22 Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

This southern state of India is considered to be an important tourism attraction for all kinds of travellers. This place was ruled by Nawabs in the past. Nawabs were considered to be one of the most artistic and entertainment oriented people.

Thus, you can find a lot of marvels in this places that were initiated by Nawabs. This state is blessed with many spots that are considered to be attractive tourism magnets.

Find here 22 Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh to visit during winter, summer, monsoon, honeymoon, friends, family etc.

1. Hyderabad

This is the largest city in the state (now, Telangana). This place was ruled by Nizams, Shahis and Mughals and is noted for numerous monuments and other attractions. Mecca Masjid that was built about 400 years ago is the top historic monument in Hyderabad.

The pagodas in this mosque were made out of one single granite rock. Charminar is the landmark of Hyderabad. It is a minaret that was built in Deccan style. It is a very graceful architecture to view.

Do you love forts? You ought to visit Golconda Fort. It is a hill fortress that is very unique in style. It is the strongest fort in the country.

Near the fort, there are a lot of tombs that are dedicated to many rules of Qutub Shahi reign. These domes are delicate marble structures that you ought to visit. Paigah tombs are recently discovered mausoleums with world unique structures.

Another extraordinary mosque in Hyderabad is Paigah mosque which is also called as Spanish mosque. It was constructed in the early 20th century and is a unique architectural marvel.

Falaknuma Palace, Chowmajalia palace, Asman Garh palace, Taramati palace, King Kothi palace, Bella vista and Purani Haveli are some of the many palaces in Hyderabad. Birla Mandir, Sanghi temple, Jagannath Temple and Wargal Saraswati temple are some of the many Hindu religious places in this district.

Apart from these, there are a lot of museums, planetariums, lakes, parks, arts expositions, film city and many other attractions in this city that are world famous. Largest film city of the world is in Hyderabad.

2. Nalgonda

This is an important tourism spot in the state. Yadadri witnesses a lot of pilgrim visitors every year and during festivals. Nagarjuna Sagar dam is famous for its scenic value, waterfall and Buddha museum.

Bhuvanangiri Fort is a hill fort that gives a bird’s eye panoramic view of the whole city. Rajapeta Fort is about 250 years old. It is famous for glass building, huge walls, gardens and other architectural marvels inside it.

Pillalamarri is a 1000 years old Shiva temple. It is a historical and religious spot. Matapalli is a religious place where you can find a lot of pilgrim visitors.

Nandikonda is famous for Buddhist structures and museums near river Krishna. There are a lot of places where you can find historic and unique sculptures in Nalgonda. If you like historic monuments and sightseeing, you ought to visit this district.

3. Chittoor District

Chittoor district is a winter destination. This place receives large amount of rainfall and the temperature can go as low as 16 degree C in winter. This area is filled with forests.

About 30% of this district is forest. Though there are not many tourist attraction spots, those who want to enjoy a nature related vacation should visit this district in winter.

The world famous Tirupati temple is in this district. It is said to be the richest temple in the world. This temple was built in 300 BC and witnesses 1,00,000 pilgrims every day on a non-festival occasion. On an average, it gets about 40 million visitors every year.

4. Vishakhapatnam

Many tourists visit this state just for the sake of this district. It has a natural harbour and is famous for Dolphin nose hill, beaches, industrial city, refineries and ports. Bhumunipatnam is a little way from the main city of Vishakapatnam. It is famous for Buddhist monasteries which are in ruins now.

Also, it has a natural sea port and many Dutch era constructions. Araku Valley is a hill station with scenic beauty. It is a honeymoon destination in Andhra Pradesh. There are a lot of beaches, freshwater lakes and hills with scenic beauty in this district.

Kondakarla Ava is a scenic lake which is the best place for Eco tourism. It has an exotic collection flora and fauna.

The other important aspect of this district is Lambasingi village. This is the only place in the whole South India to receive snow fall. It is also called as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. The temperature can drop as low as – 20 degree C

5. Adilabad

This is the second largest district in Telangana. It is about 50% forest. Thus, it is known for wild life related activities. River Godavari runs through this district making the place even more attractive.

Kuntala waterfalls, Nirmal fort, Pochera wateralls and Kawal wildlife sanctuary are some of the attractions in this place. Kuntala waterfall is a major attraction for those who love nature, water and wildlife.

You can find a lot of wild animals in the sanctuaries like bison, long tailed monkey, tiger, deer, boar and many others.

6. Karimnagar

This is the city for fort. Do you like architectures? You should visit Nagunur fort, Elgandal fort, Dhulikatta and Ramagiri Killa. If you want to enjoy some water related activities, you should visit Manair Dam.

There are a lot of religious places in this city. The top temples are Kondagattu Hanuman temple, Kaleshwaram Shiva temple and others.

7. Khammam

This district is not much of a tourism spot. But, if you are looking for some solitary vacation time, this distcit has Khamman fort, Godavari River, Kinnerasani sanctuary and many other attractions.

