#KeralaIsOpen: Kerala Tourism better than before after the Floods

The Venice of India and God’s Own Country, the tropical region of Kerala is all ready for tourists and is even better with more developments. The state experienced one of the worst floods and spent the last few months trying to overcome the situation. Most of the regions of this state were submerged in water, making more than 80% of tourists to cancel their bookings. The chief minister of the state mentioned that Kerala experienced crores of money loss in terms of tourism and other elements.

Kerala after Flood

As far as the latest news, the state is 90% ready to accommodate tourists for the upcoming tourism season. According to the tourism minister, most of the tourist spots of the state remained unaffected during the flood. A survey was conducted at 70 major tourist destinations of the state and is found that more than 90% of the attractions are well prepared for receiving tourists now. The remaining 10% of the spots are getting ready and will be up to the mark, within a month.

Most of the historic monuments, tourist accommodations and attractions across the state are still intact. The actual damage was experienced by infrastructures, roads and plantations. Initially, 38 sites out of the 70 sites were safe. 22 were restored in the last few months and ten more will be functional within a month.

All the airports around the state are functional now and tourists are starting to enter Kerala for vacation. In order to add more stars to the state, the contemporary art event, Kochi Mziris Biennale is scheduled from 12th December 2018 to 29th March 2019. This is a very grand global art event of Southern Asia.

Besides the art festival, the state is planning to conduct the Champions Boat League 2018 to showcase that the backwaters of the state are back to beauty and are filled with adventure activities as before. Learn more about Snake boat races of the Kerala. If you are looking for other water activities to enjoy, read here about the Top 7 Water Activities of Kerala is Famous for.

According to Abraham George, National Tourism Advisory Council member, the state has requested the government to provide concession for its staff to use the LTC (leave provided for visiting native towns) to visit Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir and North East India. In addition, requests have been submitted to include Kerala in the Incredible India campaigns of Tourism Ministry.

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