April Weather In India

The sun continues to roast the land and India gets back at it by throwing colorful and cheerful celebrations. Remember to think twice before you visit India during April. Not all destinations are quite beautiful during April. The average temperature can easily go higher than 40 degree C in most of the destinations. While the southern part and the peak northern parts might not experience the wrath of heat by this month, the western and central regions would have mercury raising to the top. The eastern part of the country would be drenched in rain during this month.

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While April is one of the uncomfortable months to visit, it is also the most beautiful time to visit hill stations and mountains. Visiting top tourist destinations like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and other hill stations become a vacation plan for all the locals. Moreover, this is the right time to visit India via luxury trains. This is the last month of service for the year and thus, the ticket costs will be much lower. So, are you willing to try the luxury trains? Visit India Luxury Trains to know more. Starting from the décor to the style of travelling, luxury train is the more incredible way to scale the country.

Average high temperature

95degree F/ 35 degree C

Average low temperature

84.2 degree F/ 29degree C

Day-time clothing

Thin cotton clothing; covers like cap, umbrella and others

Night-time clothing

Cotton clothing

Effect on tourism

Lean tourism season

Know About April  Weather Condition in India's Each Zone  

Now we are going to explain about all India's regions weather condition one by one with average Temperature , Festivals , Fairs and Favourite tourists Destinations Below

Weather Conditions In North India

Know about The Places which are Famous to visit in North India in the month of April listed Below:

Varanasi Ganga Aarti

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Top North India Destinations visited By Tourists in April :  Varanasi , Goa , Shimla, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kasauli and others. Are you Interested to visit North India in April Find All Listed Destinations to Visit  In North India

Average temperature:  Maximum average temperature is experienced in Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh (103 - 72degree F/ 39 - 22 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is experienced by Shimla (66 – 52 degree F/ 19 - 11 degree C).

Average precipitation: Highest average precipitation takes place in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir (3.3 inches) and the lowest precipitation occurs in Indore of Madhya Pradesh (0.1 inches) .

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Most of the Himalayan destinations and hill regions will have pleasing climate. The peaks will be filled with snow, while the land regions will be lush with vegetation. Trekking, camping and other activities will be at prime beauty. Do you know that this is the right time for enjoying adventure activities here, apart from snow activities.

Weather Conditions In South India

Best tourist destinations:  Munnar, Kerala , Chennai , Andhra Paradesh Islands, Lakshadweep and others.

Average temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh (101 - 76 degree F / 38 - 25 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is enjoyed byPort Blair of Andaman and Nicobar Island (94-70 degree F/ 34 – 21 degree C).

Average precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala (4.9 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh (0.2 inches).

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Yes, it is one of the hot months in the calendar. However, it is the right spice time of south India. The spices like cardamom, tea, coffee, vanilla and others will be at harvest season. Thus, visit to plantations, plantation stay and other natural attractions will be at prime beauty during this season. For plantation and nature filled vacation, choose our exclusive tour packages like--

Weather Conditions in West India

Goa Beaches

Best Tourist Destinations:  Goa,  Daman and Diu, Bhuj, Mumbai and others.

Average temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Nagpur of Maharashtra (105 – 76 degree F / 36-19 degree C). The minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Mumbai (90 - 77 degree F/ 32 -25 degree C)

Average precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Pune of Maharashtra (0.4 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Ahmedabad of Gujarat (0.1 inches). However, many other destinations like Kota,  Mumbai, Nashik and Rajkot do not receive any rainfall during this month.

Gateway of India

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April provides around 12 hours of sunlight. There will be not be much of difference in climate between April and March, other than one hour increase in sunlight and one degree C temperature average increase in climatic condition. The warm coastal climate makes the place more pleasing for bikini vacation lovers. If you are looking for inland regions of West India, the temperature would remain the same but, the humidity will be higher.It is better to stick to the coastal regions with new cruise routes in India.

