Top 10 Reasons to Visit Northeast India

India is one of the beautiful, alluring, mesmerizing and adventurous countries in Asia. The natural beauty of India can be exposed from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan to the lighthouse, boathouse and backwater of Kerala. So travellers get full entertainment by visiting all over India, beauty lies in every corner of this country. Northeast India is one of the eminent, unique and eco-friendly destinations of India.

Assam is the starting point of these seven states of Northeast India. As the states of Northeast India are connected by roads, so road is the main connection among all the places here. Therefore, a road trip would be the most adventurous thing you can do here. Riding on bikes on these endless roads gives a thrilling feel to the travellers.

There are plenty of obvious reasons to visit the Northeast portion of India. These are explained below.

1. Aanatomical State in Northeast India

Natural beauty of Sikkim is overwhelming. Travellers escape from their daily schedule for taking fresh air. This small state is consisting of numerous villages. One of the best attractions of Sikkim is anatomical farming, snow-capped white mountains, road trips, etc. This adventurous state has so many places for visiting, such as - Zuluk, Tsomgo Lake, Lachen, Lachung, Yumthang, Rumtek Monastery, Denchung, etc. . Cycling, Trekking, hang gliding, bungee jumping, visiting monasteries and national park are the best activities in Sikkim. The perfect time for making a trip in Sikkim is summer time. 

2. Different Cultures and lifestyle of Tribal Folk

Northeast India is undoubtedly a cultural zone. The convincing lifestyle of tribal people is so impressive for travelers. The cultures of Northeast Indian people are really admirable. Tattoo on face, unique rituals in tribal festivals, smoking of opium, thinking sun and moon as God, Naga folks live in the bamboo villages, headhunting, etc. are the exceptional things you can see there in this modern era. Tawang region is another example of tasting Tibetan culture, you can see different flags of different colours in the valley. If you go to Northeast India, then taking a tour guide of local people will be beneficial, you will know more things about their lifestyle.

3. Beauty of landscape and wonderful scenario

As India, itself is a beautiful country, but its beauty is spread in every corner of the country. North East India is carrying an excellent illustration of India's beauty. The wonderful numerous waterfalls, the transparent streams, the living greeny tea gardens, the colossal rainforest, the wavy big mountains, beautiful valleys, the unique and lovable appearance of nature, the beauty of flora etc. are the natural attractions of Northeast India. So, from its essence of natural beauty, we can say that Northeast India is rich in biodiversity. Its admirable beauty makes this a picturesque place. So not only for travelers, this has become a noticeable, markable place for photographers of India. The beautiful views of the landscape from top of the mountains is a thrilling feeling. 

4. Road trip on the endless road of Northeast India

The only communication available among all the places of Northeast India is the road. So the travelers can visit different places by road. The nearest airport is Guwahati here. The road trips on these high roads are a crazy feeling you have ever felt, and also an option of adventures for travelers. You may make road trips to Zuluk, Tawang, Shillong, etc. places. The best time to travel in the Northeast is between March and May. A road trip from Guwahati to Moreh will give travelers the opportunity to see the beauty of nature and cultural illustrations.

5. Wildlife

In the era of deforestation, Northeast India is the best example of an eco-friendly, biodiversity place. Here you can find plenty of unique animals. Northeast India is the home of many dangerous, offbeat animals. The only floating park can be found in Northeast India. Many national parks, sanctuaries are situated here. For example, you may see red pandas in the Himalayan area, one-horned deer in Kaziranga National Park of Assam, elephants, water buffalos, Langur, reptiles, leopards, rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, etc. animals, and eagles, falcons, herons,  etc. birds. So a Jeep Safari here would give you a great adventure. This would be the best place for those travelers, who are fond of seeing animals. They can wander in the National Park for a jeep safari. This would be the most wonderful feeling ever.

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6. Mesmerizing handicrafts and gorgeous jewelry

Northeast Indian people are popular throughout the world due to their extraordinary creativity. Here, the local people are much talented in making unique jewellery, handicrafts and pottery. These define their unique cultures also. Many things, like - showpieces, lamp stands, furniture’s, buckets, etc. are beautifully made by bamboo. Manipur is a renowned place for making amazing gold jewellery. Making bracelets from blacksmiths, other local materials and necklaces of glasses, waistbands of gorgeous stones, earrings of bamboo etc. are attractions of female travelers. The silk of Assam and Manipur are famous all over the world. These are also anxious and exciting reasons for the travelers to visit here.

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7. Special gastronomic items

Sikkim has its own Tibetan inheritance preserved in dishes like thukpa and gyathuk, the uniquely flavored noodle soups which provide a sense of bliss in a bone-chilling night on the mountain top. In Assam, one can find khar, the toothsome preparation with fresh fish and exotic herbs and vegetables, and also pitha puli. Naga is famous for preparation with dog meat or hornet larvae, steamed pork or akhuni flavored with bamboo shoots. The vegetarian crowd might not lose their heart, as sepia, fragmented rice from Mizoram and Zan, etc. are there. One must not forget Tripura and Mizoram, as both have their own style of preparing meals with fermented fish and pork, which are paradoxically nutritious and yet delectable at the same time. Apong or Zutho is one of the great dishes here.

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8. The daily carnivals in the hind glass

This north-eastern part of India caters to a plethora of cultures. The rare folk music is still present in the interiors of Meghalaya and Mizoram. Assam offers its iconic Bihu songs, which is homonymous to the celebration, Bihu is affiliated with. The dance forms like Biju by the Chakma tribe or Hari Hak by the Halamas are rare treats to witness. The only classical form hailing from the Northeast, the Manipuri Dance. The northeast is the home of many famous bands like the Soulmate or Low Majaw, or not so famous like Abiogenesis or Imphal Talkies. There are ample reasons why Shillong is called the ‘rock capital of India’. The famous Hornbill festival shows off the cultural extravaganza of this part of the world. The Bacardi NH7 Weekender or Ziro concert is a renowned destination.

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9. Opportunity of learning new languages

Traveling gives us an opportunity to meet new people, so for interacting with them, travelers need to learn their languages. Northeast India consists of 8 states, and each state has its own different languages. Though it's a little bit complicated to communicate by 8 types of languages, at the same time this is a chance to learn 8 languages from Northeast India.

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