Right Accommodations for Luxury Vacation in India

Any luxury trip starts with the accommodation. Being surrounded by all feasible uncompromising comforts and luxuries that can be termed as world-class luxuries with indulging sites, pristine environment and innovative decor starts any luxury trip. Sometimes, during the planning it feels like we overlook all about the accommodation. It is not about having an accommodation that pulls more from your wallet. It is about being close to beauty, nature, wonder and comfort.

Look at right accommodations for luxury trips in India below. If interested, book a suite way before your departure date as, demand rates of these accommodations are sky-high.

1. Luxury Cruise Vacation

A cruise excursion offers an exclusive trip in which you can expect to see more of sea, sand, water, nature and culture. Your accommodation inside any luxury cruise is unbeatable with elite amenities. Choosing a land accommodation that would notch up your luxury cruise vacation is the magic here.

The right accommodation for any luxury trip should cater to your water fancies and whims. The place should allow more of sand, sun and surf in the style that you deserve or yearn. A luxury haven more close to nature along any pristine beach would suite a cruise vacation.

Top Accommodations For Luxury Cruise Vacation: Vivanta by Taj in Kerala, Marriott Resort & Spa in Goa, Radisson Blu Resort in Mahabalipuram, Le Pondy of Pondicherry and others.

Top Luxury Cruises: Sunder bans Luxury Cruise, River Ganges Luxury Cruise, M V Mahabahu Cruise and others.

Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala Kumarakom Backwaters KeralaRainbow Cruise Kerala Dining Rainbow Cruise Kerala DiningInside Kerala Houseboat Inside Kerala HouseboatDeluxe Double AC Room Houseboat Kerala Deluxe Double AC Room Houseboat Kerala

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2. Luxury Spa Vacation

Spa retreat is relatively a new term in Indian tourism dictionary. Ten years ago, Spa was at nascent stages. Today, spa vacation has transformed into an opulent and traditional styled vacation in the country. Spa vacation is rooted with the accommodation and facilities inside the resort or hotel.

Unlike other countries, India has a deep Ayurvedic and scientific spa knowledge rooted in its culture and heritage. Top places for spa vacation are Kerala, Rishikesh, Dharamsala and others. Good features of a luxury spa vacation accommodation are serene location, signature treatments, and specialized in-house therapies like Thai massages, Hydrotheraphy, scenic gardens, fitness equipment, meditation centers with gurus, pools or water beds or sauna and others.

Top Luxury Spa Vacation Accommodations In IndiaVivanta by Taj in Bekal, Maya Spa in Kumarakom, Golden Palms Hotels & Spa in Bangalore, Golkonda Resorts in Hyderabad, Wildflower Hall Spa in Shimla, Ananda Spa in Rishikesh and others.

Maya Spa, Kumarakom Maya Spa, Kumarakom

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3. Luxury Hotel Vacation

Memory-making moments should start from the nano-second you walk into the hotel. It should be an all-inclusive hotel, which urges you to stay-in, experience all fancy amenities that make you feel like on cloud nine. The hotel should not focus on pampering you alone. Services like excursion, rented car, tour guide, in-house attractions, cultural performances and others will make your stay elite. No one needs to twist one’s arm to shop. A local handicraft shop would double up the fun of any luxury hotel. The importance of an elegant restaurant in a luxury hotel is understandable even by a third grader. A success of a good luxury hotel accommodation is to create a new perspective of the land.

A decade ago, the concept of a luxury hotel stops with a large room, in-house restaurant, basic greenery and dedicated butler service. That cannot be considered as even a low bar standard today. It is difficult to picture an immaculate hotel experience with just a fancy restaurant or a grand exterior. People expect 360 degree of comfort today. Such a level of comfort does justice to the term, ‘luxury hotel vacation’.

Top Luxury Hotel Accommodations In India: Oberoi Group, ITC Group, Palace Hotels, The Imperial and others.

Oberoi Udaivilas - Udaipur, Rajasthan Oberoi Udaivilas - Udaipur, Rajasthan

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4. Luxury Train Vacation

Luxury train trips gradually stole the spotlight of luxury vacations. With new and exotic locomotives, gourmet cuisine, five-star service, suites, old-fashioned royal decor, the chugging trains steals millions of hearts very year.

In the subject of accommodation, the luxury trains have a signature style that cannot be out-done. From observation lounge room to souvenir shop, the train will have everything that is practically possible on a moving train.

Any accommodation service during the trip handled by the train manage includes any heritage hotel that suites the level of comfort experienced in the train. If you were planning an accommodation before or after the luxury train journey, heritage hotels or palace hotels would go good.

Top Luxury Trains Of India: Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, The Golden Chariot and others.

Maharaja Express Train Maharaja Express TrainGuests Maharajas Express Guests Maharajas ExpressMaharajas Express Lounge and Bar Maharajas Express Lounge and BarMaharaja Express Deluxe Cabin Maharaja Express Deluxe Cabin

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5. Luxury Adventure Vacation

There are numerous adventure spots in the country that attracts adrenaline lovers from all corners of the blue planet. Experiencing that ‘kick’ during an adventure vacation is easy with numerous activities like rafting, trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving and others. How to make a sweat popping vacation luxurious? Yes, the accommodation does the transformation magic here. The ‘What next?’ attitude of an adventure lover should be matched with the amenities provided. What makes a good accommodation for adventure lover? The location, of course. A tree house stay or stay inside a wildlife sanctuary would give an iffy effect.

