Best Time To Visit Khajuraho

Getting ready and packing bags and taking a train or flight doesn't enough for a good trip. We need to plan a lot and think about which time the place seems to be good and fantastic. Especially, while visiting Khajuraho like places we need to know when the attractions of the Khajurahomonuments visible to be spectacular and magnificent.

So here the guide makes you choose when to visit Khajuraho, to enjoy the beauty of architectural marvels in a pleasant atmosphere.

In Summers (April to June)

As usual, summers are unbearable for sightseeing. Khajuraho is all about sightseeing in various temples and monuments. So, it will be very difficult to spend the day in the scorching sun. During this season, from morning to evening sun will be very harsh to bear. The average temperature goes 350C. Those who can’t tolerate the heat of summer set is better to quit visiting in this season. Overall, Summers is not ideal for the trip.

  • Maximum Temperature: 450C
  • Minimum Temperature: 280C

In Winters ( October to March )

Winter season is the right time to experience the beauty and heritage of Khajuraho. It’s the peak season for Khajuraho tourism, which receives a great number of people from all corners of the world. The cool and pleasant environment of Khajuraho attracts everyone to land on the place. Simply, Khajuraho will be overloaded with hordes of tourists at the time of winters.

To entertain the huge crowd, the tourism of Khajuraho used to celebrate the annual festival in February month. It’s a great occasion to enjoy in Khajuraho amid accelerating celebrations and joy.

  • Maximum Temperature: 270C
  • Minimum Temperature: 50C

In Monsoons ( July to September)

After winter, monsoon is a favorable season to visit Khajuraho. Completing harsh summers, the atmosphere of Khajuraho turns cool and humid with monsoons. The seasons make out picturesque sceneries everywhere with lush greenery. The monuments and temples surrounded by gardens look awesome and becomes an ideal place for photography.

Even though the climate is cool and chill to enjoy but the humidity and slight rainfalls may interrupt your trip. So, monsoons also not much favorable season. But if anyone wants to enjoy the trip in rainfalls can pay a visit. Another important thing is during monsoons, adventure activities will also be shut down. So, adventure enthusiasts better not to visit during monsoons.

  • Maximum Temperature: 320C
  • Minimum Temperature: 240C


After comparing the three seasons of Khajuraho, it is highly recommended to visit during winters. It is the best and favorable time to enjoy the tourist attractions of Khajuraho. If you want to enjoy crowd-less Khajuraho means, monsoon is the best choice but rainfalls are the problem. And summers are not at all the right time to visit.

So, those who want to enjoy the pleasantness of Khajuraho’s tourism means, winter season is the time for the trip.

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