Shopping in Andhra Pradesh

There are a lot of attractions in this land. But, when it comes to speciality of a place, shopping is an important factors. How good is Andhra in shopping? Are there places for shopaholics to enjoy?

This place is well known for its art works, pearls and many other items. Most importantly, there are a lot of important shopping spots where you would love to bargain, window shop and buy things from.

What to Shop in Andhra Pradesh

First of all, what should you buy in Andhra Pradesh? This state is well known for a lot of items. Exotic perfumes, Kalamkari works, bidri works, jewels, pearls, diamonds, clothes, Kondapalli wood dolls and so on.

Hyderabad is known for pearls, performs and embroidery sarees like Mangalagiri sareers. Pochampalli hand woven cotton sareers are interesting item that you might want to check out during your stay.

Warangal is known for a lot of items. In this district, Cheriya is a town where you would get a lot of paintings. Pembarti is the right place to go if you are looking for brass metal work.

Are you interested in handloom textiles, durries, bed linen and so on? Shiliparamam is the right place to visit. Visit Karimnagar to find some wonderful Bidri work, Kalamkari work, Buffalo hide puppets, Nirmal paintings, ikat garments and others.

When it comes to pearls and gems, Old Hyderabad is the best spot. Markets around Charminar is known for its collection of sea black pearl, pink pearl, kohl stone and many others. Vishakpatnam bazaars are also known for its pearl collection.

You need to walk into the right shop to make sure that you get the best product. The next session would deal with the places for shopping in Andhra.

Where to Shop in Andhra Pradesh

1. Laad Bazar

This market is located in Hyderabad. it is on the west of the famous Charminar. This market is known for its bangle collection. Lac bangles are made from resinous secretion of insects and is made beautiful with beads. This is an important speciality of this state. You can find bangles in varying colours, designs and styles.

2. Suvasa

This market is located in the capital city. It is very common for its collection of block print kurtas. You can find baggy pants for women, scarves, leggings and many other travel outfits.

3. Malkha

This is located in Hyderabad and is famous for its cloth collection. The Malkha cotton is made out of natural dyes. It is made from the cotton from nearby fields and Malkha shawls are important items to take back with you.

4. Sri Vijayalakshmi Fine Kalamkari Arts

This is located in Sri Kalahasti. A little away from this shop is a neighbourhood in which Kalamkari art has been a family business. You can also visit their work area to learn about how they make things.

5. Araku Aadiwasi Arts and Crafts

This is located in Araku Valley. This centre has tribal collection of ornaments made of brass and others, jute hand bags and many other interesting items. This is the best place to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family members.

6. Patel Market

This is located in Hyderabad. This market is known for its cloth collection. The market starts to get life from 11 am and you can find a lot of interesting activities in this market.

Apart from these, there are a lot of luxurious malls and plazas where you can find deluxe styled shopping environment with other entertainments.

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