A Taste Of Delhi: Top Ten Award Winning Restaurants In Delhi

Delhi is a mixture of all kinds of elements. This is the place where you can find wonderful street food vendors with unique cuisine and stunning restaurants creating memorable moments. You ought to enjoy the street food of Delhi to taste the authentic cuisine of the land.

At the same time, you ought to visit these ten restaurants in Delhi.

1. Indian Accent

indian-accentIf you are looking for a lush environment to dine, Indian Accent is the best place to visit. You can find Indian fusion cuisine here and you can enjoy the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine. This is the best restaurant in India of 2014 and third best restaurant in the continent in 2014. This is one of the places where travellers want to enjoy a variety of cuisines at the same place with unique palates. This place is known for its exclusive collection of wines. If you are in for a lavishing dinner, Indian accent is the best place.

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2. Social Offline

socialThis is located in Hauz Khas Village. This is the place for those who want an urban virtual place to hang out. It is a mixture of coffee house and office. You can enjoy some exhibition, artists at work, performances while you dine or sip a coffee. This is a bubbling urban hangout place for a nice cup of tea or a simple brunch. Social Offline is not about lavish dinner and menu. It has simple menu with wonderful views and innovative interior design. If you are an art lover, you would love this place.

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3. Lodi Garden Restaurant

lodi gardenDo you love Mughal styled architecture? You can dine in one of those if you visit Lodi garden restaurant. This is the place to enjoy European cuisine. The place is lush with nature and you can have a view of Lodi garden while you eat. This is the best place for romantic dinner. You can book seat in the terrace on a starry night for your special one. The evening cocktails are the best in this restaurant. If you are looking for a quiet brunch, you ought to visit this place. A lot of cultural events take place from time to time starting from music festival, book reading, stand up comedy, performance acts and so on. This is the place for cultural fusion and European cuisine.

4. Yeti

yetiHave you ever tried Himalayan cuisine? A lot of people who visit Ladakh and other places comment a lot amount the Himalayan cuisine. You can enjoy such a cuisine in Delhi. Yeti is a restaurant in Hauz Khas Village which serves authentic Himalayan cuisine. You ought to try Nepali soups, salad with goji berries, Yak dishes, Nepalese meal, Himalayan tea and many others. You can also request for a spicy version of Himalayan dishes if you like. This restaurant has a lake view and you can also spot a lot of 4th century structures nearby. This place has excellent customer service and you would be astonished by the menu in this place.

5. Latitude 28

khanThis is the restaurant of famous Chef Ritu Dalmia. This is located in Khan Market. This is a small restaurant with Indian setting for those who love a simple, healthy and a home cooked-like meal. The restaurant specials are pasta, crisp salad, brochettes and variety of desserts. This place has an exclusive collection of wines which are handpicked by the chef. It is small place with simple decor. This is the place to bring your family and friends for a heart filled talk and delicious meal. Also this place provides healthiest meal in Delhi cuisine. This place is voted as the best cafe.

6. Sevila

sevilla-foodSevila is located in Aurangzeb Road. It is one of the oldest hotels in Delhi where you can have Spanish cuisine. This is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. You can enjoy an exclusive Mediterranean styled dinning with Delhi cuisine. Wine, pasta, salad and cocktails are the best here. You ought to try variants desserts here. This place is a causal dinning place with a great interior decor. If you are a foodie, you ought to visit this place. This is the hotel that receives awards year after year. This is one of the most reputed hotels in Delhi and thus, you can expect a great customer service.

7. Wenger’s

wengerThis is not a restaurant. It is a pastry shop. You can find Swiss confectionery here. You ought to enjoy the signature cakes of this shop and desserts made of chocolate and caramel. Artisan bread is another treat here. Sandwiches and pastries are also the top in the list. It is a bakery that was started in 1920s. Today, it stands as a most reputed confectionery in Delhi. This is a legendary place that is located in Connaught Place. If you have a sweet tooth, you ought to visit this place.

8. Nizam’s Kathi Kebabs

nizamAs the name states, this place is known for its kebabs. There are a lot of different styles of kebabs, but the most delicious ones in this restaurant are Kathi and roasted kebabs. Kebabs are sticks filled with chucks of meat that are barbequed over coal and served with different dips. This is a place just for kebabs. You can also find many north Indian dishes here. The second best dish in this place is the Mughal styled biriyani.

9. Cherie

cherieThis is the place for romance. Are you on your honeymoon? This should be your first stop. This is a mixture of jazz clubs, garden bistro and other elegances with the background of Qutub Minar. This place gains its prime beauty only by evening. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines here starting form Indian to continental. Pizza and Italian cuisine foods are the best here. Apart from food, the energy bubbling in this place is very hype. It has great ambience and it would kindle romance for you. This place is located in Mehrauli.

10. Thai High

thaiThis is a fashion restaurant with candle lit dinner, sounds of mild music, small water fountain and in short, a fairytale place for dinning. It is a refreshing place and has a bar and rooftop terrace for dinning. This place is known for its Thai cuisine. The top menu items here are black pepper prawn (a bit spicy), vegetable salad and the sour snapper chilli. This is located in the backdrop of Qutub Minar and is a memorable place to dine with your special one.

These are not the only places to try. You ought to enjoy the famous dishes of the city that you can find in local eateries like paranthas, chat, butter chicken, chole bature, Nihari and kulfi ice cream.

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