Maharajas' Express Facilities

Maharajas' Express Facilities

Traveling like the kings of the past means, you get pampered as much as possible. When a king orders a need, it gets to be done immediately. Thus, the train was stocked and prepared for every need of the royal family.

Today, such a journey is provided for you and me, with ease, thanks to science and development. The train is a kilometer long and it accompanies only 88 passengers. The rest of the space is dedicated to facilities, amenities, staffs and others.

Here are the top facilities of Maharajas Express that are available to the passengers.

Two cars of the train are dedicated for dining car. Named as Mayur Mahal (Peacock hall) and Rang Mahal (Haveli Hall), these two cars are famous for its ambience and hospitality. The chefs of the train provide interesting cuisines with fresh ingredients for all the meal.

The restaurants are minimally decorated to add more space for the waiters and passengers to walk around. The Maharajas Express restaurant has two sets of arrangements. On side of the car has four-seat arrangements and the other side has two-seat arrangements.

The dishes are served in very heavy utensils, making it easier for dining in a moving train. The train’s speed is kept in a minimal rhythm to make it easier for dining in a moving train without making any mess.

Are you looking for a nightcap or a social drink with your fellow traveler? The Safari Bar is the right place to visit. The car is stocked with numerous brands of liquor, spirits, wines and others. The setting is enchanting and the bartenders will make you the right blend as you request.

Apart from these, the train also provides some signature cocktails for a stunning time.

Are you planning to enjoy the train ride, without having to do anything in particular? It is time for the lounge room. The thick green-leathered comfortable armchairs will ease you into spending time by gazing the rural and colorful India via the panoramic windows.

If you are feeling bored, the lounge room has table games, a small library and even a bar, to serve simple cocktails and mocktails.

Are you a souvenir hunter? Every destination designed by the itineraries are focused on giving you a glimpse of the culture. This includes shopping too. Starting from miniature Taj Mahal from Agra to Benaras silk of Varanasi, you are in for a treat.

How about a souvenir to remember the train? This is where; the Treasure Chest comes into play. Treasure Chest is a small souvenir shop with items as simple as a t-shirt with the logo of the train to luxury souvenirs, to remind the train journey.

You would be spending the nights in the train. Most of the daylight would be spent in the city with sightseeing, excursions and others activities. The guests of the Presidential Suite and the Suite would be taken in luxury cars.

Those who are traveling in Deluxe cabins and Junior Suites would be accommodated in luxury coaches.

The aim of Maharajas’ Express Train is to provide non-stop high-speed internet throughout the journey. However, the reception of the signal can be weak while traveling through rural regions.

When the train is closer to major cities or halted at a station, the internet would be at the highest possible speed.

The train keeps porters assembled during boarding and de-boarding at each station for assisting you with your luggage. You can always use their service to make things easier.

Every car is assigned with a separate butler. The butler is at duty throughout the day. It can be a simple request for a new bath towel or a major request, your butler is just a push-of-a-button away.

The train is well equipped with numerous electronic sockets for you to keep your equipment charged. The general voltage available inside the train is 110 / 220. Do you have a foreign equipment ? You can always request for an adaptor.

India is more beautiful when you understand the simple details like why the minarets around Taj Mahal are slanting or why Jaisalmer Fort was built in golden yellow sandstone and so on. Only the best guide in town can fill these questions.

The Maharajas’ Express Train will assign you with an English-Speaking guide, by default. If you want a guide who could speak your tongue, please mention it while booking the tickets. Last minute requests are impossible to satisfy.

You are allowed to use your mobile as and how you wish, without disturbing the vacation of fellow-passengers. However, if you wish, you can also use the telephones provided in each cabin. The telephones in the cabin can be used as intercom and for making international and local calls. Every call (other than intercom) would be charged separately.

The passengers’ hygiene is very essential. Maharajas’ Express do not want you to fall sick during your vacation. This is why; hygiene is essential for the train. The bedspreads, bath linen and other clothes would be changed every day and, when requested.

Are you used with showering in hot water? Well, you don’t have to change that habit for a train journey. Hot water facility is available throughout the train. It is recommended to switch on the geyser and wait for 20 minutes.

Every cabin in the train holds an electronic safe. If you prefer keeping any of your valuables in safe custody, you can use the safe.

Every cabin is fitted with plasma TV, which provides satellite channels. There is a separate DVD player too.

Every morning, leading newspapers in English and local languages and magazines would be available to every passenger.

You can always find bottled mineral water in the train.

The bathrooms are provided with shampoos, soaps, moisturizer and a hair-dryer.

Do you want to mail a postcard? Mailing facilities are available in the train

At specific destinations, you can opt for laundry services. The clothes will be returned back at the next destination.

A paramedic travels along with you in the train. For any medical emergencies, contact your butler to reach the paramedic.

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