Weather Conditions in East India


For choosing the right destination to visit in April, Read  -Top 40 Places to visit in India in April .

Best tourist destinations:  Darjeeling, Sikkim, Tawang, Ziro, Shillong and others.

Average temperature: Maximum temperature is experienced by Raipur of Chhattisgarh (103 - 77 degree F/39 - 25 degree C) and the minimum temperature is experienced by Cherrapunji of Meghalaya (71 – 58 degree F/ 22-15 degree C).

Average precipitation: The highest rainfall takes place in Cherrapunji of Meghalaya (36.9 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Raipur of Chhattisgarh (0.6 inches) East India will be in festival mood during this season. This is the beginning of spring season in this region and you can find many harvest festivals and traditions in this region. Thanks to heavy rain in many regions, all the water bodies and natural activities will be at prime beauty and so are the natural attractions.

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Be Aware & Safe - Read Some Tips While Traveling India In April

  • Wildlife sanctuaries would be deprived of grasses during April, thanks to the climate. Thus, your view will be clear. In addition, since small water sources would have been dried up in summer, large mammals visit bigger reservoirs with their small ones, making it easier to spot numerous animals in just one trip.
  • Have a hat or umbrella with you to cover you rself from the sun. If you are choosing high altitude destinations, remember to pack a few lighter sweaters.
  • Some destinations like Rajasthan, Chennai, Madhya Pradesh and others will be scorching hot. It is very important to choose the right destination to enjoy the vacation.
  • Are you planning to visit numerous destinations in India in April? Do not choose road trips. Even if you are travelling in AC vehicles, the heat will be unbearable. Choose air or rail.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. India has the right fruits and beverage just for you, starting from cool tender coconut water to mildly spiced buttermilk.

Know About All Famous Fairs & Festivals In April Month Of India

  • Easter – throughout the country – special mass, processions and other religious activities.
  • Sankat Mochan music festival – Subhe Banaras (Varanasi) – this is a dance and music festival, which is held from sunrise to sunset. You can also fins numerous rituals and celebrations in the Hanuman temple of Varanasi .
  • Tulip festivalSrinagar – This festival celebrates the bloom of thousands of tulips in the valley of Kashmir. Overlooking Dal Lake, the valley is filled with purple, orange and golden colored tulips. For this festival, you can explore the fields; enjoy flower exhibits and so on.
  • Baisakhi MelaPunjab – this celebration is a harvest festival of Sikhs. You can enjoy the culture of the land with folk dance, music and much more. Visit the Golden Temple to enjoy unique rituals. The best part of this festival is the delicacies made for the event.
  • Bihu – Assam – this exotic festival is celebrated in the mid of the month, as the Assam New Year. This festival welcomes spring with seven days of music, dance, feast and merry activities.
  • Mopin festivalArunachal Pradesh – The North-East Indians have a great way to celebrate festivals. This festival is all about merriment. Apart from dance and music celebrations, this harvest festival is famous for local rice wine. The government spends a considerable amount of money for celebrating this festival in a grand manner.
  • Kadammanitta Padayani – Kerala – this is a cultural celebration with folklore music, dance, mask dance, recital of mythological stories and much more. This festival gives grand importance to dance.
  • Thrissur Pooram – Kerala – As the name indicates, this festival is celebrated in Thrissur. This is the festival of dance, music and elephants. You ought to take part in the grand procession, which includes 250 musical artists, elephants and much more. The festival ends with fireworks.
  • Goa food and cultural festivalGoa – This is for cultural-enthusiasts and foodies. You can enjoy this festival with grand food festivals, cooking competitions, musical bands, fashion shows and much more.
  • Tamil New Year – Tamil Nadu – This festival is celebrated throughout the state with rituals in temples, special cultural programs and other activities.

This is not the exclusive list of all the festivals in this month. For more interesting festivals to enjoy in April, Read in Details About  India Famous Festivals and Events in April

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