Enjoy the Unique Bamboo Rafting in Periyar River

Periyar River is in Thekkady, Kerala. It is a large river and is the largest in the state. It acts as a source of drinking water to many towns and cities. There are a lot of political and geographical disputes related to this river. But those are not going to stop you from enjoying bamboo rafting.

There are a lot of water related and land related tourism attractions in and around this river. The top most one is the bamboo rafting as it is one of its kinds.

What is Bamboo Rafting?

Many bamboo stems are tied together to create a raft. The raft can hold about five to ten people and even more. You need to peddle the raft through the river and enjoy the aesthetically beauty of the land.


The best time to raft is during the early mornings amidst the morning fog or during sunset. If you want to spend some romantic time, the best option is sunset rafting. This rafting would take you through dense forest rich with wildlife and unique species. You can have a panoramic view of the forest and lake. The rafting is for about three to four hours. You can also opt for self pedaling or get guided trips. You can easily spot sambar, langur, elephant and gaur in this forest. If you are someone who loves rafting and nature, you ought to take up this trip.

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Trip Inside the Forest – Find Submerged 116 years Old Trees

Some rafting trips would take you into the forest. You need register for this trip in prior, for booking request visit here. An armed guard and a guide would accompany you through the forest. You can visit the tiger trail, camp site and many others. You can even find submerged trees inside small rivers that flow through the forest. Boating or swimming is not allowed there. These submerged trees are said to still alive for about 116 years below the water level. You would not be usually allowed to walk deep into the forest. Most of the animals would come to the river for quenching thirst.

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Best Season for Bamboo Rafting

The lake is always at its prime beauty throughout the year. But, if you are planning to enjoy the forest, you need to visit during the monsoon or during early summer. The summer is the time when the small water sources inside the forest would have dried up and you can find a lot of animals near the river. These times are usually good for those who do not plan to enter the forest but want to spot some animals. If you are planning to enter the forest, monsoon is the right time. Most of the tourists opt February and March. During Monsoon, if you opt to stay longer in the forest, you can get accommodation in the bamboo inn inside the forest which is made completely out of bamboo.

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Tips for those who are planning to enjoy bamboo rafting

  1. Your footwear is very essential. Try to wear some genuine leather shoes or something that would cover your feet completely.
  2. Bring some mosquito repellents with you if you visit the forest during the monsoon time.
  3. Do not enter the forest without a guide
  4. You need to get a pass from the forest department before entering the sanctuary.
  5. Poaching or capturing birds and animals are illegal in this area. If you have any plans for the same, remember this is not the right place for you.
  6. Always stay with the group. Even trained guides cannot find you easily if you get lost deep inside the forest.
  7. Swimming is prohibited in areas where submerged trees are found. Even if you are an expert swimmer, adhere to the rules.
  8. If you find any wild animal, do not fret or throw stones. Let the armed guard and guide take care of the situation.
  9. Only the tribes in the local can fish in the river. Remember that before you plan on packing your fishing rod.
  10. Pack as much water as possible. Bring some snacks with you too.
  11. If you are planning to bring your children, reduce the amount of time you spend in trekking through the forest.
  12. A pair of binoculars is very essential for this trip.
  13. Wear the protecting leg cover they provide you to protect yourselves from leeches.
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You can spend a whole day out of this trekking and rafting. No matter how experienced you are, always stick to the group and obey the guide. There are a lot of tourists who visit Thekkady for the rafting. Thus, it is very essential to pre-book. Apart from bamboo rafting, there are a lot of other attractions in this place. After all, you are in Kerala, the God’s Own Country.

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