Famous Handicrafts in Andhra Pradesh

p>Indian crafts are very unique in the world. Each state of this country has a collection of unique and serene crafts that marvel all those who takes them.

Andhra Pradesh is no lower in this standard. It hosts a lot of crafts in its culture and tradition. Here are some of the elements that you ought to enjoy and buy a few masterpieces.

1. Kondapalli Wood Works

Kondapalli wood dolls are very adorable and realistic. The figure’s face would be very natural that you can find almost all kinds of expressions. Kondapalli is a small village near Vijayawada.

Soft Poniki is used for making these toys. Starting from animals to deities, you can find a lot of wooden structures in this village.

The popularity of this work is well spread around the country. The reason for this beauty is the flexibility of the wood. The wood is marinated to make it flexible enough to carve.

Goat hair brushes, tamarind seed gum, lime gum and clay are used in the process. The process of making a small doll would take a lot of time. You ought to buy a few as mementos.

2. Crochet Lace Of Palakollu

Palakollu and Narsapur are two main villages in West Godavari district. Here crocheted laced work is very famous. You can find wall hangings, covers, table mats, sheets and curtains made out of this work material. There would be many crocheting classes that happen from time to time.

You can find lace works in vibrant colours and various shaped. There are also dresses available in this material. This craft was brought to this land by Scottish people.

Today more than a lakh of people are making this as their source of living. Lace work of Andhra Pradesh is an excellent craft work that you ought to learn. Or, at least own a few materials.

7. Bidri

Bidri is an antique metal work. Bidriware is a very common item in the 14th century. Bidar was a small town where these metal works were made in the ancient Andhra Pradesh.

It is said that sultans of Andra Pradesh invited many craftsmen from Iran to make these works for royal palaces and other monuments.

This style of craft is a mixture of Indian, Persian, Iranian and many other related styled. This metal work is made by Zinc mixed with a little amount of copper.

After moulding the metal, the engravings are done with silver wire and thin silver sheets. The surface becomes very black after it is oxidized and thus Bidriware is formed.

This metal work takes a lot of time, patience and practice to perform. You can watch the artists make this work from scratch. The most common item that tourists prefer is the elephant statue made out of this metal work.

There are a lot of other items that are decorated with this crafts like plate, bases, trays, boxes and others.

You can find a lot of masterpieces of Bidriware in Hyderabad. this is a sophisticated item that you should possess as a memento of your visit to this state.

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