Andhra Pradesh Travel Information

Kohinoor of India, the tag used by Andhra Pradesh tourism may be seem to be exaggeration, but when you explore the tourist attractions of Andhra, you may feel the tag is the true justification.

Andhra Pradesh, the very popular state of South India is key to many wonderful and beautiful destinations. The state blessed with the longest coastal line and the rivers Krishna and Godavari results good ecosystem and gifts exquisite places to cover.

Not in one aspect, in cultural beauty, history, serene beaches, glorious temples, hill stations, wildlife, delicious cuisines and so on, in many things Andhra Pradesh surprises its tourists.

So, to explore the beauty of Andhra Pradesh don’t rush with hurry. The travel guide we presented here, guides you what to do, what to explore, where to stay, when to visit, what the attractions to cover, like many questions in your mind will be solved. Just follow the travel guide and make your trip in Andhra Pradesh smooth and happy.

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