15 Essential Tips to Know Before You Travel To India

Are you planning to visit India for vacation? India is a friendly place with people whose culture teaches them that guests are equivalent to God. You never have to worry about hospitality in this country. But, there are a few things that every tourist should know before visiting India.

  • India is becoming a clean country. When it comes to water, not all sources are clean. Try to stick to branded bottled water even if you are in a top hotel. Always carry your bottle of water if you are going on an excursion.
  • Dress decently and avoid public display of affection. India is a cultured place with many orthodox people. So, stick with the crowd. You are most welcome to wear dresses of your choice but, dress with modesty. Public display of love should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Indian food is generally spicy. Even the mildest version of spicy food cannot be tolerated by many foreigners. So, mention that you need less spicy version while ordering.
  • India is comparatively a safe place. Still, there are dangers in foreign lands. Always stick with major roads and crowded areas. If you are planning on some remote location activities, always do it as a group. Do not trust anyone with your valuables. Your belongings are your responsibility.
  • Sanitation is good in India than it was a decade before. You can find decent public toilets in most of the top tourist locations. But, to be safe, always carry wet wipes and hand sanitizers with you.
  • India is very hot and dehydrating during summer season. It starts in March and ends by May. Always carry water and pack light for summer vacation. Winters are moderate to very cold in some places. In Southern states, you would not find a big difference in winter season. Pack according to your vacation time.
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  • Pre-book your tickets and hotel arrangements. India is one of the top tourist destinations and the accommodations might get booked up in top spots of tourism. Do not blindly pick the accommodations recommended by taxi drivers. They might be paid to spread positive word-of-mouth to tourists.
  • Certain epidemics are common in India during monsoon season. If you are travelling with small children during monsoon season, check with your doctor about any required vaccination. Also carry a bottle of all required emergency medications with you.

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  • You might encounter a lot of beggars on the streets. If you really want to help them, give something that they can eat. Every paisa that they beg would go to their bosses who exploit them. If you really want to do some charity work, get help from any NGO charity organizations.
  • There are all forms of shopping options starting from multi level malls with entertainment and shopping experience and also small time road side shops and markets. If you are getting ready for souvenir shopping, you ought to learn to haggle. When they see a foreigner, they increase their profit level by 100 or 200 percent. So, haggle wisely and buy original.
  • Taking away Indian currency with you after your trip is an offense according to Indian law. There are many exchange counters in airports and hotels where you can exchange any remaining rupees you have in hand. Also, credit and debit cards are acceptable in all decent shops. So, convert less amount of money to rupees.
  • Some temples and other specific areas have certain rules which include dress code, foods to avoid and so on. It is always better to follow any rule that is imposed on you for that tourist attraction. Disobeying their traditional is considered as an offense by many Indians.
  • Hugging or kissing version of welcome is not considered normal in India. Handshake or namaskar should be followed. Namaskar is an action in which you bring both your hands in front of your chest and press the palms together. Slight head bow is also considered as a gesture of hospitality.
  • Locals, especially children get excited to see foreigners. Thus, you would have many eyes grazing you wherever you walk in. They mean no harm and are just curious. Don’t be afraid of them.
  • Trains are good for state-to-state travel or for luxury train experience. For with-in state travel, cabs are better. All other modes of public transportation will be overcrowded.
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India is basically a tourism country that acts as a host for millions of international tourists every year. Thus, you can be very safe and comfortable here.

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