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Permits and Visa in Tibet

When you begin to pack your things for Tibet certain documents are required for Tibet tour. In addition to a TIBET VISA one needs to have a CHINA VISA given by Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Chinese VISA

As Tibet comes under Jurisdiction of China, one needs to first have a Chinese visa and then can only get a TIBET visa. One can apply for one in Chinese Embassy or in HongKong. Either way one can ask their tour operator to get both the visas for travel/tour visa. The Tibet visa is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. To enter Lahasa or any other part of Tibet, one needs to carry both of these VISA along with them.

Unopened Areas

There are certain areas where one needs to have special permission to enter in Tibet. Issued by Public Security Bureau, you can apply for it once you enter Lahasa. No travel agency can provide only alien’s travel permit service. . One needs to walk in to to the Forgien Affairs Commission Office to get the permit. If you are a journalist then it becomes more essential. Travel agencies cannot get a visa for Diplomats, Journalists, professional media photographer and government officials. These people have to apply through Tibet Foreign Affairs Office. Tibet Visa is needed by foreign citizens, overseases chinese with no passport, taiwan citizens to travel around the country.

To apply for a Tibet Visa you need to first attach a copy of Chinese Visa at least before the tibet tour is scheduled to begin. The Tibetan Visa is then issued within 2 – 5 working days after the process is done.
So, when you are travelling to Tibet make sure you are equipped with:

  • A passport valid for 6 months
  • Chinese Visa
  • Tibet Permit
  • Photocopies of hotel to be checked – in  

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