Shopping in Khajuraho

Khajuraho is one of the most-visited heritage lands of Madhya Pradesh. This city is famous for its group of temples. Most importantly, the one with erotic sculptures in it.

Apart from sightseeing and architectural photography, this site is also famous for unique souvenir shopping. Take a local city tour through the streets of Khajuraho to find local shops filled with unique souvenirs.

Top Things to Buy From Khajuraho

1. Handloom And Textile Items

You can find small apparel shops, emporiums and exhibitions to buy numerous printed textiles and cloths. If you are looking for buying embroidery items, visit the shops right outside the Western group of temples.

2. Miniature Stone Replicas

Khajuraho is filled with temples famous for sculptures. You can take a part of Khajuraho along with you by buying replicas of those structures.

You can find numerous styles and sizes of these stone sculptures throughout the market area. Ask about the fragility before you buy them.

3. Silverware And Brassware

The best place to visit for buying these is Rajinagar. On every Tuesday, you will find weekly bazaar. Make sure to bargain as much as possible before you buy anything from this market.

Rajinagar is around 5 km away from the main city of Khajuraho and you can find local buses to reach the market.

4. Traditional Handicraft Items

Top handicraft souvenir of Khajuraho is the sculptures made of stone. Apart from this, you can find brassware, artifacts, heritage paintings, crafts and others.

Top places to buy such handicrafts are Gole Market, Craft Emporium and others.

5. Jewelry

You can find traditional jewelry and tribal accessories here. The entire city is filled with small street shops that sell bracelets, silver rings, pendants and others.

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