Shopping in Udaipur

Udaipur is the city full of colours. There are colours of happiness and joy in every aspect of the city. You can find colourful jewellery, colourful Rajasthani traditional clothes with a modern touch and the most colourful thing are the culture of the city. If you are in this city for the first time and need help in searching the place for shopping than we compiled this post for you. We listed some of the Best Places for Shopping in Udaipur.

1. Hathi Pol Bazaar

This Bazaar is the best place where you can find the Rajasthani art and handicrafts at quite reasonable rates. There are many shops and vendors from which you can pick your favourite piece. It is advisable to keep a local friend with you because most of the times local vendors try to sell things at a high price to the foreign visitors. The famous thing of this market is leather slippers named as Nagra. They are made up from the skin of camel.

Things to Buy : Rajasthani Miniature Paintings, Authentic Souvenirs, Pichwai and Phad Paintings, Wooden Handicrafts and Nagra Slippers

2. Mochiwada Bazaar

If you know Hindi then the name of the place itself reveals everything. Word Mochi means the cobbler. This market is full of shoes. Most of the leather shoes of this market are handmade. You can find a range of shoes here with colourful art on them.

Things to Buy : Colorful Mojaris, Leather Shoes

3. Chetak Circle

This place offers you many things from which you can make your journey memorable. Here you can find handmade puppets and dolls, pens, pen stands, papers, boxes with paint and a range of other handmade households. There is another market named as Mandi Bazaar which is situated very closed to Chetak Circle. What makes that place visit worthy is the herbs and spices.

Things to Buy : Handmade Dancing Puppets, Handmade Papers, Pen Stands, Wall Decorations, Painted Wooden Box

4. Bada Bazaar

This market has almost everything which you can consider handmade or handicrafts. You can buy the world famous jewellery from here. There are stalls, Malls and small shops which has so many interesting things to buy. Its Silver and camel bones made jewellery is well known throughout the world. All these things make Bada Bazaar one of the most visited shopping places in Udaipur.

Things to Buy : Silver and Camel Bone Jewelry, Bandhani Print Sarees, Handmade Jutis

5. Rajasthali

Rajasthali is a popular government emporium and offers a number of handicrafts items. If you don’t want to shop in the streets and bargaining is not your thing then Rajashtali is the best place for shopping in Udaipur. You can buy brass and terracotta items, marble sculptures and gemstones. List of handmade things includes footwear, puppets, and the idols. What makes it unique is its quality and fixed prices.

Things to Buy : Terracota Pottery, Gemstones, Blue Pottery, Handmade Footwears, Lac Jewelery, Handmade Textile, Furniture etc.

6. Bapu Bazaar

If you want to taste the street food of Rajasthan while shopping then no other than this place will meet your requirements. Bazaar has so many traditional and handmade things at very reasonable prices. You can buy clothing with artwork on them, footwear and gadgets.

7. Ghanta Ghar

Most popular things of this place are Pagdis- Turbans and handmade jewellery of precious metals and gemstones. There are many colourful idols of Hindu gods and Goddesses. You can buy them for yourself or gift to your friend. Also this place is famous for the spices which will give an aroma to your foods.

Things to Buy : Spices, Pagdis, Turbans, Handmade Jewellery

8. Jagdish Chowk

Street to the Jagdish temple also has numerous things which are bought worthy. You can buy puppets, wooden toys, tapestries, lanterns and items of metal and terracotta. If you love to write diary or journal before going to the bed then the diaries with camel leather are perfect things one should buy. This can make you feel your journey every night.

Conclusion :

All of the above 8 places are quite famous for their colourful things and listed in the best places for shopping in Udaipur. You can buy everything you need to make your India trip memorable. Most of the things have an interesting history. Most of the workers which are making things are in their family business. In simple terms, you can hold an era of experience and art in your hand.

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