Famous Places for Shopping in Rajkot

Rajkot a small destination in Gujarat, infamous for different shopping accessories. Whenever we visit a place, everyone wants to finish the trip by shopping mostly women because it’s like a memory of that place. But Rajkot is famous as the best shopping destination in Gujarat. Here you can have all local Gujarati goods, bead-work, intricate embroidered dresses or materials, the most famous bandhi saris, traditional attires etc a lot. In one word, Rajkot is like a shopping paradise in Gujarat for handicrafts, traditional dress and things, traditional jewelry, and antiques etc. You will linger at Rajkot only due to the colorful attractions of shops. Here is a small guide for tourists to catch the famous shopping destinations in Rajkot.

1. Gujari Bazaar

A defined place in Rajkot for traditional shopping and famous for Bandhani saris in Rajkot. Here you can find Gujarat's splendid artifacts and hand-looms which are the famous things available here. The main attraction of this bazaar is Bandhani saris. This sari is a type of tie-and-dye art decorated by making a wide distance between the clothes with fingernails into beautiful designs. Bandhani is the local communities arts. You will be attracted to the cherish of varied color print fabrics. The major highlights of Gujari Bazaar are the Bandhani saris and dupattas. Gujari Bazaar is like the love of Gujarat traditions.

Gujari Bazaar, Rajkot

2. Crystal Mall

Not only outside shopping destinations, Rajkot is famous for multiplex malls also and the best one is Crystal Mall. It is the best shopping destination in Rajkot for the modern things and branded stores. Here you can carry with you varied colorful bags, stylish watches, jeans, perfumes, and all modern necessities. Crystal Mall is a famous multiplex with cinema theatre and food court. You can have a movie watching at the mall and can have the energy bars at the Food court. Crystal Mall is the best shopping destination for branded items in Rajkot.

Crystal Mall

3. Gundawadi

Gundawadi is the famous shopping destination for budget lovers. Here you can get what you want for low and reasonable rates but the branded items will not be discovered. The main attraction of this shopping place is Dandiya attires. Dandiya is the traditional dance of Gujarati’s so, here you can collect all variety of Dandiya attires. This shopping destination is known for designer dress materials also here a huge number of ladies works with designer dress materials. We can say that Gundawadi is like a fashion designers hub also in traditional attires.


4. Dr.Yagnik Road

Dr.Yagnik Road is the best address in Rajkot for who loves shopping. In the back days, this area is covered with very fewer shops but at present assorted with numerous shops and options to shop. Here many malls are famous but the most popular one is the Options Mall. This Options Mall is known for many options to shop. And the most interesting attractions of Dr.Yagnik Road shopping destination is various gift shops and garment shops. Dr. Yagnik Road

5. Ravivari Bazaar

A famous flea market in Rajkot which opens according to its name on Sunday. Ravivari Bazaar is the most famous shopping destination in Rajkot with all goods and things, there will be no saying of unavailability of any item. Here everything is available like furniture, clothes, bags, home decors, and small things also. It is famous for the cheapest live cloth auction between sellers and buyers to trade products in a wide range at wholesale prices. This flea market will open in the mornings at a particular place in Rajkot. If you have time on Sunday to Shop Ravivari Bazaar is the best choice with the best rates. Plan your trip to Rajkot and buy the Bandhani saris, bags and home decor things while travelling through Deccan Odyssey which is the Asia's leading luxury train. More details about Deccan Odyssey: Ravivari Bazaar

6. Bangdi Bazaar

A reserved place for ladies to shop a lot here they have many options to choose different beautiful bangles and dupattas. Bangdi Bazaar is not only famous for Gujarat it is known all over India for its different bangles styles. In the Bangdi Bazaar, you can buy varied bangles, bead works, dupattas, and embroidered fabrics. And also this Bazaar is the oldest one in Rajkot and an old marketplace to Soni community in Gujarat. This community is well-known for gold and silversmith in this region. The best suggestion by the travelers to follow here is bargaining a lot. So try to bargain well. However, Bangdi Bazaar is the traditional and colorful area in Rajkot. Bangdi Bazaar

7. Dharmendra Road

Dharmendra Road is like a center for locals for the shopping. Here everything will be available from the necessary goods to all high rated things. Numerous shops in Dharmendra Road is stored with traditional things, shoes, western wears, suitcases a lot things to shop. This center is very famous for locals to shop for their daily needs like groceries. However, it is also one of the best shopping destinations in Rajkot. Dharmendra Road

8. Dhebar Road

A well-known Meenakari art furniture center in Rajkot is Dhebar Road. There will be many furniture shops with brass and wooden temples made of marvelous Meenakari art furniture. The specialty of this art is it is made up of metal surfaces and decorated with colorful intricate designs which attract your attention. It’s like Dhebar Road is known for the best furniture styles. Here they will prepare the best furniture for your houses. However, the famous art furniture of this Dhebar Road center is Meenakari Brass Temples.Meenakari Art 

9. Iscon Prozone Mall

Iscon Prozone mall is a famous multiplex mall in Rajkot with cinema theatre, gaming zone, food stalls, and many shops. Here you can find many branded items but the cost of things here are a little more. The main things that are the best here for shopping are branded shoes, clothing, materials, grocery, etc. The best shop for clothing is Pantaloons. Iscon Mall is a nice place for the refreshment of locals by enjoying a movie, for kids gaming zone etc a lot. Iscon Prozone Mall Like this, there will be no dearth of shops in Rajkot. This small town in Gujarat is flocked with numerous shopping destinations and became an ideal place for shopping in Gujarat. Overall, the major attractive things available here Bandhani saris, mirror and bead work fabrics, silk embroidered dress materials, traditional jewelry, and antiques etc. You can enjoy a lot in Rajkot a shopping paradise by selecting one of the above-cited destinations.

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