Since agriculture is the top economic element of this district, you can find a lot of green fields and horticulture lands here. There is a ghee well near Khamman fort that should be visited. Bogatha waterfall and road bridge over river Godavari are scenic places that you ought to visit.

8. Mahbubnagar

This is a pilgrim place for Hindus. There are a lot of temples in this place. Manyamkonda is a replica of Triupathi Venkateswara temple (world’s richest temple).

9. Medak

Medak is known for its fauna and flora resources. About 30 km of forest area is found in Medak. There are various scenic places and exotic wildlife spots for people who want to enjoy an outdoor entertainment time. There are about 9 islands in Manjora wild life sanctuary which are best spot for professional bird watching.

Apart from these, there is a small fort in this district that has a temple that was constructed with a single stone. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple every year during festivals.

10. Nizamabad

Pocharam wildlife sanctuary is an important tourism attraction in this district. This reserve is spread across 130 km area. During summer, Alisagar which is a little away from Nizamabad would have decorative gardens and deer parks. This is the right place for those who love trekking and water related sports.

The oldest Muslim pilgrim sport is found in Badapahad it is about 38 km away from Nizamabad. An old Hanuman temple is a Hindu religious spot in this district.

11. Ranga Reddy

Ananthagiri forest and Shamirpet Lake are the two main attractions in this district. International airport for this state is found in this district. There are also a lot of temples in this district.

12. Warangal

Thousand pillar temple is an important attraction of Warangal. A lot of foreign visitors visit Warangal to view this temple and the fort which is in ruins today.

Apart from theses, the other attractions are Pakhal lake activities, Ramappa temple and Medaram. This district is a world heritage site. If you are looking for some romantic time, you ought to visit Bhadrakali Lake during sunset with your special one.

13. Srikakulam

This is the place for temples and bird sanctuaries. There are a lot of Hindu temples in this place. Many Buddhist spots can also be found in this district. But, this district is famous for beaches like Kallepalli, Baruva, Kalingapatnam and Mogadalapadu. Telineelapuram Bird sanctuary is the tourism destination that attracts thousands of people at the right season.

14. Prakasam

Are you familiar with Mahabalipuram of Tamil Nadu? This is the Mahabalipuram of Andhra Pradesh. There are many temples that were stone cut and built in 7th century. There are a lot of cave temples that were built with astonishing architectures.

Many foreign tourists visit this place to enjoy the architectural marvels.

15. Nellore

It is a coastal belt. It has dry forest and moist ghats. There are a lot of exotic plants and fauna that you cannot find in many other places. Grey Pelican, painter strokes and Siberian Cranes are found in Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary.

Apart from this, there are a lot of beach parks and lakes. It is also famous for boating, sand dune sighting and beach entertainment.

16. Kurnool District

It is an eco tourism destination. Nallamala forest, orvakkal, Belum caves and Mahanandi are some of the tourism attractions in this district. Adoni fort is an important Nawab styled building in this district.

Since this place was ruled by Mauryans, Nawabs and many other dynasties; you can find a lot of architectural marvels

17. Kadapa

This district is the home for many tourism attractions. Vontimitta is a Hindu temple that was built in 16th century. This is the temple that is dedicated to Lord Ram. Rayachoty, Nandalur and many other religious places are found in this district. This place is known for Gandikota. This is a historic place that you can find in a lot of movies.

Ameen peer Dargah is a 300 year old shrine in Kadapa. Sri Lankamalleswara wildlife sanctuary is an important sanctuary with many endangered species like Jerdon’s courser.

18. Guntur District

Guntur is known for temples. There are many famous temples in this district like Nadivelamma Tallu temple, Amaravathi temple, Mangalagiri temple hill and Kotappakonda.

19. East Godavari District

There are a lot of historic places in this district. But, the top destination in this district is the Vakalapudi Beach. Coringa Sanctuary is a little away from the heart of this district and has many plant nurseries and exotic wildlife.

Sri Arthur cotton Museum in Dowleswaram is another tourism attraction.

20. Anantapur District

This place is known for religious tourism there are a lot of religious spots in this district. The top of all is Sathya Sai Baba Ashramam in Puttaparthi.

You can find a lot of spiritual gurus of the country in this ashramam. If you are visiting this district, you ought to shop for silk sarees and taste sugarcane in winter season.

21. Vizianagaram

This district hosts a thousand year old Ram temple on a hill top. This temple is visited by a lot of pilgrim visitors every year. This place would become very grand during festivals like Sankranthi, Rama Navami, Ugadi and many others.

22. West Godavari

Dwaraka Tirumala is a popular religious place in this district. It is a temple that was built by a saint who underwent penance in an ant hill. It is also called as mini-Tirupati. Perupalem is an important beach in this district. The river Godavari would be at its prime beauty all throughout the year.

You can find a lot of water related activities here. There are many other temples in this district. Kollery Lake, Eluru, Polawaram and Pattisam are some of the top tourism destinations in this district.

These tourist attraction spots are visited by millions of people every year. This state is always at its prime beauty and you ought to visit this Deccan paradise of India soon.

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