Luxury Train Between Chennai And Madurai – Tejas Express

Tejas Express is the new luxury train introduced by Indian railways to connect Egmore, Chennai go Madurai. As per the schedule, this luxury train will start by 6 in the morning in Chennai and reach the destination by 1 pm. The return journey starts by 2 pm and ends in Chennai by 9 pm.

Tejas Express

The Southern Railways has announced that the train will take 7 hours to reach the destination, while running at 70 km per hour speed.

According to local reports, this is the first business-class luxury train connecting Chennai with the southern parts of the region. For chair car seat is said to cost around INR 1000 and the executive class seat will come around INR 2000. The exact cost is not yet announced by the officials.

Since this news has been officially announced, there were many criticisms about the speed being very low. While the fare of the train being around 20% more than the iconic Shatabdi Express is, the Tejas Express is quite slower than the former one. There were requests from many groups about trying to reduce the commutation time to six hours to attract customers.

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It is said that Tejas Express will have many exclusive amenities like CCTV, Wi-Fi facilities, modular toilets, luxurious seat and others. According to advisor of TANDRUA (Thanjavur District Rail User Association), Giri, the whole rail line is electrified. Thus, it is unfair to charge 15% extra to a train journey, which is running 10% faster.

As of now, the Vaigai Express running between Madurai and Chennai takes 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Tejas Express seats

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According to inside information from the railways, the itinerary between Chennai and Madurai will have a short stop at Kodaikanal Road and Trichy. The Kodaikanal Road stopping will allow Kodaikanal visitors to reach the hill station before 12 PM, the usual check-in time for most of the hotels.

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On the way back from Madurai to Chennai, the train stops at Kodaikanal Road at 3 pm. It would take 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Trichy from Chennai. This is quite an advantage for those who have been choosing air route to fly between Chennai and Trichy, until now.

This train comes under the same genre of Tejas Express, which runs in the Mumbai-Goa route. Made as a part of ‘Make in India’ initiative, this train was also made in ICF of Chennai.

In fact, the Madurai-Chennai Tejas Express has far more innovative elements than the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express. Importantly, the New Tejas Express has a better decor to attract high-class customers.

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