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Temples in Khajuraho

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only a reflection of the past but also a reflection of architectural imagination. This place filled with sculpted temples exclusively dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Jain patriarchs. These temples which were of great importance till 14th century were discovered by a British army Captain, TS Burt, in the wild jungles of Khajuraho.

These temples are basically divided into three complexes which are elegant on their own.

  • Western – Largest
  • Southern
  • Eastern

What to See in Khajuraho Temples

  • Shikaras

    When you go near Kandariya – Mahadev Temple have a good look at its SHIKARAS or temple rooftop which is said to be the represent Himalayan adobe of Gods.

  • Sardula Statue

    These statues represent four – lion stroking sardulas or part - lion, part – human mythical beasts.

  • Kama Sutra Carving

    There are several erotic carvings spread all over Khajuraho temple – something they are famous for. It is said that these have been made to appease evil spirits but how true it is no one knows.

  • Nandi Statue

    It’s a massive 2.2 m long statue of Nandi, the bull – vehicle of Hindu God Lord Shiva facing Vishvanath Temple. It’s ultimate.

  • Vishnu’s Boar

    It’s a 9th century statue of Varaha, the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The beauty lies in the Bramanical gods and goddesses carved out all over.

  • Surasundaris

    Surasundaris are graceful depictions of nymphs found all over Khajuraho temples. A women draped in wet Indian Saree, is what most people look upon when here.

  • Southern Group of Temples

    Not many people go to this section but only those who have real interest in architecture. Walking down a dusty lane one reaches the Southern Group of temples. One is welcomed here by Duladeo Temple which is the youngest temple dating 1100 – 1150. A lot of wood work has been used to make this temple unlike granite which has been used in Western group.

    Next is Chaturbhuja temple including 2.7 m high four – armed statue Vishnu in its sanctum. Intrestingly it does not have any erotic structures. There is also the Bijamandala Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, with exquisite unfinised carvings and some of most elusive carvings. Repetions of sculptural work is seen in this section of temple, however the work is as explicit as in other parts of Khajuraho. The southern group of temples does see some sculptures which has been left finished – mostly because of less resources.

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