Any level of eclectic amenities cannot satisfy an adventure lover. A luxury resort in the most remote parts of the world that a common man would react with dilated pupil is the demand of the hour. Top amenities inside an adventure accommodation ranges from wildlife attractions, speed attractions, adventure parks, camping, survival attractions to extreme activities like paragliding, ballooning and others inside the resort.

Top Luxury Adventure Vacation Accommodations In India – Tree House Hideaway in Madhya Pradesh, Della Adventure Resort in Lonavala, Windflower Prakruthi in Bangalore, Neemrana Fort Palace in Neemrana and others.

Wildlife Tiger Watching with Travel Wildlife Tiger Watching with Travel

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6. Luxury Resort Vacation

A dream destination is not just tourist spots, boutique hotels or adventure activities. It starts with an accommodation of transverse geography, luxury service and charming experience. A good resort should resemble a slice of heaven. How about a luxury resort? Luxury resort need not be a beach resort always. Beach resort is well suited for those who are planning beach vacation as a whole. For someone who is interested in a piece of everything that the destination can offer, luxury resort is the answer.

Top Luxury Resorts In India Are: Park Hyatt, Amanbagh Resort, Oberoi Group, Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort and others.

Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort

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7. Luxury Wildlife Safari

Planning a perfect safari does not start with the list of animals to spot. It starts with the right destination. You can turn a wildlife vacation into your worst / best with the type of accommodation you choose. A travel designer can spot the right accommodation for your wildlife safari within a few seconds.

An accommodation for a luxury wildlife safari should be amidst wildlife. Security comes as a great question here. Finding the right match to enjoy a rugged styled luxury retreat with safety is very easy with luxury accommodations. Haven for wildlife safari experience should be located in a wildlife circuit or a nature-filled location. Trained naturalists should accompany the tourist to nature walks, safari and others. Cottages can do more magic than elegant suites in this genre.

Top Luxury Wildlife Safari Accommodations In IndiaTaj Safaris in Madhya Pradesh, Corbett Leela Vilas in Uttarakhand, Oberoi Vanyavilas in Rajasthan and others.

Travel is not just about touring and entertainment. It is all about experiencing a new Narnia and seeing oneself as a different person. Your destination is not just your accommodation. Head out of the comforts of your resort or spa to live the life of locals for a change too.

Elephant Safari at Jim Corbett Elephant Safari at Jim Corbett

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Luxury Tips for Smart Travelers Before You Go

The term ‘smart’ is a part of the topic for a reason. Spending loads of money is not luxury. It is about comfort, safety and new experience. Having a smart and luxury vacation can be tricky at times. Choosing a boutique hotel or billing like a millionaire is not enough.

Before you jump at chances of getting a luxury India trip, here are a few tips from avid luxury travelers from around the world.

  • Make a list of exotic things to do in the destination you have chosen. A Ladakh trip without butter tea, South India without houseboat backwaters and a Shimla trip without skiing cannot be luxurious even after spending a lot.
  • Use good sites to learn more about the hotels or resorts in the destination. Do not go by the alluring pictures given in the official site of the hotels.
  • Do not skip museums and galleries just because they are free to visit. Something free does not indicate bringing down your luxury level. Enjoy the destination to the fullest.
  • Grab a show or cultural event of the destination. Buy tickets for the shows in prior to your departure.
  • Are you planning to take your pet with you? Not all hotels allow four-legged creatures. Learn about the policies of the hotels and choose pet-friendly ones.
  • Be mindful of large events in the destination. A crowded destination cannot be relaxing. Moreover, during large events, the cost of accommodation and other services increases many-folds.
  • Save some time and budget for a heritage hotel or exotic experience of the land. These might not come again in your lifespan.
  • If you are a regular airport terminal meal or drinks buyer, try out first class tickets with airport lounge service. They can be cost-effective against the cost of buying international brand drinks and meals.
  • Inform your credit card company and get their customer service number for international travelers. This would come handy when you are in the middle of a spending spree.
  • Haggle as much as possible. People tend to mark up their goods four to five times their break-even value when they see a foreign face.
  • Do not go blindly with the tariff mentioned in the site or package brochure. There is 100% chance that it is not an all-inclusive cost.
  • Be flexible with travel dates. Cost of travel during Mondays, Sundays, Fridays, Christmas, New Year and others would be astronomical.
  • Keep your trips short. With short trips, you would be spending less for accommodation and others. Include as many activities as possible in each day.
  • Booking tickets in advance, choosing certain airline and avoiding important dates can give you a luxury vacation at lesser expense.
  • Talk to your credit card company about travel benefits, miles, hotel loyalty points and others. You might get airport lounge access too.

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It is not about selling all your properties or saving for eleven months to go on a crazy trip. It is about hitting a high standard of comfort during your vacation. Vacation gives invaluable experience and expands our brain. It is up to you to make out the best out of a destination.

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