A List of Popular Lakes in Sikkim

Sikkim is a lovely region of Northeast India which is graced with Mother Nature's exquisite beauty. This location is for tranquillity and quiet, with beautiful green treks and mesmerizing aquatic beauty. The area contains one of the most captivating lakes that you must see at least once in your life.

The majority of these Sikkim lakes are situated atop picturesque hillsides, and the travel to them is a magnificent and remarkable adventure in and of itself. If you're considering a trip to this picturesque tourist location, here's a list of the lakes you must see in Sikkim:

Tsomgo Lake

This mystical lake, situated at an elevation of 12,00ft, is one of the Sikkimese treasures that you must not miss! The 'Changu Lake,' as it is known locally, is tucked among steep mountains and lovely waterfalls. It means the source of the lakes in the native Bhutia language.

This oval-shaped lake, located 40 kilometers from Sikkim's capital city, spans 1 kilometer and is 15 meters deep. Whereas the winter covers this water reservoir, the spring transforms it into a vibrant display of blooms. This Sikkim Lake also draws a varied range of wild birds, including the Brahmini Duck, which is one of the native species.

 Menmecho Lake

Traveling 20 kilometers ahead of Tsomgo Lake, you will come to Menmecho Lake, a beautiful Sikkim Lake. It lies at an amazing height of 12,500 feet, right underneath the Jelep La Pass, and is the known source of the Rangpo-chu River, which runs through the region.

It is a well-known Sikkimese fishery spot that remains snow-covered during the wintertime yet outshines most of the state's prominent attractions once summer arrives. Fishermen from all over the nation, as well as from other areas of the world, go to this beautiful lake to pursue their passion for adventure or game fishing.

Khecheopalri Lake

The Khecheopalri Lake, recognized as one of Sikkim's most holy lakes, is located 27 kilometers from Pelling and sits at an elevation of 38,710 feet. Wishing Lake, Sho Dzo Sho, and Kha-Chot-Palri are a few of the names for the lake. Because it is a sacred lake, it is revered by all, regardless of ethnicity or belief. It is one of Sikkim's largest lakes, and it is said that if someone prays here and then splashes themselves with the lake's water, their desires would be accomplished. It is surrounded by lush green beauty, which adds to the allure and appeal of the beautiful scenery.

Karthik Lake

In Sikkimese heritage, all lakes are regarded as precious and sacred, and of all the sacred lakes in the state, the Karthik Lake is considered to be the most fascinating and calm. As holy as the locals regard it, it is stated that any desire uttered beside the lake with a pure heart is never ignored by the Divinities, and as a result, many visitors flock to this sacred lake to seek Deity favors. Each year, a big festival is celebrated alongside this holy lake to thank the gods for the residents' good health and wealth.

Green Lake

The lakes of Sikkim have a distinct appeal that captivates visitors and travelers alike. However, certain lakes are more famous for their enigmatic presence, and they are at the top of every traveler's wishlist. Green Lake is one of them; it is the state's most enigmatic lake; locals claim the lake vanished and is nothing more than a lake area. The journey to this appealing lake is one of the most popular hiking treks in Sikkim, and you can even enjoy a reflection of the Khangchendzonga peak on the water's surface.

 Samiti Lake

The blue Samiti Lake may be seen romancing the majestic mountains and magnificent grandeur of Sikkim while on the captivating Goecha La or Dzongri treks. Even though it is one of Sikkim's tiny lakes, its charming attractiveness and charm inspire trekkers to take a break from their journey through this region! It's the ideal place to unwind and refresh after a great activity.

Tso Lhamu Lake

It is one of the world's highest lakes, at a height of 5,330 meters, and has high temperatures, rendering it inaccessible to most people. Tso Lhamo Lake is one of the Teesta River's sources, sustained by the snow-covered hills that surround it. This tranquil lake, nestled in a remote part of mother nature, is graced with beautiful views that create an enchanting atmosphere and provide a sense of peace to the few visitors who visit. Even though visiting this lake needs a special Army permit, it is nonetheless one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous lakes in Sikkim. Tso Lhamo Lake passes through Chopta Valley, Thangu Valley, and Gurudongmar Lake on its route to Gurudongmar Lake.

Lakshmi Pokhari

Lakshmi Pokhari Lake is a gorgeous lake that was naturally formed inside a deep crater and appears to hold God's spirit inside its pristine and tranquil waters. It is a high-altitude lake in Sikkim's west part that captivates visitors with its breathtaking splendor and breath-taking sights of the spectacular Khangchendzonga mountain, Kok Tang, Pandim, and Nursing. The winding walk leading to this lake is lined with wildflowers and exudes a mysterious essence of purity and freshness. The enchanting beauty of the Lakshmi Pokhari Lake gives tourists a somber experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Visit during the months of March-May, which are the greatest seasons to explore this lake, to observe its incredible beauty.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim, is a must-see for everyone who believes in nature's power. This lake, which stands at a tremendous height of 17,100 feet, is the perfect illustration of calm one can find in a magnificent setting. Because of its location among snow-capped mountains, it is highly respected by Hindus and Buddhists alike. According to local legend, Guru Rimpoche blessed one of the lake's portions, therefore no matter how harsh the winter is, that particular location will never freeze. Another popular belief is that worshipping these lakes will grant the wishes of infertile couples!

Cholamu Lake

Cholamu Lake is another stunning lake in Sikkim that you must visit. The lake, which is 18000 feet above sea level, is nestled in the tranquillity of North Sikkim, whose natural beauty has remained untouched due to the area's little exploration. The Cholamu Lake is close to the Indo-Tibet border, and reaching it requires special authorization from the Sikkim Police and Administration as well as an Indian Army unit located there.

Elephant Lake (Kupup Lake)

The dark blue Kupup Lake glimmered at a very high height, about 14,000 feet above the water, amidst the snow-capped Himalayan highlands of Sikkim. It has an unusual elephant shape and is quite stunning. It is known as 'Bitan Cho' and 'Hathipokhri' by the natives, who regard it as a sacred lake. This site is a must-see on your itinerary if you're traveling along the Old Silk Route to Dzuluk and Jelep La Pass. It is located immediately before the Baba Mandir, another renowned tourist attraction in Sikkim. It's useless to try to put into words the location's magnetism. The Kupup Lake is breathtaking; it is a little piece of heaven on earth. It is located on the Indo-China border and has long provided nature lovers and explorers with the much-desired excitement of an exciting tour.

Have you yet to fall in love with Sikkim's beautiful lakes? These lakes are a perfect example of nature's enchantment. There are several activities you can do in these beautiful lakes, whether you would like to go hiking or just chill your tension away, you will derive satisfaction in these magical wonders. So, don't wait any longer and plan your vacation to Sikkim.

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