Handpicked 10 Life-Changing Adventures in India

Are you someone who loves adventure activities? Are you up for the thrill? India might be the top destination for peace and spiritual based vacation. This does not mean that you cannot find adrenaline rushing activities here. There are numerous adventure activities and this article will show the best ten adventure activities that would change your life.

1. Night Jungle Patrol, Thekkady

Thekkady is a mind blowing place in Kerala and an important honeymoon spot. This place does not stop with romance. The Periyar National Park of Thekkady has many adventure activities like river rafting, safari, trekking and so on. The best and the life-changing one of all is the night jungle patrol in a small boat. Tourists would scale the jungle in group of five with an armed guard who would act as the boatman. This program would take you into the tiger reserve at night and this nocturnal jungle experience would really change who you are.

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2. Riding on the Highest Mountain Pass, Ladakh

Ladakh is known as the adventure capital of the country. Located in the peaceful and attractive region of Jammu and Kashmir, this place has the world’s highest three mountain passes. A bike ride through these passes while gazing at the glaciers would change your perspective of a good road trip. A long bike trip and a steaming tea snack would be a real deal breaker for many.

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3. Deep Sea Diving, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Deep sea diving, scuba diving and other extreme sports are available in major beaches of Andaman. You can also find starter courses for these sports. A single trip into the dark blue deep ocean where light refuses to enter would be the extreme thrill that you can encounter knowing that you are always surrounded by fishes of all kinds.

4. Bungee Jumping, Goa

Bungee jumping is found in many places in India and the best of all is in Goa. You would be tied with strong ropes and asked to plunge into a deep pit. The rope is elastic and pulls you up before you hit the ground. It is not the spot for weak heart and this is just for those who are ready to dare the fear of death and heights.

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5. Paragliding, Yelagiri

Everyone wants to glide in the sky like birds. If you are one such person, try tandem paragliding in the hills of Yelagiri. You can also find similar options in Maharashtra, Nandi hills, Manali, Himachal Pradesh and others. Starter courses are also available in many locations.

6. Skydiving, Mysore

The great are capableest fear of anyone flying in a plane is plummeting to death from the plane. How about trying it for fun? Jump with a trainer from a plane just because you of doing it. Parachuting experience is one-of-a-kind because of the height from which you take the initiative of jumping. Choose reputed organizations of Mysore, Karnataka.

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7. Cliff Jumping, Rishikesh

The Shivpuri rocky terrain has been an important spot for those who love moderate trekking experience. Now, it has become a hub for those who want to jump off the cliff for fun. Rishikesh is the best place to enjoy this activity of jumping from 30 ft rocky terrain into cold water.

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8. Hot Air Ballooning, Rajasthan

Hot air ballooning is found in various Disney movies. Have you ever thought of flying in a hot balloon that works on a very primitive technique that hot air is lighter than normal air? You will never forget the day on which you glided through the sky in a balloon. Rajasthan has many places where hot air ballooning is organized. Best of all is near Amer Fort.

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9. Skiing, Kashmir

Uttarakhand and Kashmir are the top spots for skiing. You can find many small and complex slopes filled with snow for skiing. Though it looks simple, it takes a lot of motivation from you to glide down the slope with just two sticks. There are many remote slopes for expert skiers.

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10. Caving, Meghalaya

Anyone can trek but, not all can cave. Caving is very similar to trekking but, you would be doing it inside the dark and eerie caves. Do you believe in ghost? Ask this same question while you are in the middle of a cave. Exploring and feeling the thrill of caves have become very common among youngsters. Meghalaya is the hub for cavers.

Astonishingly, this is not an exclusive list. There are numerous other thrilling activities that are open for all tourists who are ready to take that initiative to pump as much adrenaline as possible. Other top adventure activities are waterfall rappelling, canyoning, kite boarding, snorkelling with elephants and kayaking.