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Tourist Attraction of Khajuraho

Apart from the beautiful 3 star and 5 star hotels Khajuraho boasts of and people love to spend days in, there isn’t much to walk around. Yet there are places within the temple vicinity which ought to be seen. Take time out for these too:

What to See in Khajuraho Temples

Panna National Park :
This is one of the place most of the tourist guides talk about and yes it is a place worth being around in winters. One of the topmost counted Tiger Reserves of India, its filled with wildlife including hyenas, leopard, spotted deer, eagle and elephants. Famous for boat and Elephant Safaris, it’s a stunning place to be in.

Raneh Falls :
Raneh Falls are most beautiful either in rainy season or in winters. Llocated around 20 kilometers from the main temples, it’s a combination of hundreds of big and small waterfalls gushing out of the rocks. The multi – colour granite stones make this place more stunning.

Beni Sagar Dam :
It’s a small dam as compared to other dams of India, yet it’s a great place for evening walks, especially if you have a weeklong stay in Khajuraho. Move out with your own cup of coffee/tea and enjoy the sound of water falling from hundreds of feet and the sun setting in.

Ajaigarh Fort :
A lonely fort, an old fairy story and a breathtaking view of Kken river – that is what Ajaigarh fort is all about. What is beautiful is the architecture of the fort which is stunning just like Khajuraho temples; it stands at an altitude of 206meters on Vindhyachal mountain range. Take a guided tour to get the most out of the trip.

Lakshmana Temple :
Talking about another spectacular temple, Lakshmana temple was constructed in 930 A.D. Dedicated to Lord VISHNU, it is very intricately carved with lots of erotic sculptures and animal figures. Ranked as second largest temple of Khajuraho, it’s worth the visit.

Jain Temples :
From outside it gives the look that it is not very well maintained, it is agood collection of Jain sculptures. Built in the year 1987, i’ts worth a visit if you have a long stay in the city –say for a week.

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