20 Reasons Why Trains are better than Planes

Airplanes are a wonder to the travel industry. Air travel made transportation easier, faster and comfortable. However, there is a certain level of fashion and romance when it comes to train travel, which makes it more interesting and mind-blowing. According to experts, the trains have been more of a vacation-element than air travel. Here are the top 20 reasons to why you should choose trains over flights, whenever possible.

1. Avoid TSA And Queue

Air travel might be convenient. However, whatever comes in prior to it is not. Starting from the luggage being slightly above the weight limit to a chaos created by a bottle of shampoo in your hand luggage, the TSA can be a real mood killer for vacation. For couples with kids, standing in line, waiting for TSA check could become a nightmare even before the vacation officially starts. Compared to this, the train travel has lesser processes and shenanigans and you would be in your cabin much faster than the airport queue.

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2. Luggage Criteria

Did you plan an unexpected shopping spree at the destination? You need not worry about carrying an additional bag or a couple of medicines with you for any medical condition. Your luggage will be your decision when it comes to trains.

Luggage Criteria in Train
Luggage Criteria

3. Comfortable Ride

No matter what airplanes look like, the airplane seats are always a painful experience. Starting from the passenger in front of you reclining and eating up your leg space to not having enough room to keep your elbows on the seat arm, flight seats can be a horrifying experience. Have you ever tried to make a toddler sit in the seat when the seat belt sign in on? When it comes to trains, you can get wider and comfortable seats. Unless you choose unreserved compartments, your legroom is generous when it comes to trains. Many chair cars have better reclining facilities than the airplane seats.

Comfortable Ride - Indian Train Seats
Comfortable Ride

4. Fresh Breeze

In trains, fresh breeze is just a window away. Open up the window and let the fresh air into your compartment. If you are looking for fresh breeze in an airplane, you might have to wait until you land and walk out of the over-crowded TSA-specialized airport.

Window Seat in Train India
Fresh Breeze

5. Better Service At Cheaper Cost

If you are looking for services in airplane like they advertise, you need to get business class tickets, which would cost a fortune for many. On the other hand, paying a little higher price would give you a first-class or executive class ticket with superior services at par with airplanes.

6. The Element Of Safety

There is no denial that air travel is much safer than it used to be a decade ago. However, when it comes to comparison chart, trains are safer than air travel. There is no denial in that.

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7. No Hidden Fee

A train ticket is a solid one-time fee with no hidden clauses or criterion. When it comes to cheaper air tickets, there are many criteria regarding the services, luggage allowance and so on. Some low cost airlines charge for seat selection, boarding pass printing, water and so on. Train charges are more predictable and open than air tickets.

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8. The Never-Ending Scenery

Unless you take the mid-night train and get down before the dawn breaks, the train provides a never-ending entertainment of sceneries. If you are traveling through a mesmerizing destination, the travel would be a beauty just like the destination. No matter where you are traveling in a flight, all you get to stare at are a couple of clouds and the never ending blue sky. There is no surprise in the windows of a flight unless you happen to see a bird.  With trains, there is always a surprise. You might spot animals, local culture, interesting architecture and so on.

Never Ending Scenery in Train
Never Ending Scenery

9. Less Stress On Your Body

Do you know that a human body is adapted only to travel at a speed up to 500 mile per hour at a maximum height of 35,000 feet above sea level? Any travel above or beyond this limit would cause problems in digestion, sleep cycle, blood circulation, immune system regulation and so on. Although these do not burst out into a chronic problem in one air travel, they add a certain amount of unwanted stress on your body. However, train travels are much easier on your body.

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10. Less Waiting Time

Well flights being delayed is a whole another chapter. The waiting time we are about to discuss here is the time you wait for the boarding time, the time for check-in, TSA and others. You would be requested to be in the airport at least 120 minutes in prior to the travel. If you are traveling to another country, the time would be exponentially higher. When it comes to trains, all you have to do is be there at least a few minutes before the train. Some cross-country trains will have checking queues, but not as long as airports.

11. De-Board Inside The City

Have you ever noticed that most of the airports are conveniently located a few tens of kilometers outside the city? There could be a million reasons to justify it. However, from tourists’ point of view, you would need to travel again to reach the city. When it comes to trains, most of the train stations are located in the city center, making it much easier to start your vacation without additional travel problems.

12. Delay In Departure

We are back to the delay subject, as mentioned above. Some airline brands have made delays look normal. Close to an hour delay is now a general clause in most of the airlines, especially the ones running through busy routes. When it comes to train, there is could be a delay now and then but, not as longer as flights. For the necessity to co-ordinate the traffic in the rail roads, the trains are religiously kept on-time.

13. Comfortable Restroom

Why does airplane keep restroom as tiny as possible? Even as you read this, airlines are trying to reduce unwanted spaces in restrooms and other regions to make place for more seats. Train bathrooms are much larger and comfortable. There are two to three bathrooms in one train coach and thus, you need not worry about bathroom queues in trains.

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14. Walk Around Freely

There is no seat belt sign or turbulence ahead warning to make you stick to your seats. As mentioned before, airplanes are finding way to reduce un-commercialized spaces in airplanes to make room for more seats. Unless you pay a hefty price for business class tickets, you would be walking in a narrow strip of space, if you wish to walk around the plane. Do you really like walking around in a plane? When it comes to trains, people love to walk around, get a glimpse of the whole train, find friends and so on.

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15. No Turbulence

May it be rain or windy day; you need not worry about turbulence on the rail track. There are no awkward frightening requests to sit down in your seat. When a flight trembles up in the sky, the travelers will have their heart in their mouths. Trains are much smoother and softer. Even the high speed trains are much smoother than flights. If you are looking for the traditional rickety train rides, you can enjoy those too.

16. Heritage Train Stations

Most of the train stations were built during the beginning of railroad era, which was more than two centuries ago. However, airports are modern piece of architecture built with security in mind. Train stations are built with cultural elements. The stations are the first glimpse of the city and the structure is maintained to give an aesthetic and holistic look to the travelers.

Heritage Train Station in India
Heritage Trains Stations

17. Make New Friends

Making new friends during a train travel is much more possible and plausible than during an air travel. In trains, the tourists are much more comfortable, free and can walk around. This allows them to meet new people and socialize like human beings. With seat belts around your waist and overhead voice warning you about turbulence, the air travel gives very less opportunity to get the human company.

18. Flexible Tickets

You need not book train tickets three to four months in advance to get better deals. You need not worry about losing money if you cancel the ticket, if you are choosing trains. Train tickets are not just cheaper, they are more convenient.

19. Trains Are Green

Train travel is greener than air travel. An electric train would emit no greenhouse gases or pollutants into the environment. If you are into eco-friendly life, it is better to ditch the airplanes which pump out pollutant as it flies and choose the trains.

20. Be Connected With Internet

There is a reason to why it is called as ‘airplane mode’ in your phone. With trains, you need not worry about your phone signal interrupting communication between the flight and base. You can stay connect with internet throughout the train travel. To aid more comfort, some rail operators even provide free Wi-Fi service.

21. Turn It Into An Adventure Or Romantic Vacation

With luxury trains and adventure route trains, you can make a vacation out of train travel. There are numerous train journeys, which are attracting tourists around the world. While air travel is just a mode of transportation, trains can kindle romance, add adventure and create a royal experience, based on the service provider you choose.

There are numerous more reasons to why train can enhance your vacation and travel experience. However, you ought to choose the right train and route to enjoy the travel from the bottom of your heart.

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