How to Reach Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the top tourist destinations in the country and thus, this state is well connected with other cities and states in India and also with many other international destinations. Read here about How to Reach Andhra Pradesh by Air, by Train, by road and by sea.

By Air

There is an international airport in Ranga Reddy (near to the heart of Hyderabad). The Rajiv Ghandi International Airport connected a lot of important states in India and also international destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Frankfurt and many others.

The other busy international airports near Andhra Pradesh are in Chennai (connects many western parts of the world), Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Domestic airports are available in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Triupathi. You can reach many destinations from the airport through auto rickshaw, taxis or public transportations.

By Train

There are three railway stations in this state. Secundarabad, Hyderabad and Kacheguda are the three important stations. These stations connect this state with many other states in the country. There are several trains that are operated and thus, you can easily travel to Andhra from other parts of the country.

Many trains that run from North India to South India also stop in this state making it very accessible from any part of the country.

By Road

The roadways connect this place to almost all neighbouring states and cities through 6 lane highways.

Many roadways are serene and enchanting during the rainy and winter season. Since this state is bordered by many other states like Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and others, you can reach this state from any surrounding state with ease.

There are also many private and public road transportations like buses, omni buses, taxis and others that would help you to reach this state. NH 7 and 9 connected Maharashtra with this state.

NH 5 links Tamil Nadu with Andhra Pradesh. This road also links the state with Orissa. NH 7 links the state with Karnataka too.

When the season is right, tourists opt for road transportation through NH 5 due to its serene and enchanting environment. You can watch the Coromandel Coast and also stop at various tourism destinations before you reach this state.

By Sea

If you are opting for seaways, the major port is in Vishakaptanam. Other small ports are in Kalingapatanam, Vadarevu, Kakinada, Machilipatnam, Bheemunipatnam and Krishnapatnam.

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