Famous Festivals in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a colourful state with an interesting mix of cultural elements. There are a lot of festivals that are celebrated in a grand manner in a certain town or city. Find below major festivals in Andhra Pradesh

1. Sankaranti

This is celebrated in January as a harvest festival. It is celebrated in various part of the country under different name. You can find a lot of fairs and other celebrations during this festival.

2. Ugadi

This is the Telugu New Year. It is celebrated in April. During this festival, you ought to taste the dish called Ugadi Pacchadi which is made with all six tastes together.

This dish is never made during other times as some main ingredients like flower of neem leaves cannot be found during other time of the year.

3. Ganesh Chaturthi

This festival is celebrated in August or September. In this festival, people make small statues of Ganesh (Elephant God of Indian Mythology) and worship it for a few days and then dissolve it in any water body.

There would be a lot of celebrations during this festival that would be colourful and entertaining.

People make or buy small statues of the elephant God of Hindu Mythology (Ganesh).

They pray and perform many rituals with this statue and conduct many performances each day and after 10 days, they carry the statue and dissolve it in any big water body (especially sea).

4. Maha Shivaratri

This festival falls on the 13th or 14th of March. This festival is dedicated to lord Shiva and people fast and celebrate it without sleeping. To help people stay awake, a lot of shows and performances would be conducted in temples.

5. Diwali

It is a colourful festival. You can find a lot of fireworks and crackers making the night of Diwali, an amazing time. Diwali sweets of this state are very special and you ought to taste all of them.

There would be a lot of fairs and exhibitions conducted in various places in the state during this festival. This festival falls in the month of November.

6. Dussehra

Dusherra of Andhra might not be as fabulous as the one that is celebrated in West Bengal. But, you ought to visit the Bommala Kolluvu, a pyramid display of small dolls that would be placed in many places.

7. Deccan Festival

This is a cultural festival that is celebrated in many important places like Hyderabad. There would be a lot of local fair and exhibitions conducted during this festival.

Many food festivals would also be celebrated in various places to appreciate the cuisine of this state. If you are visiting this state during this festival you ought to visit the pearl exhibition and buy a few Hyderabadi pearls.

8. Lumbini Festival

This festival is celebrated in December. This is very commonly celebrated in Lumbini. This is the place where Buddha was born and this festival is a grand one for those who follow this religion.

Many international tourists visit this state during this festival.

9. Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival

This is a local festival that occurs in October. As the name of the festival indicates this festival is celebrated in Rayalaseema region. This festival focuses on appreciating the food and culture of this region.

A lot of performances, food feast and others would be available during this festival.

10. Visakha

This is celebrated in middle of January. This is very similar to Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival. The festival focuses on the culture and cuisine of Visakhapatnam. A major fair would be conducted during this festival.

People from other parts of the state visit this fair to enjoy cultural programs, sports and other celebrations.

11. Christmas

This festival starts on Dec 24th eve and ends by the end of Dec 25th. A lot of dance and balls would be conducted in various clubs and resorts during this festival. There would be a lot of melas and fairs in the state during this festival.

12. ID

Id-Ul-Fitr is celebrated in a very grand manner in this land of Nizams and Nawabs. A large vessel with warm wheat based dish made with chicken would be placed in every street corner. This vessel would be placed with the delicacy throughout the Ramadan month from dusk to dawn (when they break the fasting).

The vessel would be traditionally heated on a brick oven. This dish would be available throughout the night. Many other celebrations and programs would be conducted in each city during this festival.

13. Brahmotsavam

Tirumala Brahmotsavam is a festival that is celebrated in Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. It is very grand festival that happens inside this temple for 9 days. This is an important festival for those who are the devotee of Sri Balaji or Vishnu.

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