A Travel Guide To Chota Chardham Yatra Places Uttarakhand

There are so many religious places and pilgrimage sites, but out of which chota Chardham yatra of Uttarakhand holds a spiritual significance of another level. Travellers enthusiastically come to Uttarakhand every year in huge numbers to receive blessings from all these places and Yatra. Many pilgrims dip in the Ganga river to get purity. People believe to get Salvation by chardham yatra. Adi Shankaracharya was the one to use the term “CHARDHAM“, which means 4 Hindu pilgrimage sites from 4 different directions of India. From there the chota Char Dham has arrived that is the assemblage of 4 dhams of Uttarakhand (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath).

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Places to visit in Rishikesh/ Haridwar/ Dehradun

  • Rishikesh

It is known as the “yoga capital of the world” . This is  one of the biggest place of spirituality in Uttarakhand. This place is also well known for camp, river rafting etc.

  • Haridwar

It is one of the ancient towns in Uttarakhand. Here evening aarti fascinates pilgrims mainly. This place is full of devotion.

  • Mansa Devi Temple

There is a belief about this temple that Devi Mansa fulfills all wishes of her devotees.  People reach here by cable car to tie thread to make their wish come true and once it is fulfilled they again come back to open the thread from the holy tree.

  • Har ki Pauri

King Bhagirath stone here in front of Lord Shiva to get his ancestors released. Then lord Shiva asked Ganga devi to flow on that place and then ancestors of Bhagirath were released from their sin. Till now so many pilgrims pray here and take a dip at it to get Salvation. Ganga aarti on the Har ki Pauri ghat at evening is also a attractive site here. It changes the whole ambience  aura of the place.

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  • Triveni Ghat

It is a place in Rishikesh.  The name says it all. 3 rivers- Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati assembled here and thus the name of it Triveni ghat. Pilgrims dip in it believing that it wash off all sins. Early morning aarti at Triveni ghat is very no doubt very magical.

  • Chanda Devi Temple

Chanda devi oldest temple of Lord Shiva is Kedarnath shrine. It is situated at an elevation of 3585 meters. Shankaracharya has founded it.

  • Gauri kund

It is 14 kilometers from Kedarnath. This place is named according to goddess Gauri. Gauri temple is also situated here.

  • Sonprayag

It is a place where we can get Salvation.  It is located in the middle of the route towards Kedarnath, mainly between Guptkashi and Gaurikund.  Sonprayag is situated in the junction of Mandakini and Basuki river. Sonprayag is always covered with snow. temple is dedicated to Devi Chandika which is few kilometers away from Mansa Devi Temple.

  • Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Is one of the  famous and ancient Temple in Rishikesh. It has 13 buildings and each of the floor has different forms of Lord Shiva.

  • Saptrishi kund

It is originated from the champasar glacier and it is also the source of Yanuna river. It is Uttarkashi district. You can attend the evening aarti here which brings you closer to God. 7 sages used to atone here thus it is known as Saptrishi kund. Brahma lotus is the rare flower that is found here.

Places to visit in Yamunotri

  • Yamunotri temple

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Yamunotri temple is the main centre of attraction in Yamunotri,  one of the dham of Chardham.  It is the source of Yanuna river. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit Yamunotri temple for its immense beauty and devotion.

  • Janki chatti

There is thermal springs which attract people. It is a place in trek towards  Yamunotri. Janki chatti is 7 kms away from Yamunotri.

  • Divya shila

Divya shila is a rock that seen at the entrance of Yamunotri.  This is also worshipped by devotees.

Places to visit in Gangotri

  • Gangotri temple

Gangotri temple is location on the Bank of Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand.  It is the source of river Ganga. Devotees worship maa Ganga. Many shrines, temples are situated here in this place.

  • Submerged shivling

A rock shivling is found under the water,  that attracts tourists every year from all over the world. This is believed that lord Shiva has met Ganga here.

  • Harsil

Harsil is situated on the banks or Bhagirathi River. Harsil helipad also a tourist spot.

  • Bhairon Ghati

Bhairavnath temple is situated here. It is present at the  commencement of Jadh Ganga and Bhagirathi River.

Places to visit in Kedarnath

  • Kedarnath temple

One of the single place is there kedarnath Temple which is compulsory to visit there while you are going to complete Chardham Yatra. Mostly people loves to complete Chardham yatra by helicopter.

Places to visit in Badrinath

  • Badrinath temple

This is devoted to lord Vishnu. One of the shrine of Original Bada chardham and chota chardham. Here carnations of  108 forms of Lord Vishnu  are also a attractive site.

  • Mana village

Mana village is situated on the Bank of river Saraswati in chamoli district of Uttarakhand.  Few proofs of  pandavas from Mahabharata is found here.

  • Neelkanth Mahadeb Temple

This temple is of Lord Shiva. There is a believe according to India  mythology that this is the place where lord Shiva consumed poison which come from Samudra Manthan and that turned the throat into blue, thus the name of the place us Neelkanth. ( Neel- Blue & kaanth- Throat).

  • Vasudhara falls

It is 9 km away from Badrinath. This is one of the sacred places in Badrinath. It falls from a height of 400 feet and the water adds to Alaknanda river. Vasudhara falls is of great significance as ved vyas divided ved into 4 different parts here in this place.

  • Surya kund

It is devoted to god sun. This is basically a waterfall that falls  from a mountain. People come to visit this waterfall for its amazing beauty.

  • Tapt kund

Tapt kund is a hot thermal spring. It is naturally generated. Pilgrims take  dip at it before entering temples.


You must not miss all those places mentioned earlier on the Chardham yatra. Not only the 4 shrines of chardham but other sites also must be visited. It is the sign of trust towards God. It helps you find the meaning of your life and the energy , aura inside you.  You can evident the incredible India traveling such magnificent places. You must add other places like Saraswati river, Alkapuri glacier, Satopanth trek, Panch shila, Vyas cave, Shesnetra, Brahma kapal, Ganesha cave, Bheem pul, Narada kund, Mata Murti temple, Charan paduka, Bhojbasa, Gangnani,  Dharali, Gangotri glacier,  Hanumanchatti, Phata, Vasuki tal lake in your list of places to visit during Chardham yatra.