Bundi Tours

The narrow region beautifully filled with huge constructions, stunning forts, magnificent monuments, mansions and an attractive water body in the middle makes the land Bundi a very special place to explore in Rajasthan.

Mostly referred as the unexplored part of Rajasthan, Bundi is a destination that is rich in natural beauty along with architectural marvels. Located in between the huge Aravalli ranges and surrounded by hills on the three sides, the region Bundi is a picturesque location. Also the region is home of various medieval temples, stunning forts, magnificent mansions.

Established in the year 1342 by Rao Deva Hada the Rajput region is one great land that is filled with many outstanding attractions. The whole region is of many narrow land due to which this region is previously known as Bunda - Ka-Nal. Also the region of the princely state was once inhabitant of the local tribal people. Later the land was taken by Rao Deva Hada and turned the location with scenic beauty in to the region filled with architectural marvels and splendid constructions.

Exploring the wonderful constructions of the city will be a mesmerizing experience and particularly being part of the festivals and fairs of Bundi. Also the location of the town Bundi stands as an asset making it to be much more special and unique from all other regions of Rajasthan.

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