20 Best Romantic Restaurants In Udaipur for Candlelight Dinner

Romance is a part of your vacation package if you are choosing to explore Udaipur.  In the past, Udaipur was the royal retreat for the blue bloods to enjoy monsoon in a romantic way. Today, the same ambiance is open for you with the royal palaces, exotic sceneries, and romantic restaurants.

Are you planning to have a dreamy time with your special one in Udaipur City? Here are the top 20 romantic restaurants of Udaipur to enjoy a candlelight dinner.

1. Tribute

The Tribute is an equine décor lakeside restaurant, themed to pay tribute to Maharana Pratap’s legendary horse, Chetak. Located closer to Fateh Sagar Lake, this restaurant allows you to dine in the candlelight ambiance, overlooking the Rang Sagar Island. The island is famous for migratory birds, if you are visiting in winter.

The restaurant offers ethnic and international cuisines and the signature element of this restaurant is the exotic Rajasthani breads served with spicy sides. If you are looking for enjoying delicacies and savories with a stunning view, this is the right destination.

Tribute Restaurant Udaipur
Tribute Restaurant

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2. Ambrai Restaurant

Lake Pichola is the prime destination for a romantic visit. This restaurant is located on the banks of this river, allowing you to enjoy the view of well-lit Jagdish temple, Jag Mandir, and Lake Palace. The candle lit table with the illuminated structure in the backdrop would kindle romance. Moreover, the restaurant specializes in creating multi-cuisine delicacies. The meat dishes of this restaurant are the talk of the town. If you are looking for a simple but elegant evening time, this is the best place to dine.

Ambrai Restaurant Udaipur
Ambrai Restaurant

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3. Kabab Mistri

Nothing says romance like a royal nostalgic feel. Kabab Mistri offers a Mughal styled décor and a romantic candle lit dinner with oriental dishes, kebabs, Mughal cuisines, and curries. The exclusive view of Aravalli Hills with Lake Pichola adds more charm to your dinner time. This is a very famous restaurant among tourists and locals. Thus, it is best to reserve tables in prior. To top it all, you can spot ghazals walking around as you dine. The restaurant is also famous for top-notch quality and hospitality.

Kabab Mistri Restaurant
Kabab Mistri Restaurant

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4. 1559 AD

As the name indicates, it is a nostalgic themed restaurant, which serves traditional Indian cuisine in a romantic ambience. This contemporary restaurant is famous for the royal feel. Apart from traditional Indian and Rajasthani cuisine, the restaurant is also famous for a long menu of international dishes and pizzas. The servers and staffs would be dressed in traditional attire to add more class to your dinner time. This restaurant is located in the terrace of the Lake Pichola Hotel.

1549 AD Restaurant Udaipur

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5. Jaiwana Haveli Restaurant

There is something about rooftop restaurants and the beauty of a candle-lit dinner. The best way to enjoy the best of both elements is the Jaiwana Haveli restaurant on the rooftop. Located in Chandpol, this restaurant gives a crystal clear view of the Lake Palace, the lake, and the backdrop of Aravalli Mountains. The restaurant is also famous for exclusive dishes and classic delicacies of Rajasthani and traditional Indian cuisine. This structure was once a private royal residence and today, it is the best place to enjoy a romantic meal.

Jaiwana Haveli Restaurant
Jaiwana Haveli Restaurant

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6. Charcoal by Carlsson

Charcoal by Carlsson is a specialty restaurant famous for delicacies that are cooked on coal. The restaurant offers cliché candlelight dinner with savory starters, traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and unique snacks. The ambience is simple and charming. Located in Lal Ghat, this is one of the best places to enjoy a special night with a romantic theme.

charcoal by carlsson udaipur
Charcoal by Carlsson

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7. Natural View Restaurant

The name suites the restaurant perfectly as it overlooks the lake and Aravalli Ranges. Right around sunset, this restaurant gets a quixotic look, which is amplified with the lights from the Lake Palace and the aurora of the candle lights. The quality of food and services are additional pluses to this restaurant. The best time to visit for a romantic meal is right around sunset. The restaurant serves multi-cuisine dishes and is specialized in spicy local cuisine.

Natural View Restaurant
Natural View Restaurant

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8. Raas Leela

Located closer to Lake Pichola, on Chandpol, Raas Leela restaurant is a specialty destination for those who love Rajasthani and multi-cuisine delicacies. Apart from the dishes, the restaurant is also famous for the sublime aura, which gets its beauty from the slowly rippling waters of the lake, the dancing reflections of light from the Lake Palace on the water, and the shadows casted by candles. This is the best place for couples to have some romantic time, closer to the nature and in utter comfort.

Raas Leela Restaurant Udaipur
Raas Leela Restaurant Udaipur

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9. Royal Repast

Royal Repast is the restaurant for both intimate romantic candlelit dinner and a classic meal with family. Royal Repast is getting more popular for the culinary beauty and the interior décor among young generation visitors. The restaurant is blue-themed, which adds a class to the dining time.

