Famous Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is an interesting place where you can find a lot of different environment. There are valleys with snow and mist, plains with hot and humid temperature and also breezy beaches with silky warm climate.

Unlike other states in the country, this state has a lot of important and famous beaches which are touched by tourists every year.

Those who want to take an off from their exhausting and dull routine should visit these wonderful beaches in the state. Here is the list of famous beaches in Andhra Pradesh that you must visit:

1. Rishikonda Beach

This beach gets about thousands of foreign tourists every year. This is the most exotic beach in the state. It is located in Vishakhapatnam.

The best time to reach this beach is from November to middle of February. This is a picture perfect beach with blue water, exotic plants and golden sand. You can find a lot of adventurous activities like pony rides, boating, wind surfing and water skiing.

Apart from these there are a lot of temples, ant hill worship place and palm plantation near the beach. This place is a poetic one. Many writers and poets come to this beach to enjoy while they put their creativity into work.

2. Yarada Beach

This beach is about 15 km away from Vishakapatnam. There are a lot of temples and other attractions nearby. Thus, you can find a lot of tourists in this beach. This beach is near Dolphin’s Nose and Gangavaram Port. This beach is bordered by thick and lush coconut trees which are enveloped by smooth hills.

You can find the water and sand mildly warm and rejuvenating. The water would be sparkling throughout the year.

3. Mypad Beach

This beach is located about 20 km away from Nellore district. This is the beach for those who want to spend some lonely time with nature.

You can find many shady trees giving you a lot of shady spots on the beach to lay back and relax. The water and weather would be calm and cuddling always. This is the right place for those who want some less pumping beach for spending some family time or romantic time with special one.

Nelaputtu Bird Sanctuary is very near to this beach.

4. Ramakrishna Beach

This is a popular beach for those who love water sports. This beach has the most natural picturesque scenery of all. This beach gets its name from the Ramakrishna mission ashram nearby. The INS Kursura submarine museum is also found near this beach.

You can find a lot of activities like volleyball, aquarium, temple, museum, restaurants and many others. This is the most entertaining beach of all for young adults.

5. Bheemunipantan Beach

If you are visiting Andhra during summer, this is the first place for you to visit. This beach is located in Visakhapatnam. A large Buddha head statue is an important attraction of this beach.

There is also an important Hindu temple here that was built in 14th century. There are a lot of century old churches near the beach.

The 19th century lighthouse in the beach is a must watch. It is a history rich beach and you ought to visit this.

6. Kalingapatnam Beach

This beach is located in Kalingapatnam. This beach is found in the place where Vamsadhara River ends with the bay. It is an important tourism destination as you can find a lot of attractions and activities in the beach.

There are a lot of resorts near the beach for you to choose. There would be a lot of small and medium shops in the beach which sell exported goods like textiles, perfumes and others.

There is an ancient harbour in the beach which is now a place for selling goods. This beach is known as the Open Road Sea as the road would end directly to the sea shore.

This is the most romantic beaches of all and many foreign and Indian tourists visit this beach. Sea foods that are served in this beach would be remarkable.

7. Perupalem Beach

This beach is about 20 km from Naraspur. It is in the W. Godavari district. This beach has natural scenic element with gorgeous attractions. It is an enchanting beach for both adults and children.

A lot of tourists visit this beach to take up their morning stroll. This is a very quiet sea spot and thus, this is the best place for swimming.

Many religious and social activities happen in this beach. This beach is one of the top tourism attractions in the state. You can find a lot resorts in this beach. This beach is connected to many other cities of the state making it easy to reach.

8. Motupalle Beach

This beach is located in Prakasam District. This beach is about 150 km away from Guntur. If you are in Vijayawada, this beach would be about 180 km away.

The summer in this beach would be extremely hot. But, by rainy season, the beach turns into some paradise. September to February is the best time to visit this beach.

You can find a lot of activities in this beach like sun bathing, strolling, swimming and others. The top attractions in this beach is the beach itself. It is an exotic and most beautiful beach of all. This is a calm beach and thus, it is suited for honeymoon couples.

9. Manginapudi Beach

This is the beach of cool water. This beach is about 11 km away from Machilipatnam. This place is the best spot if you want some sightseeing and other activities in a beach. It is an important tourism spot as the beach would be a wonderful view and many other activities would keep all kinds of people busy.

The seafood served here would be marvellous. The water is safe as it is very shallow. Thus, swimming is very common here.

10. Vodarevu Beach

This beach is about 6 km from Chirala. This beach is known for sightseeing. This beach has coconut trees and other exotic plant species. Stroll on the beach would make your day more bright. This beach is for those who are looking for a place to relax.

These are the top beaches that are visited by many tourists every year. There are a lot of other small time beaches like Lawson’s bay, Tenneti and Sagarnagar Beaches.

If you want your vacation to be filled with just beaches, the best place to visit is Visakhapatnam. You can find numerous beaches in this district. You ought to visit these beaches during holi or Ganesh Chaturthi to enjoy the state in festival mood.

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