Why to Travel India?

Planning an exhilarating trip for yourself? Then we suggest that you should visit India!

As you come here and explore it, there will be a special corner in your heart that this country will reserve for itself and you will be taking so many happy memories along to cherish for the whole of your life!

Here’s we listing down eight points in detail that why you should visit India:

1. Amicable Hospitality

Be it north or south, east or west, people whom you meet throughout in India will be the warmest of hosts. You will notice that they welcome you as some very important guest. Home stays and guest houses specially reserved for tourism purposes give you a feeling of staying in a home away from home. In addition to this, the common people are ready to help enthusiastically whenever you ask them for a favor.

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2. Promising Multifaceted Experience

India is a land promising a varied experience. This is because so many cultures and traditions are closely woven together to give a beautiful combination. This is a characteristic that is isolated to India and it will be hard to find anywhere else in the world. You can have a look at the city and countryside life going hand in hand with each other at some places.

3. Ecstasy At Its Best

The quiet atmosphere in hilly areas, the pure white snow covering over the grand Himalayan mountains, the rapturous greenery, the tranquil ghats and rivers, the sacred places of worship, the uplifting holy evening prayers at places like Haridwar are all the things that will give you pure bliss and transport you to an another world.

Ganga Aarti Haridwar

Suggested Tour: 6 Days - Golden Triangle Haridwar & Rishikesh Tours

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Besides being a visual treat, everything will be sense captivating. Along with all this you can also learn yoga from expert gurus while dwelling in an ashram. So look around our Top Yoga and Ayurveda Tour Packages and get ensure about which one is suitable yoga packages for you.

Yoga and Mediate Rishikesh

Suggested Tour: 12 Days - Yoga Tour with Haridwar & Rishikesh

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4. Heritage Beauty

India boasts of a rich history ornamented with some glorious empires. Great kings have ruled this land who are regarded as the most powerful kings of all times. They have left behind plentiful legacy in the form of buildings, temples, palaces etc. which continue to enhance the grandeur of India. As you lay your eyes upon all these you will come to know that it is worth applauding and it is rightly celebrated throughout the world!

Heritage Beauty Taj Mahal Agra Travelogy India

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Suggested Tour: 10 Days - India Cultural Tour Package

5. Pristine Wildlife Haunts

When we say pristine, we mean that it’s pure and untouched. The wildlife parks in India are such that they are far away from human interference and have been well preserved. Several nation-wide projects have also been launched to save the endangered species like tiger which is the crowning glory and national animal of India. Hence, you will be awestruck to watch the reserves of flora, fauna and avifauna species present here.

Explore our most popular India wildlife tour packages that give you best wildlife experience.

Wildlife Tiger Watching

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Suggested Tour: 16 Days - India's Best Tiger Wildlife Safari

6. Luscious Cuisines

Be it the spicy street food of North India, tasty Gujarati cuisine with a dash of sweetness, Bengali delicacies or south Indian dishes with an aromatic fragrance of mustard seeds- everything is just very mouth watering and scrumptious. There is a specialty dish of every state which we recommend you to relish and we bet that you will be lost for sometime recalling the toothsome enjoyment.

India Street Food

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7. Heaven for Shopaholics

India is a heaven for shopaholics as there are multitudes of souvenirs and personal takeaways that you can buy. For example the markets of Delhi are famous for junk jewellery, Rajasthan is famous for colourful clothing etc. You can go out on a shopping spree on any of the places which interest you as there are small market places in every city where you will go touring!

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8. Tour According to Budget

As you plan the tour budget for India, you can adjust it according to what amount you wish to spend and what services you want. For an instance if you really don’t care about the expenditure but are only concerned about comfort then you can go for an aristocratic accommodation or a five start hotel. And on the flip side if you want something that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket then you can go for a Home stay or a two / three star hotel. Backpacker hostels are also fast flourishing in India so you can check them out too.

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