If you are choosing candlelit dinner, you would love the smoldering ambience and the panoramic view of the city. The restaurant has a small menu, but every dish is a specialty item. The restaurant is famous for lamb dishes and traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

Royal Repast Restaurant
Royal Repast

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10. Neel Kamal

Are you looking for a romantic brunch or a traditional candlelit dinner? Neel Kamal is the luxury option for you, right in the middle of Lake Pichola. This restaurant is located inside the Lake Palace. The second romantic element is the open kitchen décor of the restaurant. The traditional dishes of this place have attracted numerous foodies.

Apart from the ambience around the restaurant, there is a small lily pond and a garden surrounding it, in the center of the hotel. This is the place to kindle romance from all directions.

Neel Kamal Restaurant
Neel Kamal Restaurant

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11. Aravalli Lakeview (Radisson Blu)

The brand name, Radisson Blue gives you an overlook of what to expect from this restaurant, in terms of quality and hospitality. Located closer to Fateh Sagar Lake, this place gives a crystal clear view of Aravalli ranges and the lake. This is a small paradise amidst the hustles of the city to relax in peace and experience the nature and cuisine of the land. It is best to start your dinner by sunset to watch the setting sun as you dine. Mutton dishes and traditional Rajasthani cuisine are quite famous here.

Aravalli Lakeview Radisson Blu Udaipur
Aravalli Lakeview Radisson Blu

12. Udai Kothi

Udai Kothi is a luxury romantic option for candlelit dinner lovers. The restaurant is perched on the rooftop of the hotel, and is located around a small pool. The alcoves and tables are lit with candles to create a muted ambience so that you can enjoy the striking panoramic view of the city in night light. Famous for quick service and tasty dishes of North India, this is the place for a special occasion. It is no wonder that this hotel is a famous wedding destination for the locals.

Udai Kothi
Udai Kothi

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13. Sheesh Mahal

Locate inside Leela Palace, this restaurant is famous for the candlelit ambience, which gives a multicolor hue to the restaurant. The menu is famous for fusion of authentic cuisine and contemporary dishes. Fine dining is combined with traditional cuisine and a royal romantic ambience in this restaurant. Quality of food and royal hospitality are guaranteed and if you are looking for a royal option for a romantic dinner, this is the right place.

Sheesh Mahal Udaipur
Sheesh Mahal Udaipur

14. Udaipuri Restaurant

Udaipuri restaurant is famous for its contemporary ambience and classy cuisine. This restaurant is famous for vegetarian dishes of local and international cuisine. You can find unique types of mocktails and soft beverages in this restaurant. The ambience is specifically kept sublime and quiet to allow diners to have a hearty conversation. This is the place to enjoy an all-inclusive dining experience in Udaipur.

Udaipuri Restaurant
Udaipuri Restaurant

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15. Ambar of Myra

If you are looking for both gastronomical experience and a romantic ambience, Myra is a great place to visit. The restaurant has an open-air décor and thus, it is best visited on a starry night to enjoy a candlelit dinner. The restaurant is famous for the authentic cuisine and performing arts. You get to dine with the background of live dance and music performances of folk artists.

16. Savage Garden

Savage Garden is a famous romantic contemporary restaurant for those who look for a quiet and simple dining experience that would kindle romance. The menu of this restaurant is famous for in-house sauces, pasta dishes, carrot rice, and other local delicacy. The simple courtyard styled décor of the restaurant keeps it unique from most of the romantic restaurants in and around Udaipur. If the cliché romantic restaurants are too humdrum for you, the Savage Garden would be a good distinctive touch.

17. Spice court of Kehloor

Spice Court is the signature restaurant of Kehloor resort, overlooking Aravalli ranges and Lake Pichola. The restaurant is famous for authentic Rajasthani dishes served with fresh spice flavors. The restaurant has an open-air décor giving a panoramic view of the city and the lake. If you are looking for a luxury option to enjoy a romantic meal with unhindered views of nature, choose Spice Court.

18. Parkview Restaurant

This is a simple, neat, and a cliché candlelight dinner destination for those who love simplicity. The décor is simple and the dishes are elegant. You can enjoy the pleasing atmosphere with Lake Pichola in the background. The restaurant’s signature move is using fresh flowers for both décor and aroma. It is a medium budget place to enjoy high-end hospitality and relaxed ambiance.

19. The Elevate

This is a classy option for those who love to enjoy late night dinners without losing the romantic feel. Elevate is open until 2 in the morning, allowing couples to stay back, talk, and laugh over meals. The restaurant serves multi-cuisine delicacies. The restaurant has a muted ambience to add more vibrancy to the candle lights. The night panoramic view of the city illuminated with lights would add more fragrance to your dining time.

20. Chandni of Jagat Niwas Palace

Chandni is a famous luxury and regal destination for romantic dining. This restaurant is located in Jagat Niwas Palace. The restaurant is located overlooking Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace. This royal dining experience is added more exquisiteness with the sound of water in the lake, fountains, and the fluttering shadows of the candles. If you visit during special occasions or prime tourism season, you can watch puppet shows or other acts while you dine. There are numerous rooftop restaurants in the city and this is one of the very few with a signature touch.

Remember that every year, thousands of honeymooners and travelers visit Udaipur. Thus, it is important to pre-book your table at least a day earlier. Although most of the restaurants offer international cuisine, try to taste the royal cuisine of Rajasthan.