10 Most Famous Churches in India

India is the secular land that takes too much pride and attention for its differences. One of the most important and distinctive differences among the people is the religion. India has had many religions living harmoniously within its border from ages even before books of history could track.

The ancient emperors and invaders of the land have built numerous structures as a reminder of their religion and reign in the country. It is said that Christianity spread in India in 52 AD via the coastal areas, thanks to Thomas the Apostle. Today Christianity has more than 28 million followers in the country. Throughout the history, many rulers and governments have created numerous exclusive churches, which are now popular landmarks and religious destinations in India. Read here about the 10 Most Popular Churches in India:

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Built in : 16th Century

Basilica of Bom Jesus church is located in the Old Goa regions. In the past, the region of Goa was under the control of Portuguese. This heritage site is said to have the earthly remains of St. Francis Xavier, one of the founders of Jesuits.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

This Basilica was built in 16th century and today, it has thousands of visitors, every year. This old church of the country is famous for its religious elements, exclusive architectural beauty and the serene peace of the mind.

St. Francis Xavier Earthy Remains

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2. St. Paul Cathedral

Built in : 19th Century

This is one of the most beautiful churches in the country. It is located in Kolkata and this church is quite famous among tourists for its original look and grand taste of beauty. This church was built in Gothic style in 19th century.

St. Paul Cathedral Kolkata

This is the first Episcopal church of the continent. The best time to visit this church is during sunrise. The first ray of sun on the church gives a wonderousness on the frescoes.

Interior of St. Paul Cathedral Kolkata
Interior of St. Paul Cathedral Kolkata

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3. Santa Cruz Basilica

Built in : 16th Century

This fort is located inside Fort Kochi of Kerala. It is one of the eight basilicas built in the country. In early 16th century, Francisco de Almeida built this church and it was promoted to basilica in 20th century. The original structure of this basilica was built by Portuguese. Through passage of time, the structure has become a heritage of the land holding the traditional Gothic architecture.

Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi Kerala

It is also an important pilgrimage site in the region. Fra Antonio Moscheni, the famous Italian painter, painted the interiors of this church. The frescoes and murals of this structure are world-famous.

Interior of Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi Kerala
Interior of Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi Kerala

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4. Reis Magos Church

Built in : 16th Century

Located in a small village Reis Magos in Northern Goa, this church lies on the banks of River Mandovi. This Portuguese styled church was built in 16th century as is also called as the ‘Church of Three Magi Kings’. This classic white structure has retained its ancient glory throughout the time, standing amidst the serene land of Reis Magos.

Reis Magos Church Goa
Reis Magos Church Goa

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5. Kadamattom Church

Built in : 9th Century

This church is a fusion of traditional Kerala styled architecture and Christianity. Built in 9th century, this church is rumored to be built by Syrian monk, who was praised for his healing powers. There are numerous interesting legends about this church and the monk. It is said that during his lifetime, the monk cured a child from a wealthy family. As a thank you gift, the family built this intricate church filled with carvings and architectural beauties for the monk.

Kadamattom Church Kerala

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6. St. Francis Church

Built in : 16th Century

Built in early 16th century, St. Francis Church is one of the oldest European styled structure in the country. This historic church stands as a silent reminder of the colonial war of European dominance in the country. This church is the burial ground of the explorer, Vasco Da Gama, who found the famous trade route to India. This is a simple church of Kerala, which is an important religious destination.

St. Francis Church Kerala

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7. Velankanni Church

Built in : 16th Century

This church is tagged as the Lourdes of East. This grand church is located in the small coastal town, Velankanni of Tamil Nadu. This is a fusion of Christianity and Indian culture.

Velankanni Church

The statue of Mother Mary is decorated in Indian cultural aspect with saree and traditional jewels. This is of the major Catholic pilgrimage site of the country. This Gothic structure is quite famous for its architectural beauty. This church of 16th century got its basilica status in 20th century.

Statue of Velankanni Church
Statue of Velankanni Church

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8. Se Catherine Church

Built in : 17th Century

This cathedral is called as St. Cathedral too. It is located in Old Goa region and is a famous antediluvian church. Built in 17th century in Portuguese Manueline fusion architecture, this church is famous for its paintings. This structure was dedicate to Catherine of Alexandria and was built as a reminder of the victory of the Christianity army over invading Muslim army in 16th century. The iconic element of this church is the Golden Bell, a gigantic bell, which is one of the largest church bells in the world.

Se Catherine Church, Goa

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9. Vallarpadam Church

Built in : 16th Century

This church is also called as the Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom. This church is located in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Built in early 16th century, this church is said to be enshrined by Vasco Da Gama. There are many myths and legends surrounding the temple. Today, it is one of the major pilgrimage sites of the country and a place for serene beauty.

Vallarpadam Church, Ernakulam Kerala

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10. San Thomas Basilica

Built in : 16th Century

This Roman Catholic basilica is located in Chennai. This 16th century church holds the tomb of St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus. This church was later renovated in 19th century by the British. This church is a reminder of Neo-Gothic style architecture of 19th century. This white grandeur of Christianity stands 201 feet tall and holds the holy remains of St. Thomas.

Santhome Basilica Chennai

The interior side of this church is rich with architectural marvels, paintings, frescoes and much more. The church also holds a small museum.

Interior of San Thomas Basilica, Chennai
Interior of San Thomas Basilica, Chennai

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India, the land of multitudes of believes; holds abundant enchanting basilicas, cathedrals and churches. If you wish to enjoy the spiritual beauty of the land, take up a pilgrimage vacation to India and explore all the important religious sites of the land.

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