Bundi Utsav 2023 - The Chhoti Kashi of Rajasthan

Bundi is a small town, located in Hadoti region of Rajasthan. The city is known for its historical architecture and culture. The sweetness of Bundi is people living there. Its picturesque and magnificent sightseeing areas always attract tourists. The town is fully equipped with famous temples Hanumanji Temple, Radhai Krishan Temple, Neelkanth Mahadev Bundi and many more. Thus Bundi is also known as "Chhoti Kashi" among Indians. Hence we can say that it is a combination of small Varanasi and forts. So how can you fail to notice forts and other places like Aravalli range dotted with fairytale stories while on India trip?

Bundi historical and cultural monuments are quite famous, as there are various stories based on it. Along with this Bundi festival is popular for its richness to fullest. People from all over the world visit Bundi to enjoy the festive season and become a witness of cultural heritage.

About Bundi Festival

The most awaited moment of Bundi festival is about to come. This major occasion is all about celebrating culture in a unique style. During this, a small town gets enlighten with colors and talent. People celebrate this festival in India with the joy of happiness. The bustling sound in all around areas and crowd of tourists encourages the talent.

Moreover, with cultural activities, there are various competitions which make this jovial event more interesting. As we all are aware of handicrafts made by household indulges in Rajasthan, while Bundi festival these all items are sold in stalls.   

In 3-days Bundi festival, you can capture the ethnicity of Rajasthan. People from all over the world visit Hadoti District to enjoy Bundi festival. Moreover, the interesting thing is that they can enjoy this colorful event without any fee charges.

There are various programs which are organized for tourist, so that can always remain in their hearts such as arts & crafts fair, classical music & dance program, cultural exhibition, musical band competitions, ethnic sports, bridal clothing, turban competitions, as well as a sparkling fireworks display. With this Bundi festival, the town is able to main its charm or beauty. The fun activities encapsulate the tourist from all over the world.

Bundi Festival in Rajasthan

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When Bundi Utsav is Celebrated?

Every year Bundi festival is celebrated between the months of November and December. This year timing is not revealed yet, but it will be somewhere between 11th Nov- 13th Nov 2023. So if you want to enjoy live events, rituals, or traditional art forms then can pack your bags for Rajasthan tour. The moderate temperature and exquisiteness of this city; add some magic in Bundi festival. According to Indian calendar in the full moon night of Kartik Purnima, both women and men wear traditional costumes and light up diyas for seeking blessings on the banks of Chambal River.

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How Bundi Utsav is Celebrated?

There are abundant of things which make this Bundi festival more interesting. Whether it is spectacular folk dance or music, traditional art, handicrafts, Rajasthan royalty, home décor or firework activities you will not able to miss out from your eyes. 

All this in just 2-3 days  means that this event will go on day and night.  Along with capturing beautiful moments, all you can carry with you is traditional household items or other handicrafts. All these items are displayed for sale during Bundi Utsav.  So it is the finest approach through which they can spread their talent all over the world. Bundi festival has always been a point of attraction amongst people of all age groups.

The town is decorated in such a way that it attracts every eye. The 2-3 days of Bundi festival are meant for living life happily without thinking about tomorrow. Every year you will notice that some innovative ideas are used by organizers in making this festive season more interesting. In these sports activities are also there like kabaddi, camel race and horse riding, mustache and turban-tying competitions, fireworks which can make even streets alive.

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Tourist Attractions in Bundi Utsav

To add majestic charm everything is covered in Bundi festival; whether it is Rajasthan royal culture or sports.

1. Shobha Yatra

Starting with Shobha Yatra is like seeking blessings from God for happiness and prosperity of people. Women float Diyas in River, with prayer and chants, it conveys the removal of darkness and victory of lights. Hence we can say that along with fun activities, you can also learn about Rajasthan rituals. It is also known as the Deepdan ceremony. 

Shobha Yatra in Bundi Utsav
Shobha Yatra in Bundi Utsav

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2. Sports

While Bundi Utsav these sports activities are celebrated in a unique way. Special competitions are organized in the town such as turban tying, mustache and bridal clothing, etc. Other large scale games are Kabaddi competition, horse riding as well as camel race, etc. In this way, people participate to show their talent among foreign visitors. With great enthusiasm, everyone takes part in it and makes Bundi Utsav an occasion of fun and happiness.

Sports Competition at Bundi Utsav

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3. Handicrafts

Rajasthan attires or handicrafts are quite popular in worldwide areas. During Bundi Utsav, people display it, so as to earn good money from their talent. Crafts or household items are also there which you can use for home décor.

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4. Live Programs

For your entertainment, live programs are also there. So if you are music or dance lover then folk performances will mesmerize you. These live shows by popular artists will surely attract you.

Bundi Utsav Rajasthan

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Other Tourist Attraction

Along with this, the Rajasthan cuisines are the main source of attraction. From spicy food to sweeteners, you can enjoy everything here. On the other hand, sparkling firework can make your trip more fascinating.

Bundi Cuisine Rajasthan

How to Reach Bundi?

Bundi is situated in the North-west area of Rajasthan. You can reach out there by train or airways. For this all you have to do is book the tickets according to your touring plan:

  • If you have gear up for Bundi, Rajasthan by train then Bundi Railway station is nearest to the town. Or through Kota Junction Railway Station, Bundi is about 35 kilometers away. By there you can hire a taxi, which will take around 1-2 hours.
  • By airways, Jaipur International Airport is nearest. It is around 210 kilometers away from Bundi. Or train is also a valid option from Jaipur to Bundi. 

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Rajasthan then it can easily become a part of celebration. You can opt a transportation medium according to your convenience. Both of them are reliable for you either traveling with family or friends. For local sightseeing, you can take a taxi or can go for a cart. So to enjoy the royal heritage and festive season it’s better to book your tickets now before it gets late.