Famous Museums in Andhra Pradesh

Are you someone who loves to wander through museums? Or, do you want your child to have some education along with vacation? Either way, you should know the list of famous museums in Andhra Pradesh:

1. Salar Jung Museum

This is an art museum that is located in Hyderabad. There are a lot of sculptures, textiles, carpets, clocks, ceramics and many other artefacts from various parts of the world like America, Egypt, Japan, China and others.

This museum is one of the three National museums in the country. The collection in this museum comes from the property of Salar Jung.

Top collections in this museum are the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, sword of Aurangzeb, Mughal emperor’s jade daggers, collection of gold and diamonds, wardrobe of Tipu Sultan, furniture of Napoleon and many others.

There are about 50,000 books and more than 40,000 artefacts in this museum.

2. AP state Archaeology Museum

This is the oldest museum in the state. This is located in Hyderabad and was established in early 20th century. The main attraction of this state museum is its Mummy collections from Egypt.

These were bought by Nizams for 1000 pounds. There is a very large collection of Buddha statues from various centuries. This museum also holds various artefacts and manuscripts of Kakatiya and Nizam dynasty.

3. Nizam Museum

This museum is in Hyderabad. This museum showcases the gifts that were received by the last Nizam of Hyderabad. It has a vast collection of mementos, souvenirs, gifts and others that were presented to the last Nizam during his silver jubilee celebration which was conducted in 1936.

Many models of silver, thrones in various materials, gift boxes made of diamonds, replica of various buildings, box made of mother-of-pearl, gold boxes, daggers, perfumes, silver elephants, Rolls Royce 1930 model car, Jaguar V Vintage car, 150 years old lift that can be manually operated, 200 year old drums and wardrobe of Nizam are found in this museum.

3. Birla Science Museum

This is a science museum that is located in Hyderabad. It is very famous for its science centre, planetarium, dinosaurium and art gallery. The dinosaurium contains a full exhibit of 160 million year old dinosaurs.

There are a lot of other small fossil collections, eggs of dinosaur, tree trunks fossils and marine shells of the same era.

4. Visakha Museum

This is a municipal controlled museum in Vishakapatnam. There are a lot of artefact collections of Kalingandhra dynasty. The collection includes costumes and jewels of the royals, maps, scrapbooks, old letters and diaries, stuffed animal, ancient crockery, coins, periodicals, route map of Vasco Da Gama and many others.

This museum has a huge collection of things that were used by the early settlers in this coastal area.

5. Amaravati Museum

This is the museum of Amaravati. This is an archaeological museum with many relics from history. The main collection of this museum includes chronicles of Satavahana era, Buddhist relics, relics of Jataka, Drum slabs and a gallery for statues of Gautama Buddha.

6. Shiparamam Museum

This museum is located a little away from the capital. This museum is known for its terra cotta horses and other collections. This museum is located in a hill slope and covers about 50 acres.

This is a natural attraction that is visited by many tourists. The rock formation around the museum would be a stunning view for those who appreciate nature.

You can find a lot of motifs, stereotype villages, galleries, theatre for music and dance and many others. The art galleries are usually conducted in March.

Many artists from various part of the world visit this place during this occasion. In October, many cultural activities would be conducted near this museum. There is also an amphitheatre where many seminars and workshops are conducted from time to time.

7. Victoria Jubilee Museum

This is an archaeological museum which is famous for its Buddha statue made of black granite. There are a lot of different types of sculptures and figures made of different materials. The top attractions in this museum are the limestone Buddha statue, Shiva statue of 4th century, armoury of prehistoric age, prehistory coins, plates, textiles, stone weapons, tools and many rare manuscripts. Various objects that were recently evacuated are also added to this museum.

8. Bhagwan Mahavir Government Museum

This museum is located in Kadapa. It is an archaeological museum known for its collection of artifacts. There are many prehistoric statues of many deities. 5th century Hanuman, Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh statue are seen here.

There are many antiques made of dolomite, bronze, limestone and granite. All evacuated statues from nearby areas are collected in this museum.

9. INS Kursura

INS Kursura is the fourth submarine of the country. After 31 years of war service, this submarine is now transformed into a museum ship in Vishakapatnam. It is harboured on the port of Vishakpatnam and is a must visit museum.

About 10 million rupees are generated by this museum as about thousand people visit this museum every day during peak season. It has retained its original glory for the people to look how the inner side of a submarine would look like.

10. Surendrapuri

This museum is a little outside the capital of the city. This museum is famous for its galleries that explain mythological events in Hindu religion.

This museum has a gallery where replicas of 100 famous temples are created and the story of each temple has been explained. This is a must visit for those who love mythology and can appreciate architecture.

11. Natural history museum

This museum is famous for its collection of stuffed animals that are living and are extinct. This museum has collection and portrays of various Indian animals, birds and other creatures. This is the best place to take your child to in Andhra Pradesh.

12. Sudhar Car Museum

This is a unique museum in the capital of the state. This museum is famous for its collection of various vehicles that are designed like everyday objects like bed, pen, cup, shoe and others.

These are the top museums that are visited by tourists every year. Apart from these, there are many other small and unique museums in various part of this state.

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