoy Island is another fantastic one to cover. The Island is very famous for its red coral reefs and marine life.

Water Sports : Nothing special, allowed for swimming.

19. Little Andaman Beach

Like the name, Little Andaman beach is one of the best beaches and the 4th largest beach in Andaman. The exotic beach with lush greenery and beautiful scenic attractions grabs everyone’s attention to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Especially, Surf waterfall and Whisper Wave waterfall near to the Island is very famous. Many like to visit the beach to head out to these waterfalls.

Water Sports : For boat rides and elephant safaris, Little Andaman is very famous and you can go for snorkeling.

20. Guitar Island Beach

Those who want to go for adventurous and offbeat destinations, for them Guitar Island beach in Andaman is the right one to opt. The island beach is very special and unique in its shape, it is really like a guitar from aerial view. Its lush green forests, calm waters, spectacular landscapes, and everything here sounds tranquillity and serene atmosphere.

Just 15 min boat ride from Long Island you can reach the beach. To enjoy the untouched beauty of Guitar Island beach, it is a must-to visit.

Water Sports : Water sports are not available but you can go swimming.

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